Friday, April 29, 2011

Aerial view of Europe and think before you speak and North Jerusalem

  Deliberate For Peace Of Mind

Rabbi Simcha Zissel of Kelm constantly stressed the importance of working on peace of mind. He suggested the following exercises:

- When you wish to tell someone a piece of news, wait at least fifteen minutes until you tell it to someone else.

- When someone asks you for advice, don't give an immediate reply. Think over your response for at least five minutes.

- Before you speak to someone, think first about your goals. - Think of how you will say something before you say it.

Love Yehuda


Next in my films on my trip to Israel North Jerusalem, the neighborhood of Ramat Eschol, where I stayed with my friends the Lapps.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

CHALK MAN IS BACK and Hearing and listening and Spiritual Area of Jerusalem

 A great sage once remarked that when a spiritual person prays to G-d he or she is talking to G-d. But, when a person studies Bible then G-d, so to speak, is talking to him or her. That is one of the reasons that Judaism places such a great emphasis on Bible study. As the Talmud says: 'the study of Bible outweighs all other commandments.' It is the proven method for attuning to the spiritual frequencies that beat within us. Our Creator constantly calls out to us, and we have to make every effort to improve our hearing and our listening.

This is the area of Jerusalem that fascinates most people that have not been exposed to it before, because of the seriousness of the people.  Even if you don't understand it, appreciate it, for a lifestyle committed to finding spirituality.
Love Yehuda


This guy continues to amaze people with his sidewalk 3D chalk drawings.




Remember, these pictures are actually flat.





Remember, these pictures are actually flat.




Remember, these pictures are actually flat.



       Totally worthy of forwarding!

This man is artistically talented beyond the visual boundaries of sight!!  


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Know Your Neighbors!! including the criminals and Eternal Help and Ben Yehuda neighborhood of Jerusalem

Eternal Help

A person who utilizes suffering to arouse himself in spiritual matters will find consolation. He will recognize that even though the suffering was difficult for him, it nevertheless helped him for eternity.

When you see yourself growing spiritually through your suffering, you will even be able to feel joy because of that suffering.

Today I was suffering in Israel from having to deal with an event that happened five years ago...With G-d's help and lots of cash I was able to face the suffering with Joy....My thanks go out to my friend Uri who stood by me today, like he did five years ago...Good friends are hard to find.

Love Yehuda

This is the fun shopping area of Jerusalem with the best fruit yogurt in the world..It was almost worth the trip for this alone!!

Just type in a street name at the top of the form & your whole neighborhood map will pop up.

Every place you see a red balloon or thumb tack is the home of a convicted felon.

Just place your mouse over an icon & not only will the name come up, but also the crime they were convicted of.

Share with your friends . . . Safety first. 


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WAL*MART in China (gotta see this!) and Free Will and scenes from Jerusalem

Free will allows humans to behave as they will, yet there is a guiding heavenly hand in world affairs visible to those who wish to see it.  A few decades ago two scientists won a Nobel Prize for proving their ability to yet hear the echo of the sounds of the original birth of the universe at the moment of its creation. We all know that human hearing is possible only within a limited range of wave frequencies. Judaism preaches that good deeds, moral behavior, Bible observance and loyalty to traditional Biblical values help expand our hearing ability – and that this enables us to tune into heavenly sound frequencies which were originally blocked to us.

Love Yehuda

More scenes from feeling the energy of Jerusalem, hope you enjoy

Wal-Mart in China---VERY DIFFERENT.

We thought our Wal-Marts had it all. You Ain't seen nuttin' yet !!!
Bulk Rice.
Mixed Meat for the choosing.
Orange Juice And Cooking Oil.

Turtles and other stuff.
You guess!
Walmart Brand Spirits
Rib Cages.
Assorted Dried Reptiles.

Beautiful Boxes Of Liquor.
A Large Selection Of Chopsticks.
Ducks on a rack.
Great Value Brand Beef Granules.
 Pig Faces.

Antibacterial Bikini Underwear For Men.

Diet  Water.

Meat  Water.

Specialty  Pickles.

100% Powdered Horse Milk (no ponies!).

Gosh . . . And American Wal-Marts only have crazily dressed people ! ! ! !

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Iran Film: Iran Plans to Conquer Israel, World and Take Joy in Being Better and Video from Israel

Take Joy in Being Better

When a person regrets wrongdoings, this is not a contradiction to the pre-existing obligation to be happy.

Why? Because he should feel joy that he has merited to recognize the truth and is now repenting!

Love Yehuda
So you can see that if Iran conquers Israel, there would be something lost, please enjoy my latest video, Live from Israel where I am on vacation:


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grand Reopening of German Synagogue and Build Yourself and Jerusalem Wanderings

My Third Video from Jerusalem --Please enjoy
Build Yourself

We all start off as young children who need our characters to be molded.

 We all have our natural areas of strengths and areas that need fixing.

 Anyone who lets his character traits go on automatic pilot will have many character failings.

 To have faults is the normal human condition. That is why we were put on this earth: to develop and grow.

 Allow yourself to feel joy with every action you take to develop your character

 When you notice that you have a fault, be glad that you recognized it.

Whether you find it yourself or whether someone else points it out to you, you can feel a sense of appreciation that you are aware, for now you can correct it.

Love Yehuda

Something to make your heart sing:
Germany  's biggest synagogue, on Rykestrasse in
Berlin, has reopened after a lavish restoration.    

The synagogue was set ablaze on Kristallnacht, or the Night of
Broken Glass, in 1938.
Friday's inauguration saw rabbis bringing the Torah to the synagogue,
in a ceremony witnessed by political leaders and Holocaust survivors from around the world

The synagogue, with a 1,200-person capacity, has been described
as one of the jewels ofGermany's Jewish community.

Rabbi Chaim Roswaski, who presided at the ceremony, described the
reconstruction as 'a miracle.'

Restoration of the neo-classical building,
which is more than 100 years old,cost
more than 45m euros ($60m, 30m).

The re-opening comes at the start of
a Jewish culture Festival in the capital.
Did you ever think you would see this
in your lifetime?



Simply too good not to share with others.

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