Monday, May 31, 2010

Create a Mental haven and Brooklyn

Create A Mental Haven

When we travel to locations noted for their tranquil settings, we become calm and relaxed. We let go of all tension and stress. It is not the place that enables one to feel this inner peace. It is one's mind which accomplishes this. When the setting is just right, our minds let go of all the factors that prevent us from feeling serene. And serenity is what we experience. Your mind has the ability to create a serene personal haven. The place you can visualize can be truly perfect. When you mentally come to your personal haven, you immediately feel all tension and stress melting away. If you ever find yourself in a place that is especially challenging to your level of serenity, mentally visit your personal utopia.
This means that any place you desire, including Manhattan or your own home can be a tranquil place...the choice is yours.
Love Yehuda


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Sunday, May 30, 2010

360 degree photos/great and When you can't empathize, care

When You Can't Empathize, Care

When you empathize with someone, keep in mind that you can never know exactly how they are feeling. You can only make assumptions based on your knowledge of human nature in general, and this unique individual in particular. At times, the best thing to say might be, "I can't know exactly how you are feeling. But I see how strongly this affects you."

Love Yehuda

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Move your mouse from left to right, right to left, up to down, down to up.

 It is magnificent.  No matter what you do especially with the last one, you have a beautiful picture.


Watch all 3 of them


This is unbelievable photography especially viewed with this sophisticated 360 degree technology. 


Look all the way up and all the way down .


Use your mouse to move around.







Friday, May 28, 2010

Robert Duncan, painter of "Farmers (worth your time) and Marriage is for Growth

Marriage Is For Growth

The purpose of marriage is growth. By its very nature, marriage will continuously give you opportunities to develop your character. And the more challenging one's marriage - the greater the growth possibilities!

Love Yehuda


Such  beautiful paintings and such a beautiful presentation.  I loved it all.  I've always liked paintings that told a story.   




Robert Duncan, painter of "Farmers 


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Iceland Volcano and worry about spiritual concerns

Worry About Spiritual Concerns

A person who worries about spiritual matters no longer worries about material matters.

Love Yehuda

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New pictures from day two of our trip...Yehuda and Aura's Manhattan adventure for your perusal and fun.

Underwater pictures by DAVID DOUBILET and Honest Humilty

Respond To Arguments With Honest Humility

Respond to the outbursts of others with humility. Agree with any truth you see in their statement. By agreeing with part of the person's comments, you are likely to calm him down. ("Yes, I was inconsiderate." "I agree with you that I can improve." "That was a stupid thing I did.")

Conversely, when you try to defend yourself, an angry person will usually keep up his attack. Arguing with him adds fuel to the fire. When you agree with him, however, he will see that he has no reason to keep arguing since you already agree with him. Some people find this difficult to do, but try this a few times, and you will see that it works wonders.
 Love Yehuda
Creating new experiences to write about:
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Kid Can Resist a Mud Puddle and Care for your Health

Care For Your Health

The Torah obligates you to be as careful as possible not to do anything damaging to your health.

When you do something to guard your heath, elevate your behavior from merely a routine procedure, to the awareness of performing a mitzvah. 
 Love Yehuda


Day two in the holy cities of Monsey and New Square--new experiences and new insights

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cacti in Bloom -- You'll Love This! and Happiness comes from Within and in the holy city of Monsey New York

Happiness Comes From Within

In the Talmud (Piker Avos 4:1), Ben Zoma said: Who is wise? He who learns from every person. Who is strong? He who conquers his desires. Who is rich? He who is satisfied with what he has. Who is honored? He who honors others.

The Torah is teaching us to not to seek or demand happiness through any external factors, but rather to depend only on ourselves.

How do we see this concept expressed? The wise man learns from everyone (independent of any intellectual deficiencies in himself); the honorable person honors others (independent of whether others honor him); the wealthy person is satisfied with what he has (independent of how much or little he owns).
Love Yehuda


On my first real vacation of 2010, I arrived this morning in the holy city of Monsey, New York.. What makes it holy? Thousands of people live a bible live style focused on prayer and good deeds. If it were any other group of people, they would be all over sixty minutes as a phenomena that is unheard of.  But because this group of people was born into this lifestyle, it is considered matter of fact and nothing special.  I however, seeing it for the first time in this city, know these people are special and just because the world doesn't know about it, doesn't change the realty. I will keep you aprised of my trip as I go along.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

North Platte Canteen and choose to concentrate

Choose to Concentrate

Some people find that as soon as they open a book for serious study, intrusive thoughts creep in which disturb concentration. These may be memories of the past, worries about the future, recent quarrels and arguments. 

Therefore, difficulty in concentration does not stem from a lack of thinking ability, but rather as a result of the power of one's imagination. By calmly pushing away those extraneous thoughts, you will be able to achieve greater concentrate on the task at hand. 

Today, before you begin a certain task, try verbalizing your intentions. Telling yourself aloud how you want to apply your mind for a certain period of time often works to block out extraneous thoughts

 Love Yehuda


A great lesson of history.......


Friday, May 21, 2010

Snowmobile Climb and Kindness Helps you too

Kindness Helps You Too

When you do acts of kindness for others, you are really being kind to yourself. Other people will do acts of kindness for you in return. Moreover, the Almighty will reward you for the good that you do for others. 

When you behave meanly to people, you are acting against your own best interests, because others will repay you in kind. 

Resolve to do at least one act of kindness for someone each day.

Love Yehuda



Somewhere up North were it snows all the time and they constantly look for thrills.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Building a B-737 in 2.5 minutes (video) and There's Always something you can Do and Happy Shavuot (giving of the Torah)

There's Always Something You Can Do

Someone in a difficult situation wrote to Rabbi Yitzchok Hutner, "There is nothing I can do to change the situation." Rabbi Hutner replied, "We always have the ability to pray. There is tremendous power in a chapter of Psalms when it is said with a broken heart and deep feeling."
Love Yehuda


Approximate pricing:

737-700 $64 million

737-800 $77 million

737-900ER $82 million


The new 787 is $166 to $200 million

Tonight starts the two day holiday of Shavuot where we celebrate the giving of the Torah. It is one of the three festivals of the year and like Shabbat, no work or phone or e-mail is allowed, so you will hear from me again on Friday.

This year in addition to everything else, it is the 250th anniversary of the death of the great mystic the Ball Shem Tov.....He is considered the Father of the New Age movement and the  modern Hassidic movement as he interpreted the Torah that everything, and I mean everything is a sign from G-d to you to either work on or ignore.

Here is a Chabad site that goes into more details

Love Again Yehuda


Monday, May 17, 2010

Call that Hairpin turn and courage is a state

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief."

-- Joseph Addison,
British writer and politicia

Courage is a State

Courage is a state. You don't have to be a person who feels courageous all the time in order to speak and act with courage. You can be in a joyous state for a few minutes, even if you aren't always joyous. You can be in a serene state for a while, even if you aren't always serene. You can be in a centered and balanced state, even if you aren't always this way. The same applies to courage.

We all have the ability to access a state of courage. At times we might find this easy, and at times it could be difficult. The more times you practice accessing courage, the easier it will become -- even in situations where you previously weren't able to do so.

Love Yehuda

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have you ever seen an elephant do this? and Righteous Indignation

Righteous Indignation

Some people behave properly when they are calm and all is going well. But as soon as they become angry, they behave as if all the morality does not apply to them.

The foundation of Torah is to be in control of your behavior even when you find yourself in difficult situations.

Love Yehuda

This big dude has all the moves.  Check it out.  

: Have you ever seen an elephant do this?


Friday, May 14, 2010

3D Images and Opportunities for Growth

Opportunities For Growth

If you have a positive attitude toward events of your life, even though to an outside observer your life might seem full of suffering, you nevertheless will live a happy life. What to others might seem misfortunes, you will view as opportunities for spiritual growth.
 Love Yehuda

the pictures are too big for the blog

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Special parents prayer for May 13, 2010 and remember Jake and No Kid Can Resist a Mud Puddle

Special Parent's Prayers, for Thursday May 13, 2010. (Prayer can be recited anytime)

**Please remember that on, Thursday, May 13th, 2010, to recite the 'Parents Prayer' for good and upright children, including future generations.  


We recite this on  the evening before Rosh Hodesh Sivan.  The prayer is available for download at, by clicking 'Special Tefilot' on the left side, or by going to this link: ** ( ATTACHED)


Rosh Hodesh Sivan, is Thursday night / Friday, May 14.


Just an interesting concept for, today, Thursday,, is also the  anniversary of the passing of Chana, the mother of the profit Shemuel. (My grandfather's name)


Chana was the composer of one of the most powerful prayers, specially for those that follow the Sephardic traditions. "Vatitpalel Chana", the opening prayer of the Korbanot, in Shaharit. This beautiful prayer are the words that Chana prayed to the Al-mighty, in order to have a son. Her prayers, were answered and Shemuel, the prophet was born.


Perhaps, this maybe one the reason, that this magnificent prayer is recited in this very auspicious day, on behalf of our most important asset for the future, OUR CHILDREN.


May everyone see great satisfaction, and happiness from their offspring, Amen.

SivanPrayer.pdf SivanPrayer.pdf
93K   View   Download  

My Friend Becky's brother died at a young age in Jerusalem, with young children.  Becky asked me to send out this message about a website for her deceased brother to raise funds for his children...details below

 "It's about my Brother who passed Jake. I don't have time now to explain cause I am at work but in a nutshell I know you know many people and I am looking for help in asking for people to join a raffle for my Brother's children, Chaim Josef and Miriam who live in Jerusalem. The website is and explains the details about the project his friend Tzvi is doing in remembrance of him. I beg you when you have time Yehuda to go there and read about Jake and what a beautiful soul he was. Maybe you can e-mail your friends about the site? I am sorry if I am asking to much of you, I know you are busy. This is just so important to me and I am in too much pain to get this off the ground. I will pay you back somehow. I only want to know if you could send an e-mail out like you do to me everyday to all the people you know and share the legacy of my Brother who died. Thank you Yehuda, I would be so grateful to you. You are a kind man and inspire me with your e-mails."

Love Yehuda

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today is Jerusalem Day this picture at- 3:30 AM and admit the truth

Admit The Truth

When you speak to others, admit the truth when they are right.

People often deny the truth because they are afraid that others will look down at them if they admit making a mistake. But in fact, most people will respect you more when they see that you have the moral courage to admit when you are wrong
Love Yehuda


Today is the day we celebrate the reunification of the city of Jerusalem.. When the arab nations were in control of the temple mount, no Jew could go to the wailing wall, our most holy site.. Now that Jews are in control, all faiths can visit the site. This was not so long ago, in our lifetimes.
  1967: Reunification of Jerusalem

Despite Israel's appeal to Jordan to stay out of the war, Jordanian forces fired artillery barrages from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Although Israeli forces did not respond initially, not wanting to open up a Jordanian front in the war, Jordan continued to attack and occupied UN headquarters in Jerusalem. Israeli forces fought back and within two days managed to repulse the Jordanian forces and retake eastern Jerusalem. (For more details, see War: Jordanian Front)

Israeli paratroopers at the Western Wall
On June 7, 1967, IDF paratroopers advanced through the Old City toward the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, bringing Jerusalem's holiest site under Jewish control for the first time in 2000 years. There are sound recordings of the scene, as the commander of the brigade,Lt. General Mordechai (Motta) Gur, approaches the Old City and announces to his company commanders, "We're sitting right now on the ridge and we're seeing the Old City. Shortly we're going to go in to the Old City of Jerusalem, that all generations have dreamed about. We will be the first to enter the Old City..." and shortly afterwards, "The Temple Mount is in our hands! I repeat, the Temple Mount is in our hands!" General Rabbi Shlomo Goren, chief chaplain of the IDF, sounded the Shofar at the Western Wall to signify its liberation. To Israelis and Jews all over the world, this was a joyous and momentous occasion. Many considered it a gift from God.

Yom Yerusalem Kotel AM 001.jpg

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WHAT "CURAHEE" MEANS and facing Opposition

Facing Opposition

Frequently, when you spend a lot of time, money, and energy on a worthwhile project, some people will oppose your plans. It is easy to feel discouraged in such situations.

Rabbi Yechezkail Levenstein  wrote to someone facing such a challenge, "Don't pay any attention to those opposing your work. Every worthwhile project will face some obstacles and opposition." When you realize that it is normal for people to oppose you when you try to accomplish, you will find it much easier to tolerate and overcome the difficulties of that opposition.

Love Yehuda

Monday, May 10, 2010

New CA earthquake map and Challenges for Growth

Challenges For Growth

The goal of all education, preaching, and instruction is the development of mature individuals who will understand that difficulties in life are Divine-ordained challenges to overcome and opportunities for growth, and not excuses for defeat.

This means when we have a setback, we don't put our head in the sand like an ostrich, but we accept we have a challenge and do what is proper to fix it.

Love Yehuda

Since we look to fix challenges not ignore them, enclosed is a link to show the current fault lines in Southern California.  By knowing the warning signs, we know what to avoid.

California Seismic Map Is Updated to Include Newly Found Fault Lines

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — California geology officials have released an updated seismic map that includes more than 50 new fault lines discovered over the last two decades. The officials hope the map, which had not been updated since 1994, will improve earthquake preparedness and construction decisions.

The map was unveiled Tuesday at the Tech Museum in San Jose as the California Geological Survey celebrated its 150th anniversary. The Geological Survey also presented an updated version of a second map that identifies the makeup of rock and soil.

John G. Parrish, the state geologist, said the maps could help guide decisions about where to build schools and hospitals, and where construction standards need to be higher.

Dr. Parrish said the maps would also lead to the mapping of landslides and tsunami coastal areas. "They can tell you," he said, "what kind of a surface you're building on, and how close you are to a fault."

The newly shown fault lines are among an estimated 15,000 faults in the state.

Dr. Parrish said people living near the new lines should not necessarily panic. Many of the lines, he said, are small and are not expected to generate major earthquakes.

The new maps are more detailed and have interactive digital versions that are linked to Google maps, state officials say.

The seismic map, the fourth to be released by the state, can be seen at


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adorable Twelve Commandments and Acquire Inner Wealth

Acquire Inner Wealth

Only what you have acquired spiritually is truly yours. Therefore your main focus in life should be on acquiring positive inner traits.

A person who seeks only to increase is external possessions is lacking internal possessions, which are what really count.

Life is full of learning lessons, including the twelve commandments below. I send these lessons out to share, but of course  I am always learning myself.

I am learning how to deal with people constantly. One of my biggest successes in almost 40 years of working is that if you build on a friendship, you should be able to withdraw from that friendship when the time comes.  I recently found however, that some human beings are in  such fear, that they would go to a stranger rather than a friend because if the friend truly loves you, he will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear, and of course the truth is harder to hear.

We learn this lesson from the bible section this week that was read on Sabbath. It is one of the most difficult sections of the bible, because it goes into the curses that the Jewish people will endure in this physical life if they don't walk in G-d's ways.  It starts however, with their blessings and there are only 11 blessings versus the 33 curses.  The sages want to know, how could G-d who loves his children give more curses than blessings. The answer is that a parent who loves you gives you correction. Someone who doesn't care for you can be sweet, but your parent's job who loves you is to give you correction.

My friend who I love, I tell the truth to and sometimes it hurts. Someone who doesn't love you can tell you what you want to hear and try to just make you feel better. Better stick with someone who loves you, because they will be with you in the hard times, not just the good ones.

Love Yehuda

This is too beautiful not to share!! 


Don't forget to always be THANKFUL!

And Thank G-d for today!

Friday, May 7, 2010


  Everything is for the Good

Do not worry about possible misfortunes, since ultimately everything the Almighty does is for our good.



In the 
1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed 
to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. 
Hence we have 'the rule 
of thumb'

--------- --------- --------- ---- 

Many years ago in 
Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled 'Gentlemen 
Only...Ladies Forbidden'.. .and thus, the word GOLF entered 
into the English language. 

--------- --------- --------- ---- 

The first couple to 
be shown in bed together on prime time TV was Fred and Wilma 

--------- --------- --------- ---- 

Every day more money 
is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. 

-- ------------ --------- --------

Men can read smaller 
print than women can; women can hear better. 

--------- --------- --------- ----

Coca-Cola was 
originally green.

--------- --------- --------- ----

It is impossible to lick 
your elbow. 

--------- --------- --------- ----

The State with the 
highest percentage of people who walk to work:


--------- --------- --------- ----

The percentage of 
Africa that is wilderness: 28% (now get 

--------- --------- --------- ---- 

The percentage of 
North America that is wilderness: 38% 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

The cost of raising 
a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: 

$ 16,400 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

The average number 
of people airborne over the U.S. in any given 


--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Intelligent people 
have more zinc and copper in their hair..

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

The first novel ever 
written on a typewriter, Tom Sawyer.

-- ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- 
--------- - 

The San Francisco 
Cable cars are the only mobile National 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Each king in a deck 
of playing cards represents a great king from history: 

Spades - King David 

Hearts - Charlemagne 

Clubs -Alexander, 
the Great 

Diamonds - Julius 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

111,111,111 x 
111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987, 654,321

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

If a statue in the 
park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, 
the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in 
the air, the person died because of wounds received in battle. 
If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died 
of natural causes 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Only two people 
signed the Declaration of Independence e on July 4, John Hancock 
and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but 
the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later. 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Q. Half of all 
Americans live within 50 miles of what?

A.. Their birthplace 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Q. Most boat owners 
name their boats. What is the most popular boat name 


--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Q.. If you were to 
spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you 
would find the letter 'A'? 

A. One 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Q. What do 
bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser 
printers have in common? 

A. All were invented 
by women.

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Q. What is the only 
food that doesn't spoil? 


--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Q. Which day are 
there more collect calls than any other day of the 

A. Father's 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

In Shakespeare's 
time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. 
When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, 
making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the 
phrase...'Goodnight , sleep tight' 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

It was the accepted 
practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the 
wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with 
all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and because 
their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the 
honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon. 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

In English pubs, ale 
is ordered by pints and quarts... So in old England , when 
customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them 'Mind 
your pints and quarts, and settle down.' 

It's where we get 
the phrase 'mind your P's and Q's'

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

Many years ago in 
England , pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim, or 
handle, of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill , 
they used the whistle to get some service. 'Wet your whistle' 
is the phrase inspired by this practice. 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 

At least 75% of 
people who read this will try to lick their 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 


Don't delete this 
just because it looks weird. Believe it or not, you can read 

I cdnuolt blveiee 
taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The 
phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at 
Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the 
ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the 
first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a 
taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This 
is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by 
istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? 

--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 


1. You accidentally 
enter your PIN on the microwave.. 

2. You haven't 
played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list 
of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 

4. You e-mail the 
person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for 
not staying in touch with friends and family is that they 
don't have e-mail addresses. 

6. You pull up in 
your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is 
home to help you carry in the groceries.

7. Every commercial 
on television has a web -site at the bottom of the screen.

8.. Leaving the house 
without your cell phone, which you didn't even have the first 
20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic 
and you turn around to go and get it.

10. You get up in 
the morning and go on-line before getting your 

11. You start 
tilting your head sideways to smile. : ) 

12 You're reading 
this and nodding and laughing.

13. Even worse, you 
know exactly to whom you are going to forward this 

14. You are too busy 
to notice there was no #9 on this list. 

15. You actually 
scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on this 

FINALLY~~~~~ ~~~~~~~


Go on, forward this 
to your friends. You know you want to! Go lick your 

Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun Pictures and viewing misfortune as good

Viewing Misfortune As Good

 "The Talmud (Brachos 54a) says that a person is obligated to bless the Almighty for misfortune with the same joy as when one blesses for good fortune. How is it possible to fulfill this obligation?"

Rabbi Zushe was extremely poor and lacked even basic necessities. Though he had many difficulties in his life, he was always happy. Two people were sent to the study hall where they found Rabbi Zushe, and told him their teacher said he would explain how it is possible to bless the Almighty with joy over misfortune.

"I'm surprised that your Rabbi sent you to me about this," replied Rabbi Zushe. "You should rather ask someone who suffered some misfortune in his life. I have never experienced anything bad in my life. Only good things have happened to me."

Love Yehuda

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jewish American Heritage Month--we have a month of history as WELL!!!! and Time is for Growth--where will you be in five years?

Time Is For Growth

"Time is money," is an often-repeated cliche of the impatient.

Yes, it might be. But to the wise, time is for character development. Money is external to you. Your character is who you are. It is your essence. Developing your character is more precious than anything money can buy.

Love Yehuda

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hawk Mom and Babies - live camera and follow health instructions

Follow Health Instructions

A famous physician used to relate that in his entire career of treating thousands of patients, he had only one patient who followed his instructions exactly without deviation. The patient was the great sage, Rabbi Yisroel Salanter -- because he regarded doctor's orders as the fulfillment of the Biblical  obligation to guard one's health.

Someone once came to Rabbi Salanter's room and found him perusing a medical guide to exercise. He had the book open and did every exercise exactly as described -- since the doctor had advised him to do so.

Love Yehuda

Well worth watching this family.
"The past is history, the future a mystery and now is the gift - which is why it's called the present."
Enjoy this life~~~ For one day, we shall be gone.

Monday, May 3, 2010

USE YOUR HEAD ( a joke) and an actual summary of a page from the Talmud

Every morning I study a page from our tradition of the bible called the Talmud. There are about 2500 pages and at one page a day it takes seven and 1/2 years to read it all. Here is a summary of a much longer page from yesterday that was my birthday. At the end is a joke for balance.

Love Yehuda

Sanhedrin 79a-b
May 2, 2010

What is more significant - a person's intent or a person's actions?


This question comes to the fore in the Mishnah on today's daf (page) where many cases are presented where a person's specific intention is not fulfilled, but a very similar thing does take place. For example, if a person meant to hit a child severely enough so that the child would die, but instead his blow hit an adult, and there was not enough force in the blow to actually kill an adult. In such a case, if the adult died nonetheless, the attacker will not be held liable, since his blow was not strong enough to kill an adult. If, however, he meant to kill the adult with a blow that was sufficient to kill an adult or a child, if he actually hit an adult, he would be held liable as a murderer. The Mishnah concludes with Rabbi Shimon's opinion, that someone who intended to kill one person and ended up killing another will not be held liable for murder.


The first opinion in the Mishnah apparently believes that we look at just one element of the person's intent - did he mean to kill? If he meant to kill and his action was sufficient to kill, he will be held liable, even if his actions killed someone other than the person he intended to murder.


Rabbi Shimon, on the other hand, insists that all elements of intent must be in place for a person to be held responsible for his actions, and that he will only be liable if his actions matched his intention. This position, which places much significance to a person's intentions, is true according to Rabbi Shimon not only in these laws, but in other areas of halakhah, as well. There are some places where all agree that we must take into account the person's intent - e.g. the laws of Shabbat - but Rabbi Shimon applies this idea across the board.

A rabbi was walking down the street when, suddenly, a strong gust of
wind blew his streimel (fur hat) off his head.  The rabbi ran after
his hat but the wind was so strong it kept blowing his hat farther and
farther away.  He just couldn't catch up with it.

A young gentile man, witnessing this event and being more fit than the
rabbi, ran after the hat and caught it.  The young gentile man handed
the hat over to the rabbi. The rabbi was so pleased and grateful that
he gave the man twenty dollars, put his hand on the man"s head and
blessed him.  The young man was very excited about both the tip and
the blessing.

The young gentile decided to take his new found wealth to the
racetrack.  He bet the entire $20 on the first race that he could.

After the races the young man returned home and recounted his very
exciting day at the races to his father.

"I arrived at the fifth race," said the young man.   "I looked at the
racing program and saw a horse by the name of  Top Hat was running.
The odds on this horse were 100-to-1.  It was the longest shot in the

After saving the rabbi"s hat, having received the rabbi"s blessing,
gotten the $20, and seeing Top Hat in the fifth race, I thought this
was a message from God.  So, I bet the entire 20 dollars on Top Hat.
An amazing thing happened.  The horse that was the longest shot and
who did not have the slightest chance to even show, came in first by 5

"You must have made a fortune," said the father.

"Well yes, $2000.  But wait, it gets better," replied the son.

"In the following race, a horse by the name of Stetson was running.
The odds on the horse were 30 to 1"  Stetson being some kind of hat
and again thinking of the rabbi"s blessing and his hat, I decided to
bet all my winnings on this horse."

"What happened?" asked the excited father.

"Stetson came in like a rocket.  Now I had $60,000!"

"Are you telling me you brought home all this money?" asked his excited father.

"No," said the son.

"I lost it all on the next race.  There was a horse in this race
named Chateau, which is French for hat.  So I decided to bet all the
money on Chateau. But the horse broke down and came in last."

"Hat in French is "Chapeau" not "Chateau" you moron," said the father.

"You lost all of the money because of your ignorance. Tell me, what
horse won the race?"

The son answered, "A long shot from Japan named Yamaka."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy birthday to Me and Happy Lag BaOmer and How they launch the big ones and True Ambition

Ethics of the Fathers and Happy Birthday to me and Happy La BaOmer

There are many words of wisdom in the Ethics of the Fathers (one of the sections of the Talmud). In Chapter One, Rabbi Hillel (one of the many Fathers quoted) says in paragraph 14: If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am for myself, what am I? and if not now, when?

With that in mind I wish you all a Happy LaBomer (a minor Jewish holiday day celebrating the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah and a happy birthday to myself.

True Ambition

Rabbi Eliyahu  Dessler wrote: "When you have a true ambition for something, you will not give up hope. Giving up hope is a sign that you are lacking ambition to achieve that goal."

Love Yehuda