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Five top Israel Inventions and some good home keeping ideas

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Shrink Problems Down to Size

The best way to gain a proper perspective about life is to visit a cemetery.

You might have many problems, but that is part and parcel of being alive. Compared to those buried in the cemetery, just how serious are your difficulties?

Learn to have a sense of proportion to events. If you fail to do so, you might react with equal levels of distress to someone's spilling soup on your clothes as you would to news of the outbreak of global nuclear warfare.

Today, when something bothers you, ask yourself: "On a scale of one to 100 (with 100 applying to nuclear war), what number would I give this situation?"

You'll find with this perspective that many potential mountains will easily shrink to molecules.

Rabbi Nachum of Huradna used to say, "If I had already died and the Almighty told me I could come back to life again, imagine how happy I would be. Now that I am alive, I should feel that same joy!"

Love Yehuda Lave

Here is another company (Picture below from Chicago that must also shrink problems down to size!

Five Top Israeli Inventions

Subject: WATCH: Can You Guess the Top 5 Israeli Inventions… (So Far!)

a very interesting video on United with Israel!
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Cultrual Center Jerusalem -progress Feb 2016

Fifth Element-style machine prints human flesh

Fifth Element-style machine prints human flesh

Students at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in Winston-Salem used custom-made 3D-printers to create body parts, which, when implanted into animals, matured into functional tissues.

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16 February 2016

Schoolbus and Drivers Near Jerusalem

Stone-throwing attacks against motorists can maim and kill, which is the intent of the Arab terrorist.

By: Hana Levi Julian

Published: February 17th, 2016

The city of Efrat is located eight minutes south from Jerusalem along Highway 60.

The city of Efrat is located eight minutes south from Jerusalem along Highway 60.
Photo Credit: Miriam Alster / Flash 90

Arab terrorists hurled rocks at a children's schoolbus in Samaria, and stones and firebombs (Molotov cocktails) at Israeli drivers in Judea on Wednesday afternoon.

The first attack was recorded near the northern entrance to Efrat, where terrorists hurled rocks at drivers traveling near the Jewish community.

Efrat is located in the Gush Etzion bloc in Judea, about eight minutes south of Jerusalem. No physical injuries were reported, and none of the vehicles were damaged.

Terrorists also threw stones at drivers in at least three separate attacks on Highway 60 between the El Khader junction and the tunnels checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem. No physical injuries and no damage reported in any of the attacks.

In Samaria, terrorists hurled rocks at a school bus that was traveling south of the Arab village of Hizme, heading towards the checkpoint north of Jerusalem. No physical injuries were reported.

Stone-throwing attacks have cost many lives and permanently wounded even more. Attacks on moving vehicles with rocks are regarded as murder attempts under Israeli law.


Young Israeli Father Stabbed to Death by Arab Teens in Supermarket

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A 21-year-old father was murdered while shopping for Shabbat in a Sha'ar Binyamin supermarket north of Jerusalem. Another shopper was wounded.

A Palestinian terrorist attack was reported shortly before 5 PM at an Israeli supermarket in the Sha'ar Binyamin industrial zone in the Binyamin region, north of Jerusalem.

According to a police spokesperson, two young Palestinian terrorists managed to enter the supermarket and stab two Israeli citizens before the terrorists were shot and wounded by an armed citizen.

The 21-year-old shopper who was murdered was identified by the IDF as Sergeant Tuvia Weissman, a combat soldier in the IDF's Nahal Brigade. A 35-year-old man was moderately-to-seriously wounded after suffering stab wounds to his neck.

"The aisles in the supermarket were packed with people when I suddenly heard people screaming," an eyewitness at the scene told Tazpit Press Service (TPS). "Someone was shouting 'what are you doing?' and then I heard the gunshots. When people were running away, I heard babies and women crying,. It was frantic."

Several shoppers suffered from shock, including a pregnant woman.

The two wounded terrorists were treated at the scene and transported to a hospital.

By: Michael Bachner/TPS
(Michael Zeff contributed to this report.)


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Ron Dermer just proved why every Christian should stand with Israel
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West on ALERT as 'dangerous' radioactive matter stolen amid fears ISIS is developing bomb


The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea - Spring 5744 -1984


The lemming looks like a sensible enough animal, but its habit of drowning itself in the sea has long puzzled scientists. The lemming is a small animal, about the size of a rat. The lemming is a strange animal with a very strange custom. The lemming, every few years, gathers together with a great many other lemmings, and they all march together – to the sea. The lemming and all the other lemmings march shoulder to shoulder and when they reach the sea they do a very strange thing: They jump in and drown. The lemming is a very strange animal and no one can understand it.

There are various categories of lemmings and last Saturday night, the Hebrew lemmings gathered in Jerusalem, some several thousand of them, small creatures, the stature of rodents. And they marched. Shoulder to shoulder down the road of madness, inexorably moving to the sea of destruction. The march of the lemmings, "Suicide Now".

The Hebrew lemming is a strange animal undoubtedly the most irrational of all. Psychologists and sociologists and anthropologists and biologists and students of irrational behavior from far and wide gathered to study the march of the Hebrew lemmings. "Peace Now", was what they carried as their slogan as they marched to the sea of suicide to partake of the most permanent of peace. "Leave Lebanon" was etched on their banners as they marched in preparation of leaving the world. "Stop Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories" they proclaimed as they began their uprooting of their settlement on this earth.

The Hebrew lemming is a strange animal and it is said that no one can understand it. That is not really true. I understand the small Hebrew lemming, the stature of the rodent, who seeks to leap into the sea to die. And if the sociologists and psychologists and anthropologists and biologists and students of irrational behavior will gather together, I will describe for you what makes the Hebrew lemmings – run – to commit suicide.

The issue is not and never was "Lebanon". The issue was never the "occupied territories of 1967". What strikes terror into the hearts of the Hebrew lemmings of the stature of the rodent, is an immense cancer called guilt, that grows inside of them until it gives them no rest.

The lemming of guilt is the Hebrew-speaking rodent who is haunted by the thought that he is not only an oppressor and aggressor in the "occupied lands of 1967" but he is also a thief and robber of a people he calls "Palestinians", and really has no right to any of the land that was once "Palestine". The Hebrew lemming of Suicide Now is haunted by the thought that his family had no right to come from Russia or Poland or Galicia or England or Canada or Argentina or the United States to create a "Jewish State" on lands that were owned by others.

But since the lemming is the size of a rat, who lacks the courage to honestly follow up his convictions, stand up before the "Palestinian" and say: "I am a thief and I hereby return my kibbutz to you" – he must, instead, fight all the harder for the poor "Palestinian" in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Lebanon. His weakness and inability to give up his houses in Kibbutz Mishmar Ha'Emek or the artist's colony of Ein Hod or the tennis courts of Ramat Ha'Sharon or villa in Savyon, drives the Hebrew lemming into even greater depression of guilt and self-hate. His need to prostrate himself before the poor Arab of any other area except his own house becomes an all-consuming, obsessive one.

And, of course, the guilt goes much further. The Hebrew lemming, who is a small animal about the size of a rat, deeply despises with a psychopathic passion everything that smacks of Judaism and the curse of fate that made him Jewish. In his little heart the lemming knows that Judaism's values are at odds with everything that he wishes his life to consist of. The separateness and exclusivity of Judaism vis-à-vis other peoples is anathema to his universalistic desire to intermarry, assimilate, amalgamate with all the goyim and thus find love and escape in their midst. The concept of Chosenness repels him for he seeks anything that will enable him to eliminate the barriers between Jews and others. The holiness that decrees discipline and sanctity and abstinence and personal limitations are all diametrically opposed to his materialistic need for total freedom, anarchy, and limitless right to license. He sees in Judaism racism, primitiveness, parochialism, concepts that he abhors because he seeks to be a universal rodent. And faced with this Judaism, he is faced, too, with the fact that he is a Jew. This is the horror that he cannot abide. From guilt emerges self-hate, black and ugly self-hate. The lemming must escape. His escape is through the sea. The Sea of Suicide, Suicide Now. Let the state that he feels to be a robber state, go under. Let the people and faith that he sees as reactionary and fascist and abominable, cease to exist. "Let my soul perish with the Philistines! The cry of the Hebrew lemmings of Suicide Now.

The tragic story of the Hebrew lemmings. But, if it must be, it would be sufficient if they leaped into the sea themselves. The real tragedy is that while ordinary lemmings take the plunge themselves, the Hebrew ones seeks to take all of us with them.

And that cannot be. That is why the lemmings of Israel must be fought. Because they have become more than an interesting zoological phenomenon. They threaten the existence of normal, healthy, true Jews who are not small animals the size of a rodent.


The great danger and most powerful weapon of the Hebrew-speaking gentiles and lemmings of Israel, is their ability to so instill guilt and doubt in us, that we close our mouths and minds and fear to say what we know is to be true.

The small circle of leftists and guilt-ridden liberals, intellectuals and frustrated artistic type, possesses a weapon of overwhelming power, and it is this that enables them to march toward victory. Their control of the news media affords them the opportunity, daily, to influence, indoctrinate, pervert, corrupt, an entire generation that is their captive audience. They decree the gentilized foreign culture that becomes the passion of the masses. They decree the ideas and perverted gentilized values that are heard and propagated over the waves. An entire generation of youth is in their hands. And they are aided by the frustrated spiritually sick, lost artists who join them in parody of championing of "peace and love". They din their message of perversion into our ears every day, every hour, every minute.

A bunch of good ideas here.

Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a

couple of marshmallows.

Install a regular coat rack low down the wall to

store shoes safely off the floor.

Create a thrifty watering can by puncturing

holes in the top of a used milk bottle.


Remove pet hair from furniture and carpets

with a squeegee.

Flip a toaster on its side to make grilled cheese.


Water straight from the tap becomes cloudy

when frozen.

To make ice cubes crystal clear, allow a kettle

of boiled water to cool slightly

And use this to fill your ice cube trays.

Use a large muffin tin to cook stuffed peppers

in the oven

- it will help keep them upright.

To prevent potatoes budding, add an apple

in the bag.


Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the water

when hard-boiling eggs

To make the shells incredibly easy to peel off.

WD40 can be used to remove crayon marks

from any surface!


To tell if eggs are fresh, immerse them in

a bowl of water.

Fresh eggs will lie on the bottom, while stale

eggs will float to the surface.

To clean a wooden chopping board, sprinkle on a

handful of Kosher salt

And rub with half a lemon.

Rinse with clean water and dry to ensure

it is clean and germ-free.

Use ice-cubes to lift out indentations made

by furniture on your carpets.

Prevent soil from escaping through

the holes in the base

Of flowerpots by lining with large coffee filters.

To sharpen scissors, simply cut through




Use rubber bands to help open a jar easily:

Place one around the jar lid and another around

the middle of the glass.

The rubber provides friction to prevent

your hands from slipping.

To prevent your eyes watering while

chopping onions,

Wipe the chopping board with white vinegar

(which won't affect the taste of the onions).

Store bed sheets inside their pillowcases for

easy storage and access.

Drop a couple of denture cleaning

tablets into the

Toilet bowl at night to clean off stubborn stains.

Use cupcake cases to cover drinks glasses

in the summer

And prevent flies from dropping in.


This has to be the simplest way to open those

annoying blister packs!


Use a cut potato to easily remove a

broken light bulb.

Use chalk to remove grease stains from clothes.

Simply rub white chalk on the affected

area and wash as normal

- the chalk will absorb the grease and be

washed away in the cycle.



Use a rubber band to rescue a stripped screw.

Wrap rubber bands around the ends

of a coat hanger

To prevent dresses from slipping off.