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Pilot Error and and Staying Calm under Pressure--HAPPY Halloween

 Staying Calm Under Pressure

I asked a person I once met how he became so skilled at staying calm under pressure. He said, "I pretend that everything that happens is on a large video screen. Every person I interact with is part of the scenery. I'm the only person that is alive and real; everyone and everything else is just what I see on the screen of my mind.

"My choices of thoughts, words, and actions are like a game I am playing on the screen. I always maintain self-respect and respect for others, but nothing anyone says or does will intimidate me.

"If someone raises his voice and yells at me, I imagine the clown on the screen acting like he has lost his temper. I don't have to worry as long as I'm not in physical danger.

"I keep asking myself, 'What would be the wisest thing for me to think, say, and do now?' Because I keep calm, I am able to think more objectively."
Love Yehuda

Pilot error is the cause of almost all airplane accidents, as this anecdote from a correspondent points out:

My ex-wife started taking flying lessons not long before we decided to get a divorce, and she got her license shortly before our divorce was final, later that same year.

Yesterday afternoon, she narrowly escaped injury in the aircraft she was piloting when she was forced to make an emergency landing in Southern Tennessee because of bad weather.

Thank God our kids were with me this weekend.

The NTSB issued a preliminary report, citing pilot error: 

Judy was flying a single engine aircraft in IFR (instrument flight rating) conditions while only having obtained a VFR (visual flight rating) rating.

The absence of a post-crash fire was likely due to insufficient fuel on board.

No one on the ground was injured.

She was very lucky.

The photograph below was taken at the scene and shows the extent of damage to her aircraft.


                 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bighorn Sheep........ Can you believe this? and Stories of growing from Challenges

Stories of Growing from Challenges

Whenever you come across a story about someone who has grown from a challenge, think,

"Since I have read or heard this story of how someone grew from this challenge, I now have this pattern stored in my brain.

My brain is always with me. So I can add to my self-image:

'I am a person who has read and heard about patterns of growing from challenges.'

This will strengthen my own resolve to grow from challenges. Instead of worrying about potential challenges that I might face,

I will keep thinking about how I will grow from any challenge that might come my way."

Love Yehuda




For those who aren't familiar with the view - it's the downstream face of the dam and those dots are bighorns WALKING ACROSS IT.  They're licking the surface - salt, maybe? 


The Buffalo Bill Dam on the Shoshoni River at Cody, Wyoming....











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Thursday, October 28, 2010


A Modest and Healthy Self-Image

A modest person with a healthy self-image will be a happier person. He doesn't have demanding expectations of life. Therefore he has greater satisfaction and appreciation for what he does have and less distress from disappointments.

A person with a modest and healthy self-image will get along more harmoniously with others. He will be much more at ease and he will bring out the best in others. He will be respected and liked. He won't arouse needless envy and antagonism. He will speak and act pleasantly. In general, he will be more balanced in all of his ways.

Love Yehuda



I sure would hate to be involved in this one............

Brace yourself before looking at the attached image.
A pilot at low level has no control over his aircraft.
It narrowly misses a crowd gathered for the airshow and slams into four buildings.
One can only imagine the horror of the occupants inside those buildings.












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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghoulishly grand carved pumpkins and accept the will of the Almighty

Accept the Will of the Almighty

Totally accept the will of the Almighty and you will free yourself from the suffering caused by expectations.

Love Yehuda

This artist was on CBS evening News on Monday night Oct 25, 2010.


Artist Ray Villafane began carving pumpkins on a lark for his art students in a small rural school district in Michigan . The hobby changed his life as he gained a viral following online and unlocked his genuine love of sculpting. Here are images of pumpkin carvings Villafane created over the past five years.     

Got my eye on you  

Who let me outta here?

Would you open this zipper?

Rough day  

President Barack Obama  

Please don't pull on that tab  

Say 'aaaahhhhh'!  
Predator pumpkin
Motorized Medusa

It's alive!!  

Native American portrait  


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Unlocking a vision

Foods with moods

Biting his tongue

David Letterman

The fear inside


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maybe you HAVEN'T seen it all ! and boasting versus sharing

Boasting Versus Sharing

It's important to differentiate between boasting and sharing your successes with people who sincerely wish you well and enjoy your success. Children especially have a strong need to show their parents that they have been successful. This is a way they build their self-image. Parents can encourage them to be grateful to G-d for their success, building gratitude and balanced modesty.

Love Yehuda

 Maybe you HAVEN'T seen it all!











Pass this on to anyone needing a giggle today!



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Monday, October 25, 2010

The good-old-days of San Diego and Inner Strengths

All Inner Strengths in All Contexts

The vast majority of people utilize some of their inner strengths sometimes, but not always

This is certainly true for me. It's probably true for many people who are reading this.

People might be kind, courageous, confident, patient, harmonious, happy, or relaxed in some contexts, but not in others.

People might be able to concentrate well and stay focused in some contexts, but not in others

People might be able to stay centered and flowing in some situations, but not in others.

It would be wonderful to be able to access all of your inner strengths in all contexts.

In other words, if you can be calm and relaxed, confident and courageous, centered, focused, and flowing in some contexts

and around some people, it would be wonderful to access those mental and behavioral states around all people, all the time.

An important facet of every human being is our brain. Our brain is always with us wherever we are. It's impossible to forget

to take our brain along when we go out, no matter how absent- minded we are. Therefore we can learn how to access the

strengths that we have recorded in our mental archives and apply them whenever we need them.

Love Yehuda
The pictures may take a few seconds to come in













The good-old-days, in " America 's  Finest  City "......Enjoy,


Laurel  Street Bridge-1920s.


NorthIsland & Point Loma - 1920s.


San Diego ,  U.S. GrantHotel-1920s.


Mission Beach-1926. Looking southeast from over the ocean.
That's the Big Dipper roller coaster, and The Plunge was there,
although people used to be able to splash and cannonball instead of
only swim laps, and there was algae along the edges of the pool.


Lane Field, Broadway &  Pacific Highway - 1937. Lane Field was in use from 
1936 to 1957. It had green wooden bleachers.
 In 1958, the Padres moved 
to WestgatePark (now the site of Fashion Valley Mall).
 In 1967, they moved to 
Jack Murphy Stadium (now Qualcomm) and an amazing
 winning season in 1998 helped them get Petco  Park built.


CONVAIR - Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co. Lindbergh Field Plant - 1930s. 
Convair - was relocated from  Buffalo ,  NY to  San Diego in 1935. At the time, 
seaplanes were thought to be the future of the aircraft
 industry. During 
WWII, Consolidated produced B-24 Bombers and the rate of one per 
hour. They also produced PBY (Catalina) Seaplanes. In 1953, the company became a part of General Dynamics. They produced the Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missile which was a key part of the early space program of the  USA . Convair was finally sold off in 1992 and later dismantled.


Broadway,  San Diego - 1940s
The  U.S.  Grant  Hotel is still there and recently underwent an
extensive remodeling. Across the street Horton Plaza was just
a nice fountain with grass all around, where the prostitutes hung out.
The streetcars were replaced by the bus system in 1949.


5th & Broadway,  San Diego ,
VJ Day - 1945.


(The above ad is from a 1952 Popular Mechanicsmagazine.)
"Let's all go to work at Convair... You'll make more money there!"
(1950s radio jingle.)


San Diego, CA-1947 No freeways! No freeways, just  Pacific Highway and 
Hwy 80 going East.
 The  San Diego river emptied into  Mission  Bay , but now the channel goes to Ocean  Beach .  Also notice the water-filled gap between    North  Island and  Coronado where the ferries and "Nickel Snatchers"  operated!


San Diego-1950. There is nothing north of  Mission  Valley but Linda Vista,  Mission  Beach ,  Pacific Beach and  La Jolla . Linda Vista was a Federal government Housing Project, built in 1941 to house aircraft workers who were building war planes to support our European allies (before we entered WWII).


Oscar's Drive-In -  University Avenue - 1940s.
Oscar's was a true drive-in with car hops on roller skates.


Oscar's Drive-In Menu - 1963. Later became Jack In The Box.


Oscar's Menu - 1963. Check the prices!


Chula Vista,  National City ,  Imperial Beach , San Ysidro, and  Tijuana 1950.
There was NOTHING on either side of ChulaVista; today it is the second
biggest city in SD county, and  Tijuana now has over a million inhabitants !


San Diego  City Limits heading south from  Del Mar -  U.S. Highway101 - 1961.
Look at the lines of cool-looking cars backed all the way up Torrey Pines.
See, they had traffic jams then, too, but gas was 19 cents a gallon. Before Interstate 5 was built, it typically took about 6 hours to travel to  Los Angeles on weekends. Also, there were stretches of roads like "Slaughter Alley" between  Oceanside and  San Juan Capistrano 

Have a beautiful  San Diego sunshiny day!  
















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