Monday, November 30, 2009

But Officer!!!! and you can always improve

You Can Always Improve

A great sage said: Be especially careful if you feel you have gone down in your spiritual level. There is danger when one feels he has failed spiritually. He is likely to give up completely, and in panic might commit many wrongdoings.

Even if you feel you are on a low rung, strengthen yourself wherever you presently are. If you take an optimistic view of your situation and feel confident that you can improve, you will be able to elevate yourself.

Love Yehuda

 Subject:  But Officer!!!!





 Can you   imagine this guy going 90 mph on his way to  Dallas with these balloons trailing a few yards behind him?

Instructions for a fun time on the interstate..............

Step 1. Tie balloons to car.
Step 2. Drive like a bat out of hell....
Step 3. Watch people freak out!!!!


oh my gosh!!! 
















Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amazing Photos and accentuate the positive

Accentuate The Positive

Consciously make an effort to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Practice focusing on the hundreds of positive aspects of your life. Be aware of your ability to see, talk, walk, hear, watch tv, what humans have accomplished, etc.

Thoughts always keep racing through your mind, so gently keep your focus on all the positive details of your life. Realize that you are the one who chooses what thoughts to dwell on. Choose those thoughts which enhance your life.

Love Yehuda

Friday, November 27, 2009

Smart cars and Listing what you have and being Thankful after Thanksgiving

Listing What You Have

Internalize the attitude that regardless of how many things you do not have, you can still be happy

 if you keep your focus on what you do have. 

Make a list of possessions, talents, and good qualities you have and 

whenever you catch yourself becoming obsessed with something you lack, review your list.

Love Yehuda

Subject: : Smart cars

The Smart Car
what we will be forced to drive quite soon.
But look at all of the 'great new choices'
we will have from 'The SMART Car'.....
The Smorvette!
The Smaudi A3 AWD!
The Smamborghini!
The Smorsche!
The Smerrari!
And last, but not least,
The Smustang


Thursday, November 26, 2009

UNTIL WE WRITE AGAIN and Make it Positive and Happy Thanksgiving

Make It Positive

When someone else speaks to you, what they say and how they say it creates either positive energy or the opposite.

Also, when you speak to yourself, you are the one who chooses whether the energy will be positive or negative. Be totally resolved to consistently create positive energy.



 Love Yehuda

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taken from one spot in Oregon and focus on the Positive

Focus On The Positive

If a person consistently talks about the faults of others, he will usually overlook even the most obvious 

positive attributes of those same people.

Today, think of someone that you often degrade, and try focusing on one positive quality of that person

Love Yehdua.

  THIS CHAIN OF MOUNTAINS MAKE UP THE CASCADES that keep the weather in central oregon mild.....

Broken Top

Broken Top Closeup

Mt. Bachelor, you can almost see the little chair lift house at the summit.

Mt. Jefferson

Mt. Hood - 125 miles, 2.5 hrs by car

Three Finger Jack

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have made the big time--A certain car company didn't like the post and The Milky Way

In this new electronic age, a lot of information is thrown at us. I try to give pieces of spirituality each day with either motivation or
pieces from the Torah to inspire us.
 I share pictures and videos that people send me as well to keep people interested in my site and to give them a laugh or inspiration
of beautiful sites.
This week a friend send me a video that look interesting and so I attached it.
It turns out that it was false, and the car company that the video tried to compliment  must screen the web to make sure that their name is protected.
The law firm that protects them sent me a letter, telling me to get the video off my site.
Since it was in error it was the right thing to do anyway. What was ironic was that the video complimented the company for taking a heroic stand against terrorism. Not only was it not true, it certainly appears that the company didn't want to be a hero of any kind.
I took off the video and learned a new lesson!!!
People are listening!!
Love Yehuda

enjoy the Milky Way

A zoomable multi-photographic image of the Milky Way Galaxy:

Monday, November 23, 2009

OMG Results of Texting While Driving and True Love

True Love

Love is a concept that is often distorted. For example, someone will say that he loves fish. But what does he do with fish? He cuts them up, cooks them, and then swallows them. He doesn't really love fish, he loves himself!

The Torah definition of love is feeling positive about someone because you appreciate his positive traits. When your love for someone is based totally on love for him (and not on self-love), you will have great patience. In the Torah, Jacob waited seven years before marrying Rachel!

Today, ask yourself if your "love" for others is based on your perception of how they can benefit you, or based on your perception of their positive qualities.

Love Yehuda

OMG Results of Texting While Driving



It could happen to anybody...
The very real human consequences that can result from driving while 'InTEXTicated'
 An 18-year-old girl plowed directly into the rear of another vehicle.  She was going 70 mph.  
She apparently never even saw them.  You see, she had been texting at the time.

You can see that she hit them dead-center with no attempt to slow or evade the collision.

She hit dead-center on her 2008 Yukon SUV as well.  She escaped unscathed.

There was no blowout, no wet road, no curve or hill or fog to limit visibility.  
This girl clearly should have been able to see the traffic conditions at least a half mile ahead had she been looking and not texting.  
She nearly killed a beautiful 3-year-old child?

Here's a personal look at the real human cost of texting while driving: Griffin before the accident.

Griffen the day after 4 hours of surgery to repair multiple skull fractures.  
He would surely have died or been severely disabled had they not been minutes away (by StarFlight helicopter) from Austin's world-class children's Dell Children's Medical Center and neurosurgeon Dr. Timothy George.

Day 4 - watching a movie on his Dad's iPhone.  
The swelling of his head will go away, but that scar from ear-to-ear will be with him forever.  

Feeling better.  Mmmmm - mac-n-cheese.  :-)

Day 5 - feeling much better.  My granddad bought me my very own iPod and loaded it with movies.  Life is good.

This morning.  All my tubes are finally out.  I'm going home today!
Note how much the swelling has improved in just three days.

It's almost unbelievable that it's been only five days since the accident that nearly claimed his life.  
All the medical experts involved expect him to make a full recovery.  
Pretty soon he'll be all healed up and back to normal - thank the Lord!
In only six weeks he'll be allowed to be just as active as any other 3-year-old.

Phone company records of text messages are irrefutable and accurate to the second;
so it would be an easy matter to prove in court that a person was texting at the time of an accident.  
As with drunken driving, a jail sentence (no matter the driver's age) will be mandatory whenever anyone is injured by a 'texting' driver.  

I encourage you to forward this email to all your friends.
We must try to stop 'Driving While  'texting ' before more innocent people are maimed or killed.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Put things in perspective and the true Jewish Zodiac

Put Things In Perspective

When you reflect on life, you will see that many of the things that happen to a person are not inherently good or bad.

 Rather, it is just a matter of how each person chooses to react to a given situation.

Today, think of a problematic aspect of your life, and then try to imagine how life would be different -

 not if the situation changed, but if your attitude changed.

Love Yehuda

Does this make sense for the Zodiac??

Friday, November 20, 2009

Re: Motorcycle Heaven

Replace Hate With Love

The Torah (Vayikra 19:17) explicitly states, "Do not hate your brother in your heart."

 Even the simplest person is commanded not to have envy, hatred, and feelings of revenge and a grudge.

 This is such an important and basic obligation that the Jewish people's failure in this regard led directly

 to the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70.

Is there anyone you hate without a valid reason? Mentally visualize that hate melting away. 

In its place, visualize compassion, empathy. Now mentally bless that person.

 Bless him/her that they should treat you so wonderfully that you are filled with love for that person.

Now try it for it for someone you hate with a valid reason. The truth is that there are very few valid reasons.

Love Yehuda

To: Subject: Fw: Motorcycle Heaven
And just when you thought you have seen everything?

When are Ape Hangers TOO tall?

If this is the Bomb, I'm wondering how the engine is cooled.

This is my kind of bike - portable BBQ.

What do you do with 24 chainsaw motors? That's a lot of pull starting.

This is called 'Dream Big'. Powered by a 502 Chevy V8.

Aren't friends wonderful? Nice.

This is a German bike with a Russian logo on the sidecar.
Maybe that website would explain all this.

Sweet cheeks.

Anybody got a light? That's a Vespa under there somewhere.

Eight cylinders the hard way.

Seven passenger Harley Limo (plus chauffeur.)

Homeless Harley

Cool Harley faucet.

Redneck's last words, 'Hey, watch this.'

Beautiful T
rike from Exile.

Old Rusty.

The Undertaker


Wide tire, narrow

What The F#*k chopper?

Budget sidecar

Uni-motorcycle? I want to see someone ride this.

Something is seriously wrong here.