Thursday, February 3, 2011

The purpose of life and Ice fishing in Minnesota

What is the purpose of life?" A question often pondered but usually left unanswered. Surprisingly this question does have an answer, more then one in fact. Here are several answers from different Bible sources:

-The Talmud states, "I was created to serve my Creator."

-The moralistic-oriented works of Mussar describe the purpose of life as the refinement of one's character traits.

- The Zohar says that we were created by G-d "in order that His creations should know Him."

- Master Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria offers the following: G-d is the essence of good, and the nature of good is to bestow goodness. But goodness cannot be bestowed when there is no one to receive it. To this end, G-d created our world -- so that there should be recipients of His goodness.

Now I know I have your attention. These are all great answers and from the Chassidic view point, The Lubavitcher Rabbi explains that  we were created for the purpose of "building a dwelling place" for G-d in this world. True, G-d is every where, including this world, but that does not mean it is a hospitable place for Him. The material world in it true form is hostile and not a "home" for G-d. Our purpose here in the material world is to transform that hostility in to proper "dwelling place" for G-d. So, how do we achieve this, what can we do that the angels can't.

We can do mitzvahs! That's right, mitzvahs. They are the key to creating a place here in the material world worthy of G-d. An object such as dollar bill is the essence of greed when used to serve our own needs, but take that dollar and put it in the  (charity) box and it's essence has now been transformed from greed to the mitzvah of giving to the poor. A piece of animal skin is just that, it simply exists with no deeper purpose, but use that skin to write a Torah or Mezuzah and now its essence has been transformed to serve the Creator. Every time we use a material object or resource to do a mitzvah or serve G-d, we are helping to make this world a suitable dwelling place for G-d. With every mitzvah we do we are building a dwelling place for G-d here in the physical world. Hoping you all are well,

Love Yehuda

And they do this for recreation?... or just for the drinking part?
                                                                                                   Ice fishing in Minnesota

In MN – if your car goes through the ice – you have 24 hrs to get it out with hefty fines attached.

I have never understood ice fishing. ......Just an Okie from Muskogee!



Okay  - we got the car  - now where the heck is that snowmobile ? 


Right - now we can FISH !!! 

Hey, Joe - where did you park?   I got a great spot, not far from here ..... 


  No shortage of idiots here .....

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