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Ambassador Friedman: 'Obama left Israel a parting gift of betrayal'

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Yehuda Lave is an author, journalist, psychologist, rabbi, spiritual teacher and coach, with degrees in business, psychology and Jewish Law. He works  with people from all walks of life and helps them in their search for greater happiness, meaning, business advice on saving money,  and spiritual engagement

Appreciate Being Alive

Cultivate a deep feeling of appreciation for the fact that you are alive. The Jewish practice of saying the "Modeh Ani" prayer the first moment we are awake, strengthens our awareness of the great gift of life.

Try saying the "Modeh Ani" prayer: "I express my gratitude to You, the King who is alive and always exists, for returning my soul to me, with compassion. Great is Your trustworthiness."

Love Yehuda Lave

Bottled Water in Your Car Can Lead to Fire!

Firefighters Warn: Never Leave Bottled Water in Your Car
Bottled water, left unattended in a hot car, can start a raging fire!

"The water bottle, acting like a lens that's focusing the light coming through the window, can set car seats on fire," according to Odile Madden, a materials scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles. As  the sunlight passes through the car window, it hits the seat with about 600 watts per square meter of energy, about the same amount of energy from a small electric space heater.

For burning to occur, the liquid in the bottle must be clear, so light can pass through it. That clear liquid in a bottle can reach up to 250 degrees, developing a focused beam that ignites fabrics seats or mats.

Officials strongly recommend keeping bottles of water out of your vehicle.  But if you HAVE TO take liquids with you, the following precautionary measures are advised:

1- According to a UK survey, an average adult forgets three key facts every day. Make sure that a water bottle in your car will not become one of those forgotten facts.

2- Set a phone reminder to take a bottle of water with you, when leaving your car. This will take seconds of your time but you will not return to a burned car.

3- If you do not want to carry a heavy bottle with you, be sure to leave it in a place where sunbeams can't reach it- the trunk for example.  But why take a risk?
Stay safe and may you and your family enjoy a beautiful summer.

Ambassador Friedman: 'Obama left Israel a parting gift of betrayal'

 US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman spoke on Thursday evening at the Israel Hayom Forum for US-Israel Relations in Jerusalem

Discussing the previous American administration, Friedman said that when former President Barack Obama ended his term in 2016, his administration "left a parting gift; I would say parting betrayal to the State of Israel. UN Resolution 2234, which deemed all of Judea and Samaria, all of Jerusalem all of it was deemed to be illegally occupied territory.

That resolution was a lie. I wish there was a better word, but there really isn't," he added.

Friedman praised US President Donald Trump's recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, saying that an Israeli resolution to name a new community in the Golan after Trump was a "fitting tribute."

He added he had been privileged to be invited to an open-air cabinet meeting that took place on the Golan Heights, and whose only agenda item was to authorize "Trump Heights."

The American ambassador said that the resolution, which passed unanimously, marked the first time since 1949, when Harry Truman was so honored, that Israel had named any community after a sitting US President.

Friedman said that in the aftermath of President Trump s proclamation of March 21, 2019, many rose to applaud while words of criticism emanated from the usual corners. But as the noise dissipated and the sun rose the next day, two new realities were beyond dispute: America s stature in the world had risen and the security of its ally Israel had been enhanced.

Now, he said, he was looking back at some of the lessons he had learned.

"Foreign policy must evolve with changed circumstances. Many who criticized the President s decision noted that Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, of blessed memory, had negotiated with [then-Syrian President] Hafez Assad in 1994 to return portions of the Golan in exchange for peace and they urged that this failed process remain open. But almost nothing about the circumstances that existed then are relevant today. In particular, the Syrian civil war, in which Syria has murdered or displaced more than 1 million of its own people and became a client-state of Iran, is a seminal event that cannot be ignored.

By affirming Israel s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, President Trump has sent a clear and moral message to the world that Syria has forfeited any legitimate claim to the Golan Heights," Friedman said.

Second, Friedman continued, "Brains without courage make for a weak foreign policy. All presidents are smart. If they weren t, they never would have attained their lofty positions."

The ambassador said that past US presidents all grasped the need for Israel to retain sovereignty over the Golan. But only President Trump had the courage to give "practical effect to this undeniable truth."

"Courage matters," he said, adding, "Right makes might. Some have criticized the president s decision as one of 'might makes right' a euphemism for the erroneous proposition that a nation as strong as the United States can pursue a policy devoid of any moral foundation. Here, exactly the opposite is true: The United States is stronger because it has acted justly. The United States has sided with Israel, a nation that at great risk opened its border every night to provide emergency healthcare to Syria s ill and wounded, and against the Syrian regime which has inflicted unspeakable trauma upon its own people."

A fourth lesson Friedman said he has learned is that not every foreign policy decision requires a quid pro quo.

"Some suggest that America 'should have gotten something from Israel' in exchange for its recognition of the Golan. But the strength of the American decision was precisely in the fact that it was principled and grounded in law and morals, thereby untarnished by the daily negotiations common to international relations," he said.

Fifth and last is the lesson "Don t start a war that you can t afford to lose."

Syria attacked Israel in 1967 and then again in 1973, and Israel gained control of the Golan through its legitimate response to Syrian attacks aimed at Israel s destruction, Friedman said.

"Since then, Syria has continued to fail to be a partner for peace. By affirming Israel s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, President Trump has afforded Israel the only secure and recognized boundary that could exist under these circumstances," he added.

The ambassador concluded his speech by saying that history would "reflect kindly upon President Trump s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan. Let s hope that the lessons learned from this outstanding decision will influence the international foreign policy establishment to pursue and create a more just, humane and peaceful world

Dance Boogie Woogie Rockabilly-Jive Nellia & Dietmar danceschool horn

94 year old and 91 year old dancing



The Magazine of the Authentic Jewish Idea

Spring 5744 – 1984


[Names change, situation is the same]


"Though thou poundest a fool in a mortar with pestle…yet will his foolishness not depart from him." Proverbs 27).


It has surely become a cuckoo's nest, one huge madhouse.  There is certainly no other explanation for it.  Lebanon and all the insanity of the Begin-Sharon-Lukid policy collapses; the United States deserts Israel without a by-your- leave; Reagan entertains Mubarak and Hussein in the White House (and one can imagine what was privately plotted there); soldiers inside Lebanon are killed and wounded without a response from Moshe Arens while soldiers outside refuse to serve there; the economic index goes up by 14% in ONE MONTH (an annual rate of over 400%);

Egypt laughs at Camp David and moves openly back into the Arab fold; three rockets fall on Metulla as "Peace in the Galilee" becomes more of a naked joke; leftists and liberals march in the streets demanding suicide and they gain more and more support in the wake of a paralyzed, tired, frightened government; Arabs grow bolder or simply GROW inside Israel and the territories; and a terrible drought grips the country; in the neighborhoods and moshavim and development towns social unrest grows as crime shoots upward.


And in response:


The city of Petach Tikvah votes to allow legal mass Sabbath desecration with places of entertainment opened wide; the Haifa Theater produces a play, The Messiah, in which words of desecration and abomination are directed against G-d; a group of parents organizes to fight the yeshivot because their children have become baalei tshuva; Yossi Sarid, the Labor M.K. writes an article in Shmuel Shnitzer's major newspaper, Maariv, to declare his disgust for the Biblical story of Abraham and the sacrifice; the head of the League Against Religious Coercion declares, in Al Hamishmar, that there must be an uprising against the religious including "hangings from lampposts" since without this "things will not go"; Knesset members vow that the law that would make the definition of a Jew one based on halacha, will never pass; and in the Brenner school, a student, member of the Noar HaOved (working youth), burns a Bible in a regular test of "who believes in G-d?


One would imagine that seeing the country disintegrating before their eyes, the Jews of Israel would pause to consider the possibility of Divine anger and punishment.  One would fancy that – seeing shear tragedy and horror loom before them and the utter bankruptcy of both Left and Right, dove and hawk, the socialist and secular nationalist,  - Jews would ponder the reality of secular failure and at least the feasibility of the events that are unfolding being part of Divine retribution for our sins.  One would logically hope for at least contemplation of the need to examine our ways and premises of life, our overview and philosophy of existence.



But no, "though thou poundest a fool in a mortar with pestle…yet will his foolishness not depart from him."  We remain the children of our fathers, the people, stiff-necked and with uncircumcised heart.  What a pity! What a tragedy! How we will – all of us – pay for the blindness of the fools in the mortar.


I listen to the speeches of the braying secular asses: Shamir, Arens, yes, Sharon and Rafael Eytan, of the dead Tehiya of Geula Cohen and Yuval Ne'eman – of all of the experts and ministers and politicians and, G-d help us.


LEADERS. I listen and wait for the one little word that will show that they understand something.  I hear nothing; they understand precisely that.  I wait for the one little world and so does the world.  It never comes.  And because of that, in its place, will come the awesome horrors upon a people who even the pounding of the pestle cannot help.  I wait for the one little word. G-d. And so does HE.  But the word never comes and no one calls Him. And so, He will not come and help until the awful time has passed.


And in the meantime, Peres and Shamir and Rabin and Arens and Tehiya and Mafdal and the intellectuals and experts and leaders will continue to run about madly in the cuckoo's nest.

See you tomorrow

Love Yehuda Lave

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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