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Trump at U.N.: We won’t tolerate Iran’s ‘monstrous antisemitism’ and Australian Spiral beehives and Yehuda Glick's new organization

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Yehuda Lave is an author, journalist, psychologist, rabbi, spiritual teacher and coach, with degrees in business, psychology and Jewish Law. He works  with people from all walks of life and helps them in their search for greater happiness, meaning, business advice on saving money,  and spiritual engagement

See yourself being a master of gratitude in the future. Mentally picture how this will help you feel joy the moment you are awake and are grateful for being alive. See how you can be grateful and happy for each breath. Realize that when you master gratitude, you will see a happy face every time you look into the mirror. See how your entire quality of life will be improved. See how other people will tell you that they enjoy being around you because you are such a happy person

Love Yehuda Lave

AMERICA FIRST: President Trump FULL United Nations General Assembly Speech - 2019

"Too often people in power preach diversity, while shunning or silencing the faithful," Trump said. "True tolerance means respecting the rights of all people to express their deeply held religious beliefs."
While Trump did not specifically call out individual nations, Vice President Pence -- who spoke before the president -- criticized several countries for attacks on religious freedom, including China's persecution of ethnic Uyghur Muslims, Venezuela's contested leader Nicolás Maduro's anti-Semitic rhetoric and Iran's oppression of Christians, Jews and Sunni Muslims.

Trump -- who was joined on stage by Pence, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other world leaders -- also announced that his administration was allocating an additional $25 million to protect religious freedom as well as religious sites and relics, and launching an initiative with business leaders to protect religious freedom in the workplace.

"This institution will engage the private sector to protect people of all faiths in the workplace," he said.

Trump at U.N.: We won't tolerate Iran's 'monstrous antisemitism'

"Last year, the country's supreme leader said that Israel was a 'malignant cancerous tumor that has to be removed and eradicated. It is possible and it will happen,'" the US president said. By Tovah Lazaroff, Herb Keinon

Iran's antisemitic hatred of Israel is unacceptable, US President Donald Trump told the UN as he warned Tehran that sanctions against it would not be lifted as long as it's "bloodlust" and nuclear drive continued.

"For 40 years, the world has listened to Iran's rulers as they lash out at everyone else for the problems they alone have created," Trump said as he addressed the opening segment of the 74th General Assembly.

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In describing the dangers of Iran, Trump said that its leaders "conduct ritual chants of 'Death to America' and traffic in monstrous antisemitism."

"Last year, the country's supreme leader said that Israel was a 'malignant cancerous tumor that has to be removed and eradicated. It is possible and it will happen,'" the US president said, adding that such antisemitism is "unacceptable."

"America will never tolerate such antisemitic hate," Trump said. "Fanatics have long used hatred of Israel to distract from their own failures. Thankfully, there is a growing recognition in the wider Middle East that the countries of the region share a common interest in battling extremism and unleashing economic opportunity."

Those common interests present an opportunity, Trump said, and that "is why it is so important to have full, normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors. Only a relationship built on common interests, mutual respect and religious tolerance can forge a better future."

He called on the international community to stand up to Iran. Latest articles from Jpost Top articles1/5READ MOREUS House impeachment probe intensifies as Trump rages about inquiry

"All nations have a duty to act," Trump said. "No responsible government should subsidize Iran's blood lust. As long as Iran's menacing behavior continues, sanctions will not be lifted: They will be tightened."

At the same time, however, Trump let Iran know that the US remained open to peace with Tehran – if it is willing to give up its nuclear drive and its regional aggression. In the weeks leading up to the UNGA, Trump spoke of a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that never materialized.

"The US is ready to embrace friendship with all who genially seek peace and respect," Trump said. "The US has never believed in permanent enemies. America knows that while anyone can make war, only the most courageous can choose peace."

In his third UN appearance, Trump offered a more subdued tone compared to the bombast of his previous speeches in 2017 and 2018, looking to convey a more reassuring presence as he asks Americans for a second term next year despite a fresh push for his impeachment among some Democrats.

While offering his habitual defense of national sovereignty – "the future must never belong to globalists" – Trump tempered his language, stressing the US desire for peaceful relations with all and calling for collective, rather than unilateral action.

Although US special envoy Jason Greenblatt was in Israel over the weekend to discuss the pending publication of Trump's peace plan, known as the "Deal of the Century," the president did not discuss the plan or his vision for Israeli-Palestinian peace during his talk.

The response to Trump in the chamber was relatively muted, a year after the crowd laughed when he boasted about his achievements and gasped in 2017 when he threatened to wipe out North Korea.

An Iranian diplomat sat in Iran's second-row seat for Trump's speech. Rouhani was at his New York hotel, not in the UN chamber.

Las year, the UN pulled out of the Iran deal to curb the Iranian republic's nuclear powers, initially worked out in 2015 between Tehran and the six world powers, including the US, France, Germany, the UK, China and Russia, which have worked to maintain the deal. The US wants to negotiate a better agreement.

In remarks to media on Tuesday, Rouhani said he was open to discuss small changes, additions or amendments to the 2015 nuclear deal if the US lifted sanctions imposed on his country.

French President Emmanuel Macron, trying to create conditions for talks between Washington and Tehran, said he hoped there could be progress on Iran on Tuesday after he held talks with Rouhani on Monday.

"We have to get back around the table to have a frank and demanding discussion," Macron told reporters.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Rouhani on Tuesday and said she told him she would welcome US talks with Iran, but that it was unrealistic for Tehran to think sanctions would be lifted before talks take place.

Over the past week, Trump has tightened economic sanctions on Iran and ordered more US troops to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in a show of support for those US allies in the tense region.

The US, European powers and Saudi Arabia have blamed Tehran for the attacks, which were claimed by the Iran-aligned Houthi group in Yemen. Iran has denied any involvement.

Rouhani said those who doubt that Yemen has the military capability for such attacks, "aren't saying who the culprit is."

"Britain, France and Germany have said that Iran is responsible for the recent attack on Saudi Arabia," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Jerusalem. "Let me say on behalf of Israel, very simply: Iran did it. A to Z."

The prime minister, who has generally addressed the UN General Assembly on the dangers of Iran, will not be in New York this year because of post-elections politics regarding the formation of a government, but he still spoke out against Iran.

"Israel will know to defend itself against this type of aggression," Netanyahu said. "We call on all members of the international community to join President Trump's effort to increase the pressure on Iran. That's the only way to stop Iran's aggression."

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz also issued a statement "applauding President Trump on his call for an international front against the Iranian nuclear threat.

"Iran is first and foremost a threat to international peace and is a hostile force against regional stability," Gantz said. "It is incumbent upon the international community to impose sanctions and to enforce sanctions already in place in order to put pressure on Iran."

Gantz also welcomed Trump's call for Middle East nations to normalize relations with Israel, saying this is "of critical importance."

Algemeiner J100 Gala, 2019: Actor Sir Ben Kingsley Accepts Warrior for Truth Award

Actor Sir Ben Kingsley received The Algemeiner's Warrior for Truth Award at the newspaper's 6th annual J100 Gala, held on September 26th 2019 at Gotham Hall in New York City. Schindler's List survivor Halina Silber presented the award and Cantor Netanel Hershtik moved the crowd with a rendition of "Jerusalem of Gold."

Kingsley, whose most prominent Jewish role was as Itzhak Stern in the 1993 Steven Spielberg film "Schindler's List," was introduced by Holocaust survivor Halina Silber — who was No. 16 on the real-life list compiled by German industrialist Oskar Schindler.

In his subsequent remarks, Kingsley remembered, "When I met with the great Steven Spielberg to discuss playing Itzhak Stern, I asked him, 'What is my narrative function in this role?' and he said, 'Conscience. Witness.' As I was filming, I had in my pocket a photograph of Anne Frank and I would say to this beautiful photograph, 'Dear girl, I'm doing this for you.' Everyday on the set I would say that."

"Well, dear friends, tonight I can assure you that if given another opportunity to tell your story I can say wholeheartedly, 'I'm doing this for you,'" he added.

Watch the speeches of Silber and Kingsley here:

Australian Stingless Bees Build Stunning Spiral Hives and No One's Quite Sure Why

Dr. Tim Heard, through his research and documentation efforts over the years, is determined to increase public awareness about the truly unique sugarbag honeybee.

By Mario L. Major

February 20th, 2018 Tim Heard

The "discovery" of places or living things in nature about which very little is known or reported seems to pique our interest. This is perhaps because they are usually things that are existing or occurring right under our nose.

One delightful example comes from Australia-based entomologist Tim Heard, who has been spreading the word (creating a buzz seemed like an unfortunate phrase to choose in this instance) about sugarbag honey bees.

Source: Tim Heard

Heard is also a former scientist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, based in Canberra, and started documenting the fascinating creatures over thirty years ago.


Science Bee colonies are disappearing, be prepared to save them.


With the aim to educate the public, Heard created a comprehensive website that provides visitors all the information they need to learn more about the stingless bees, which Heard adds are "highly social insects, with one queen and thousands of workers who live together in a protected place, which, in nature, is usually in a hollow tree."

They "inhabit the northern parts of Australia, although on the east coast they reach a bit further south than Sydney[, and occur in other tropical parts of the world[, while t]he Australian species are much smaller than European honey bees."

Beyond the biological classifications (Tetragonula carbonaria), and providing a brief bit of info about their habitat and size relative to other bees, Heard gets to the most incredible aspect of the bees: the unique hives they build.

The Spiral Design of the Bee Hive Source: Tim Heard

The hives do not resemble those found in other bee populations in a number of ways:

• The hives have an intricate, clockwise spiraling design.

• Each hive features only one entrance.

• The hive entrances are coated with a pathogen-blocking sticky layer, an extra line of defense for the bees which, according to Heard, "do not have a sting although they can give you a little bite with their jaws."

Source: Tim Heard

Heard maintains as many as 400 of the hives at a time and says that the shape is most likely created out of necessity to protect the integrity of the core of the hive: "What we're looking at is the advancing front of a stingless bee colony," he says, adding, "In the middle of the spiral, you have to construct cells that move with the change."

Some scientists also offer up the theory that the shape creates better conditions for air circulation.

Source: Tim Heard

Of course not satisfied to merely provide info about the unique bees, Heard discusses the best ways to raise and cultivate your own little sugarbag honeybee population, and in his book, The Native Bee Book: Keeping Stingless Bee Hives for Pets, Pollination, and Sugarbag Honey, he goes into even further detail about dividing, transporting and maintaining hives.

The most compelling stories about scientists involve cases, much like Heard's, in which one's life work and one's life mission become one in the same. Few are lucky enough to achieve this kind of fusion of vision and purpose, and it appears that Heard is indeed one of them.

Via: National Geographic, Tim Heard

Shalom Jerusalem Foundation from Yehuda Glick

Dear Friends,
  I'm excited to send you this update about the founding of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation, which will serve as a bridge for connecting the Nations to God's blessings from Zion - Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, by:

1. Promoting Jerusalem Peace - the true essence of Jerusalem as an inspiration for universal peace - to groups all around the world.

2. Calling upon the Nations to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem and to ascend the Temple Mount.

3. Advocacy for full equal rights for all religions on the Temple Mount - the House of Prayer for All Nations - including prayer and bible study.

4. Spreading the word of Torah from Zion unto the nations - via Torah lessons from Jerusalem on our Temple Mount Torah YouTube channel.
Click here to watch the Launch of Torah Mount Torah sessions.

5. A blog entitled The Voice of Jerusalem - Jerusalem in Light of Prophecy

Towards the end of 2020 we intend on holding the first annual International Bible Conference in Jerusalem. We will be sending full details on how to sign up for this exciting event in the coming weeks.
During my term in the Knesset, I saw it as my duty and had the honor of serving as a conduit of bringing the blessings that God has given to Israel to the rest of the world. As a bridge between the Nations and the Torah, the Land of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. To see a glimpse of this work, please click here:
Member of Knesset Yehudah Glick speaking about Shalom Jerusalem

I'm sure you agree that we've all been blessed to witness miracles, and the fulfillment of biblical prophecies, in our times. Against all odds and through God's grace and miracles, Israel has won all the wars waged against us time and again by those who would prefer we cease to exist - just as the Jewish People did in the times of the bible.
These, and so many other amazing achievements, are happening a mere 70 years after God implemented the prophecies of the bible, by resurrecting the dry bones of the Jewish nation scattered in exile, and returning us - the survivors of the Holocaust and of the persecutions in Arab countries - to Israel, our biblical homeland, and to our eternal capital, Jerusalem. 70 years ago they were talking about the Final Solution and now we are discussing a One-State or Two-State solution!  
In light of this tremendous progress, the time has now come for us to upgrade our bringing the Torah to the entire world and being a light to the Nations.
In Shalom Jerusalem Foundation we firmly believe that the Zionist process is not one that is for the sole benefit of the people of Israel. We have been charged with the duty of serving as a 'light unto the nations', and thereby bringing to the world the blessing of God to The Patriarchs  Abraham Isaac and Jacob implementing next stage of the Zionist process.

We have chosen to  take Zionism to its next level and to emphasize to the millions of believers in the Bible the deep meaning of the fact that we have been blessed to witness with our own eyes the fulfillment of the visions of the prophets.

I want to thank every one of you who has been a part and contributed to this holy journey up to this point! We must continue to work together to strengthen the ties between the Nations, the Jewish people, the Bible, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount - as the source of God's blessings in the world.
  Let's work together towards this goal of biblical importance and proportions!

Please keep in touch and donate to this spiritual journey through our website:

We'd love to meet with your group during your next visit to Jerusalem, or to come to visit your community. Please book a meeting for your group or an event with us via the booking page on the website, or by writing to email:

With blessings and prayers for a Shanah Tovah U'Metukah - A Good and Sweet New Year - for you all,


Yehudah Glick
President, Shalom Jerusalem Foundation

This Is What You Need to Tell the Demons Inside You By Elana Mizrahi

I know a woman, a woman so fragile and yet so strong. She spends nearly her entire day trying to stay afloat. She knows that she needs help. Deep down, there is a burning desire to live, not just to survive. And so, with each ounce of effort she can muster, she does it. She goes to therapy, she's in treatment, and she comes to me for help as well.

She spends her days trying to stay afloat might that she tries to heal and to grow. It's nonstop effort. I am so proud of her courage and will to invest in her life.

She came to me the other day, and I could sense that she felt low, really low. She has demons from the past that haunt her. As she describes it, like "a monster inside." This monster tells her that she's worthless, no good and tries to control her mind. It doesn't allow her to eat, sleep or feel good inside.

It's not that she was doing great (great is relative), but she was doing OK. Then something happened, what we call a "trigger." The trigger became a festive meal for the monster that told her, "Don't eat!" And now she can't sleep. Which is a form not of living, but dying.

In the midst of our conversation, she murmured, "I am a failure. I will never get better." I stopped her. "YOU are not. You had a setback. It's normal. Yes, a setback is dangerous in your case, but you are aware of it. You reached out for help. Your actions show how much strength you have; you are so strong! It's a new day. Today, we get up and move on."

It could be that a person acts impulsively, impatiently, unhealthily, deceitfully, but they are not their act. It could be that a person has a disorder. But that's only one part of them; it doesn't define who they are. It describes what they have or feel. What challenges they might be dealing with and what strengths they were created with to overcome.

That means that even if someone stole, the moment they stop doing the act of stealing, they are not a thief. A person might have an addiction, but they certainly are not their addiction, and the moment they make a commitment to abstain and get help, if needed, they are on the way.

You are not a label, a letter or an addiction, but yes, you might have a tendency or a disorder. You might have a trait that says you need to be constantly working on or an addiction that needs constant vigilance and support. But you are a pure soul that is housed inside of a body with many, many traits, talents, and yes, some weaknesses.

Each morning, we say in our prayers, "G‑d the soul that You gave me is pure." Each morning, we have to say this prayer anew to remind us that today is a new day, with new opportunities, opportunities to connect to our Creator. As long as a person lives, he or she has the chance to start anew.

Rosh Hashanah, the New Year, is right around the corner. We refer to this holy day as the Day of Judgement. Without a doubt, the month preceding this awesome holiday should be filled with self-reflection, introspection, self-judgment. You have to be aware of your mistakes, your weaknesses, your challenges in order to put the effort into working on them. We have to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and behavior. But Rosh Hashanah is also the new year, a new beginning; it's also referred to as the Day of Remembrance. We ask G‑d, "Please, remember our merits, the merits of our forefathers. Remember the sacrifices that they made." We ask G‑d to remember, but so do we!

We have to rememberWe are inherently pure and good that we are inherently pure and good, and each day is a new day and a new opportunity. We have to remember that we are complex (in a good way!) and multifaceted. G‑d gave us the power to change negative behavior. We have to remember that a single act doesn't define who we are and neither does a challenge; instead, we can use it to grow, and become stronger and better.

By Elana Mizrahi Originally from northern California and a Stanford University graduate, Elana Mizrahi now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children. She is a women's health & spiritual wellness coach, doula, massage therapist, writer, and author of Dancing Through Life, a book for Jewish women. She also teaches Jewish marriage classes for brides. Art by Rivka Korf. Rivka uses her creativity and expertise to create masterful compositions and illustrations. She shares her love of coffee with her husband, and passes on her appreciation of art and design to her children.

See you tomorro bli neder Happy New Year again

Love Yehuda Lave

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

PO Box 7335, Rehavia Jerusalem 9107202


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