Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Israel Warrior- articles inspired from the Jerusalem Post for our Independence Day

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Find a Way to Encourage Others

Don't become discouraged when you try to encourage others. Your persistence can accomplish a lot. If one approach doesn't work, try another.

Love Yehuda Lave


Life is good when you are a dog

When Jews living peacefully in their ancient homeland are targeted for murder, the Israel warrior builds a defensive army to protect life.


Since Yom Hashoah is upon us, we wanted to share a story that was featured in our successful documentary "Once Upon A Family". This is a story of hope and strength through melody. Some may know this story, but I can guarantee its never been told like this before. When we premiered the film you cant imagine the reactions and emotions in the room. There are really no words to describe how inspirational Rabbi Lau is and how much he has impacted all of us. It was a tremendous honor to have been able to film him and since then spend time with him at various Holocaust events. May he continue in his holy mission until 120. So please watch and share this story and maybe it will give inspiration and hope to all. #yomhashoah #HolocaustRemembranceDay #neverforget



Money has different names!!!


In temple or church, it's called donation.

In school, it's fee.

In marriage, it's called dowry.

In divorce, alimony.

When you owe someone, it's debt.

When you pay the government, it's tax.

In court, it's fines.

Civil servant retirees, it's pension.

Employer to workers, it's salary.

Master to subordinates, it's wages.

To children, it's allowance.

When you borrow from bank, it's loan.

When you offer after a good service. it's tips.

To kidnappers, it's ransom.

Illegally received in the name of service, it's bribe.

The question is, "when a husband gives to his wife,what do we call it???

ANSWER: Money given to your wife is called DUTY, and every man has to do his duty because wives are not DUTY FREE...😳

Lior Akerman is a former brigadier-general who served as a division head in the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

The circus has come to town


Column One: More than is absolutely necessary-Caroline Glick


Shalom Polock comments on our #2 man in charge in the IDF

"If there is something that scares me about the memory of the Holocaust, it is the identification of horrifying processes that occurred in Europe in general and Germany in particular - 70, 80 and 90 years ago - and finding evidence of them here among us, today, in 2016," he said. This  was the contribution to Holocaust memorial day by Israel's  deputy  chief of staff, General Yair Golan. He and his boss wasted no time before casting the soldier who killed the terrorist in Hevron  as public  enemy number one. Yes, as  a general he knows an enemy when he sees one... I don't  know if there is any link to his  world view, but I would mention, just in passing, that he was the supreme  commander of Judea and Samaria when the greatest crime perpetrated against the land of Israel and its people was carried out, oh  so  very professionally in  during the  2005  forced expulsion. Ten thousand Jews,. men, women and children were dragged from  from their homes, including thousands in "his" Samaria. The land was  then left to  our sworn  enemies  - including  dozens of our  synagogues ( Kristal Nacht...? ) Yes, one of the commanders and architects of the infamous Jewish expulsions is very scared today. He fears  we are  beginning to look like Nazi Germany. You know; those  folks that expelled Jews from their homes. He is concerned about certain "processes"  in Israel today. Maybe he is concerned that Jews are finally coming out of their brain washing stupor and starting to shout ," I can't stand it and  I won't  take it any more"! Increasing numbers of Jews no longer feel guilty for hating their tormentors, for not turning the other cheek, for making generalizations.... They no longer feel ashamed at their rage  as they begin to  see what has been foisted upon them for so long. The "New Middle East" is not what they were  promised by the General and other  Shimon Peres wannabes. The king has no clothes and either do some generals. Some of these generals, acting like politicians are losing their traditional luster in the eyes of the people.  Sad, but true. Israel has not won a war since 1973. Israelis are told that we are living in a time when military victory is impossible. We must "absorb" and acclimate ourselves to the blows of our enemies.  The sacrifice  of ones life to maintain "purity of arms" is  among a  soldier's highest deeds and  strength ( I wonder how many soldier's parents  were  polled on this one..?)  There is no enemy to vanquish, just contain and not infuriate them  too much.. It has come to a point where hardly a Jew in Israel does not know  personally of a murdered or maimed fellow Jew by the same ones that the good general does not want  to over react to. No wonder there is a strong and loud back lash against this noxious comparison between  what happened over there to our people by the worlds worst monsters, and  the "processes" that concern the general in Israel today. Mr General, go collect your pension and allow healthy Jews lead our country. We know why we are angry and are not ashamed of it. We know how our Torah teaches us to deal with our enemies in our land. We need no advice from you or from an, oh so caring world.  Go home. You will have plenty of time to reflect on your greatest victory and finest hour  -  in the summer of 2005 www.shalompollacktours.co.il


Reality Check

Dear all,   1... Germany in the thirties was one of the most civilized countries in the World.          Modern, technological and educated.   2... With-in a very short time-the country adopted a Hitlerite philosophy that created a "black-hole"   that will forever leave a stain on CIVILIZED MAN.   3... Hitler was elected democratically by the German people.   3... The Nazi Empire created FACTORIES to kill Jews.   4.. .As the Nazi Empire spread, the locals "welcomed", the German soldiers with flowers and     .            kisses.   5...The Catholic Church--a RELIGION: worshiping G-D---"played" with the Nazis--all during the war.   6...The Catholic Church -after the war- helped and saved fleeing Nazis and their money from the        winners of the war and their Justice.   7...Hitler, who was a psychopathic RACIST, could link-up Amin Al-Husseini-The Grand Mufti, to                  create  Muslim brigades that worked side-by side with the PURE Nazi soldiers,    fighting the   allies, and the partisans.   8...By August 1942 The British, the US State Department and the Palestinian Jews knew               that   Hitler and his willing robots were systematically killing Jews.   9...It took over a year till the Americans, made any MORAL statement.  10.  Both the USAF and the British were bombing factories near some of the death camps-by 1943        BUT-----they never got any permission to bomb any death-camp or the railway-tracks nearby.  11... Roosevelt and his inner circle never made any attempt -either Moral, written or active to     stop  the Holocaust. They had the facts, but they played down any attempt to stop the killings.   12... Jews fleeing to any SAFE haven, were prevented by acts of the State Department.   13... The legal quota --to allow Jews to enter into the USA-went under-filled.   14... Ships carrying Jews from Germany or Nazi Europe were turned back.   15...  American companies were "legally" and openly trading with Germany.   16... The British--acting as SUPER-Nazis closed off Palestine to Jews.   17... The British-after the war, stopped/sunk/diverted ships (over 150) carrying Jews from Europe     to Palestine.   18... The Jews of Palestine (600000-less 6000 killed in the 1947-1949 war), had to wage a war                 against 7 murderous Arab countries AND the BRITISH.   19... The Jews won--against all logic, odds, or any military analysis.   20...The poor brand-new STATE absorbed almost 2 million (poor-uneducated-and sick) immigrants.   21... The poor, desert country, exporting Oranges, built up an industry, an army, agriculture and           a  vibrant democratic society.   22. This small "hated" country has fought 8 wars--and won.   23.  TODAY>>this country is a unique THING.           Democratic, vibrant, free, home to over 30 political parties, 3 Religions, 20% -non Jewish, the third largest exported of military "stuff" in the World, a front-runner in agriculture, and technology, a NOBEL PRIZE heart-land, a computer mecca, and has a population that fly overseas-on vacations, in stupendous numbers.    24...Her enemies--and there is a long list----are careful not to "up-set" the Jews...too much after-all....her submarines patrol the Mediterrian and Indian Ocean, her air-power is ultra-modern,, her A.B.C defence is excellent and her intelligence network is extensive. 25...The few non-Jewish HUMANS-on our planet-who actually understand THEOLOGY...know that the God of the Jews is back HOME.......HE is planning to STAY..and HE protects his children and their small "desert" LAND. Steve