Sunday, April 22, 2012

30 Year Old Video - thoughts on capitalism and the girl in the box

Help Others With Their Worries

A person who is worried is depressed. Therefore, when speaking to that person, use positive words of consolation in order to put his heart in a state of joy.

It is a great act of kindness to help someone alleviate his or her feelings of worry. Look for opportunities to help someone overcome worrying.

love yehuda

The current protesters should watch this;
I believe they don't REALLY know what Capitalism is.
Friedman was without a doubt an Economic genius.
Milton Friedman, where are you when we need you??

30 Year Old, short Video Clip! Pretty impressive.

What a clear-cut look at the way the world really operates.
This is a young Phil Donahue interviewing Milton Friedman thirty years ago
(and Donahue was as far left-wing as they get, as you can see here).

30 years ago!!!
You would think people would have caught on by now.
Just 2 Minutes of your time...
it's worth it!


Girl in a it 'til the'll be amazed!

Do watch to the end.  Wow!


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