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Does the Bris impact bedroom pleasure? and Archaeology2,000-year-old gem seal depicting Greek god Apollo found under City of David and Covid the movie--watch before censored and Alan Dershowitz: Israel is in good hands, no matter who wins

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The Three Musketeers at the Kotel
Alan Dershowitz: Israel is in good hands, no matter who wins

'Trump was one of the best presidents for Israel, but Joe Biden is also a friend of Israel,' says American jurist Alan Dershowitz.

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Alan Dershowitz

Alan DershowitzPHOTO: reuters

Senior American jurist Alan Dershowitz lauded President Donald Trump's record on Israel ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, but added that his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, will also be supportive of the Jewish state.

Speaking with Galei Tzhal in an interview Tuesday morning, Dershowitz said Trump was one of the most supportive presidents towards Israel in history, while also calling Biden a "friend" of Israel.

"Trump has been one of the best presidents for Israel, but Joe Biden is also a friend of Israel. So either way, Israel will be in good hands, regardless."

Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat who aided Trump during the Senate's impeachment proceedings, criticized the president over his warnings of possible violence after the election.

"A sitting president doesn't need to talk like that. Anyway, I don't think there will be rioting, unless the results come in very quickly. In any case, a president should always condemn violence."


Covid-19: EXPOSED (Official movie)

Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky discusses science regarding COVID-19.

You have to copy and past the link below to watch as Youtube calls it offensive content

This is the Covid-19: EXPOSED Official Movie. This is a

30-minute film in which the world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence

B. Palevsky, reveals the scientifically-backed TRUTH regarding the


In case this video is censored/deleted from YouTube, it will also be

available to watch and download on my website:

Does the Bris impact bedroom pleasure?

Did you know that the Bris (circumcision) was not instituted because of sand getting under the foreskin while traveling through the desert 3,300 years ago? Sounds nice but not the truth. Circumcision started in our tradition (as described in this week's parshah of Lech Lecha), with Abraham, more than 400 years before we started roaming the desert! G-d asked him (and later in the Torah, all of us) to perform a circumcision as a covenant and bond between us.

To understand how this works is to understand circumcision, sex and pleasure. Interestingly, science has a lot to say about whether circumcision impacts sexual pleasure but science doesn't give us a philosophical view on pleasure itself. Religions and philosophies all have strong ideas about sex and many have a complicated relationship with human pleasure. Even within Judaism there are many schools of thought about the virtues or problems with human pleasure and views on sex.

The 16th century Kabbalist and mystic, the Holy Arizal explains that sexual union is a magical moment that gives a glimpse into the spiritual unioin of reality and how pleasure should be viewed and why a covenant with G-d comes in the form of circumcision. Click here for a quick explanation of what the Arizal explained.

2,000-year-old gem seal depicting Greek god Apollo found under City of David

Although Apollo is an Olympian deity of the Greek and Roman cultures, it is highly probable that the person wearing the ring with Apollo's portrait was a Jew.


Researchers discovered a gem seal featuring a portrait of Apollo in the drainage channel of the City of David late last month. It was found in archaeological soil that was removed from the foundations of the Western Wall during work on the Archaeological Sifting Project in Tzurim Valley National Park.The excavations were carried out under the auspices of the City of David and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
The gem features an engraved portrait of the god Apollo.

According to researchers, this surprising and rare find is only the third secured gem sealing (intaglio) from the Second Temple period to have been discovered in Jerusalem.

The gem is cut from dark brown jasper and has

remnants of light yellow, brown and white layers. In antiquity, jasper was considered a precious stone. The gem sealing was embedded in a ring, and it dates from the first century CE (Second Temple period).
The oval-shaped gem is 13 mm. long, 11 mm. wide and 3 mm. thick. Because it is an intaglio – having a design carved into the upper side of the stone – its main function was a seal to be stamped on soft material, usually beeswax, for use as a personal signature on contracts, letters, wills, goods and bundles of money.The intaglio features an engraving of Apollo's head in profile to the left, with long hair flowing over a wide, pillar-like neck, large nose, thick lips and small, prominent chin. The hair is styled in a series of parallel lines directed to the apex and surrounded by a braid above the forehead. One line of hair marks a strand that covers the ear; long curls flow over part of the neck, reaching the left shoulder.

Thin diagonal lines at the base of the head mark the upper end of the garment and the body.Although Apollo is an Olympian deity of the Greek and Roman cultures, it is highly probable that the person wearing the ring with Apollo's portrait was a Jew, according to the researchers, archaeologist Eli Shukron, Prof. Shua Amorai-Stark and senior archaeologist Malka Hershkovitz.SHUKRON, who conducted the excavation in which the gem was found, said in a press release: "It is rare to find seal remains bearing the image of the god

Apollo at sites identified with the Jewish population. To this day, two such gems [seals] have been found at Masada, another in Jerusalem inside an ossuary [burial box] in a Jewish tomb on Mount Scopus and the current gem that was discovered in close proximity to the Temple Mount."When we found the gem, we asked ourselves: 'What is Apollo doing in Jerusalem? And why would a Jew wear a ring with the portrait of a foreign god?' The answer to this, in our opinion, lies in the fact that

the owner of the ring did so not as a ritual act that expresses religious belief, but as a means of making use of the impact that Apollo's figure represents: light, purity, health and success."
Amorai-Stark, a researcher of engraved gems, added: "At the end of the Second Temple period, the sun god Apollo was one of the most popular and revered deities in Eastern Mediterranean regions. Apollo was a god of manifold functions, meanings and epithets. Among Apollo's spheres ofresponsibility, it is likely that association with sun and light – as well as with logic, reason, prophecy and healing – that fascinated some Jews, given that the element of light versus darkness was prominently present in the Jewish worldview in those days."

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