Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wood carved Melbourne garden lost in bushfire and then rebuilt several years later

Identify Yourself as a Soul with a Body

A person who identifies himself with his soul will take good care of his body to keep it safe and healthy, but he will keep his main focus on nourishing his soul. A person who sees himself as being a soul, someone who has a body just for the duration of his stay on this planet, will tend to view other people as essentially being souls also. This will raise his view of others. He will automatically treat others with greater respect.

The more you see yourself as a soul with a body, the higher your self-image will be. Who am I? "I am a soul who is living in this world within my body."

When you don't know what to do, ask yourself, "What course of action would my soul want me to choose?"

Love Yehuda

Subject: Wood carved Melbourne garden lost in bushfire


As an artist myself, I am sending you the attachment to one of the world's most unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of all ages created by Bruno Torfs.  Several years ago on a Saturday the raging fires in Victoria completely destroyed his unique forest creation taking over 300 paintings and sculptures.  As you take a walk through the forest on the attachment herein, please take a moment to reflect on the beauty gone and the many people who have lost their homes, their loved ones, their livelihoods, the severely injured, the animal life and the dedicated firefighters, police, civilians, and those involved in caring for the traumatized and injured. 

After that traumatic experience in 2009, the place has been rebuilt by many volunteers, in the slide show from the company selling a DVD of the experience.  See the link below

Thank you.



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