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Special Blog about what reasons you are allowed to go out to out of the House in Israel with the New Health Ministry regulations explained and Rabbi Chaim Druckman-We need not be more strict than Health Ministry directives when it comes to religious matters. Minions and reading the Torah tomorrow are still Possible.

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New Health Ministry Regulations explained

These are the new regulations explained – announced last night (Thursday)

Do not leave a place of residence to the public sphere except for one of the following actions or purposes:
1) Arrival at a workplace or return from it
2) Buying food, medicines and necessary products and receiving necessary services
3) Receiving medical services
4) Blood donations
5) Demonstrations
6) Unorganized sports of up to 5 people
7) Exiting a residence by an individual or people living in the same place for a short time and close to home
8) Leaving for a religious ceremony including a wedding or funeral or for prayers
9) Leaving to help a person who due to his age, medical issues or disability needs help
10) Leaving for a necessary reason not detailed in articles 1-9

Rules of behavior in public:
1) Keep a distance of at least 2 meters between people as much as possible, except people living in the same place
2) Up to 2 passengers in a private car, except for people living in the same place. Does not include a worker in an essential job.

Deliveries must be left outside the door.

None of the following businesses can be open:
1) Malls or shopping centers of 10 or more stores except for places selling food or hygiene products or pharmacies
2) Discotheques (yes, it says that), bars, pubs, event halls, gyms, swimming pools, water parks, zoos, safaris, petting zoos, bathhouses, movie theaters, theaters, libraries, museums and other cultural institutions, amusement parks, non-medical bodily therapy (like massages I guess?), places for holding shows and fairs, public boats, cable cars, nature reserves, national parks,heritage sites and tourist attractions.

The following businesses can operate:
1) Restaurants can sell food to be eaten off the premises.
2) Places to sell food, pharmacies, stores meant mainly to sell hygiene products
a) The store's management must try to keep people 2 meters apart if they don't live together and mark places to wait on line
b) Avoid crowding in the stores and stagger entry of visitors

Any store not mentioned in 1 and 2 have to follow the rules in number 2 if they're open.

Management of a store or business who breaks the law can go to prison for six months or have to pay a fine.

These orders will be in place for the next month.*

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Rabbi Chaim Druckman: No reason not to pray with minyan

We need not be more strict than Health Ministry directives when it comes to religious
 By Mordechai Sones, 19/03/20 14:58

Ohr Etzion Yeshiva head and senior religious Zionist Rabbi Chaim Druckman today
addressed the question of public prayer following publication of Health Ministry
instructions limiting public assemblies and gatherings.

As an introduction, the rabbi said, Obviously self-discipline is very important in keeping
public health authority directives, and it is inconceivable that people would decide for
themselves when it comes to danger to the lives of the many.

To the very question of how to act these days during the coronavirus pandemic, the rabbi

At the same time, we need not

 be more strict about Health Ministry guidelines

precisely when it comes to sacred matters.

If the Health Ministry wouldn't allow one to
leave the house, we wouldn't to say to leave the house to go pray with a minyan.

But since there is no such provision, and for certain events, congregations of up to ten
people - such as weddings, etc. - are allowed, there no reason not to pray with a minyan
of ten.

In Rami Levy Supermarket even 100 people were allowed at one time, in other
places they allow up to ten, and there is no reason to be stricter than the Health Ministry.

Rabbi Druckman took the opposite stand to that of the leaders of the Tzohar Rabbinic
organization, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who instructed people
not to attend minyan following the coronavirus epidemic.

Rabbi Druckman went on to write, Regarding the Shabbat evening prayer, under no
circumstances should one make a large, regular minyan in the synagogue.

But there can be minyanim in private houses and in each of these houses, ten should gather and pray. A
minyan of only ten may also be held in the synagogue.

The rabbi signs the letter,  What we saying is also true in terms of people feelings.

Saying to people: Stay at home doesn't make them feel good in terms of this entire

May G-d grant us all strong health and may we soon be praying with the entire
nation of Israel in one minyan.

Haim Meir Drukman, born 15 November 1932 is an Israeli Orthodox Rabbi and former politician. He serves as Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Etzion Yeshiva, and head of the Center for Bnei Akiva Yeshivot. Wikipedia

Born: November 15, 1932 (age 87 years), Kuty, UkraineSpouse: Sarah DrukmanEducation: Mercaz HaRavParty: National Religious PartyElected to the Knesset: 1977 Israeli legislative election, 1981 Israeli legislative election, Knesset election, 1984Organization founded: Gush Emunim

Watch: Israel's flag on the walls of the Old City

City of Jerusalem lights the walls of the Old City in the colors of the flag of Israel


The City of Jerusalem on Thursday evening lit the walls of the Old City in the colors of the flag of Israel as a sign of the strength of Israeli society.

"Even during the coronavirus, we will stand firm and win, as we have throughout the history of the people of Israel," said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion. "The residents of Jerusalem and Israel - we will all win together."

The move is part of a project initiated by the Israel Hayom newspaper. Its Editor in Chief Boaz Bismuth said, "I am delighted and thankful for Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion's response to the call of Israel Hayom to hang a flag on every window and balcony, and to illuminate the Old City walls with the Israeli flag. There is nothing more symbolic and connects Israeli citizens more than the flag. The order of the hour is both pride and national unity."

Hashem Knows


One day Rivka Bloom was explaining to her young son Moishie that you should never tell a lie. She told him that Hashem saw everything and heard everything.

She explained, "Even though your father and I may not know if you are telling a lie, Hashem will know."

Little Moishie replied, "But will He tell?"

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