Monday, June 29, 2009

Something to think about and Fears and MY NEW BLOG SITE

Fears: Realistic and Irrational

Learn to differentiate between realistic fears and irrational fears. Similarly, differentiate between true trust in the Almighty and folly.

We have an obligation to guard ourselves from potential harm. Failure to behave in a wise manner and opening oneself to danger is not trust in God, but recklessness. Such a person is behaving contrary to the will of the Creator Who wants us to guard ourselves from harm.

Several years ago, I went on a tour of a construction site of new religious school. Even though, there were open stairwells and sharp construction items lying throughout the site, the spiritual leaders took pregnant women and elderly people throughout the site, without precaution. I was shocked and warned the leaders, but they said "don't worry", G-d will watch out for us." This is folly not true trust.

G-d helps those that help themselves. We are not robots, we are G-d's partners. Bad things happen, not by chance, since G-d runs the world, but we don't have to help them happen.

Love Yehuda

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Something to think about

Quote of the Week  'I believe that banking institutions 
are more dangerous to our   liberties than standing armies.
 If the American people ever allow   private banks to control the issue of 
their currency, first by  inflation, 
then by deflation, the banks and 
corporations that will   grow up around the banks will
 deprive the people of all property until  
their children wake-up homeless 
on the continent their fathers   conquered.'  Thomas Jefferson 1802