Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jewish Dr. Seuss Devotees and Gratitude Exercise

Gratitude Exercise

This "gratitude exercise" will have a positive effect when you practice it at least 10 times a day. It is advisable to practice it at least once an hour for the first week. You'll be grateful you did.

[Touch forehead] "I am grateful for my mind to think good thoughts."
[Touch near eyes]
"I am grateful for my eyes to see good things."
[Touch ears]
"I am grateful for my ears to hear good things."
[Touch near mouth]
"I am grateful for my mouth to speak good things."
[Raise hands]
"I am grateful for my hands to do good things."
[Move feet slightly]
"I am grateful for my feet to walk to do good."

"I am grateful for all that I can be grateful for."

Love Yehuda

Subject: Fwd: For Jewish Dr. Seuss Devotees

Green Eggs and What?
The National Education Association is celebrating "Read Across America" by encouraging adults to read to children. Of course, Green Eggs and Ham is one of the most popular Dr. Seuss books, and, there's the dilemma.. How can Jewish kids celebrate with green Eggs and HAM? So, in honor of (and with apologies to the estate of Dr. Seuss) here's a new ending for the story:

Will you never see?

They are not KOSHER, So let me be!
I will not eat green eggs and ham.
I will not eat them, Sam-I-am
But I'll eat green eggs with a biscuit!
Or I will try them with some brisket.
I'll eat green eggs in a box.
If you serve them with some lox.
And those green eggs are worth a try
Scrambled up in matzo brie!
And in a boat upon the river,
I'll eat green eggs with chopped liver!
So if you're a Jewish Dr. Seuss fan,
But troubled by green eggs and ham,
Let your friends in on the scoop:
Green eggs taste best with chicken soup!


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is now available in Israel 
In the following flavors:
Wailing Walnut
Mazel Toffee
Oy Ge-malt
Mi Ka-mocha.
Soda & Gamorra
Bernard Malamint
Berry Pr'i Hagafen
Choc-Eilat Chip
and finally (drum roll, please).........Simchas T'oreo..
It should also be noted that all these flavors come in a Cohen!