Monday, March 14, 2016

Rarely seen pictures from US History

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Be Open To Suggestions 

"Do not rebuke a scoffer, lest he hate you. Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you." (Proverbs 9:8)

A wise person is someone who continuously wants to grow. He appreciates when you point out what he is doing wrong. His goal is self-improvement, and he welcomes every opportunity to become a better person.

Be wise. Be open to suggestions on how you can improve. Thank the person who gives you positive suggestions… even if it's not worded in the best the way.

Love Yehuda Lave

New music video featuring incredible footage of the Holy Land!

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The heart-stirring song talks about how God tells Abraham to go walk the land, for soon it will be his. For a song discussing the Land of Israel, Baruch wanted to team up with an Israeli singer who could put deep and heartfelt emotion to his composition and its accompanying words. He found that in the multi-talented Yonatan Razel. The blend of their combined voices will leave you uplifted and inspired!


"Peace, Peace, But There Is No Peace.

Victor Sharpe

Here is my latest published article titled, "Peace, Peace, But There Is No Peace."

Dennis Prager's blistering reality check brings CUFI crowd to their feet

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There is a lot evil in this world. But the greatest evil of them all is the failure to recognize difference between what is good and what is evil. Prager's powerful speech reveals some of the greatest moral hypocrisies this world has ever seen.


Rock Attack on Egged Bus from Ma'ale Adumim

Stone-throwing Arabs are often trying to murder drivers or passengers; sometimes they succeed.

By: Hana Levi Julian

Published: March 13th, 2016

This is not the first time that Jerusalem Arabs have attempted to murder bus drivers and their passengers. (archive photo)

This is not the first time that Jerusalem Arabs have attempted to murder bus drivers and their passengers. (archive photo)
Photo Credit: Aryeh King

Arab terrorists attacked an Israeli bus traveling from the Jewish city of Ma'ale Adumim to Jerusalem on Sunday night.

Using ancient, primitive but effective weapons, the attackers threw stones at the bus. No one was physically injured, although the attack itself traumatized those within the vehicle.

Details were not released regarding the condition of the bus

Top Scientist Says 30-Year Cold Freeze Will Shock Markets

John Casey was a top expert at NASA for years before he discovered that global warming s a scam, the world is headed into a 30-year cycle of severe cold and the PTB have us preparing for the wrong climate crisis.

Telephone wires in New York, 1887

1887 telephone wires in                                                          new york

Hanging of a stagecoach robber in Texas, c. 1890-1900

1890-1900 hanging                                                          stagecoach                                                          robber Texas

Chinatown Squad of the San Francisco Police Department posing with sledge hammers and axes in front of August Pistolesi's grocery store at 752 Washington Street, 1895. They were specialized in opium dens and gambling rooms and their method was simple.


Workers lay bricks to pave 28th Street in Manhattan, 1930

1930 workers pave 28th                                                          street                                                          manhattan

Coney Island, NY, 1940


Elvis Presley joins the Army, 1958

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev eating a hot dog in Des Moines, Iowa, on which he commented "It's excellent… we make good sausages but yours are better", 1959

Soviet Premier Nikita                                                          Khrushchev                                                          eating a hot                                                          dog in Des                                                          Moines, Iowa

Minoru Yamasaki (right) posing with a model of the World Trade Center he designed, 1964


Portrait of hockey goalie Terry Sawchuk before face masks became standard in 1966

1966 portrait of hockey                                                          goalie

In 1967, challenging the all-male tradition of the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer, at the time a headstrong 20-year-old junior at Syracuse University, entered the race. Two miles in, a race official tried to physically remove her from the competition.

1967 boston marathon woman                                                          removed

Arnold Schwarzenegger on his first time in New York, 1968


New York City sidewalks filled with trash during the 1968 strike of sanitation workers.

New York City sidewalks                                                          filled with                                                          trash during                                                          the 1968                                                          strike

US President Richard Nixon jumps down from the trunk of a limousine which carried him and Pakistani President Yahya Khan (left, background) in a motorcade to Government House after Nixon's arrival in Lahore on August 1, 1969


Children play a game on the Xerox Alto, one of the first personal computers with a graphic user interface, 1973. Its monitor was switchable between portrait and landscape mode.


Statue of Liberty as seen from Jersey City, 1963

1973 liberty statute from                                                          jersey city

President Carter with engineers and solar panels newly installed on the White House, 1979. President Reagan had them removed in 1986, to be reinstalled by President Obama in 2010

1979 carter solar panels                                                          white house

Barack Obama posing with a group of friends that called themselves the Choom Gang, Hawaii, c. 1979. Choom was slang for smoking marijuana.

1979 barack obama with                                                          choom gang on                                                          hawaii

Robin Williams joins the stunning women of the Denver Broncos' Pony Express as pro football's first male cheerleader and prances before 70,000 cheering fans in Denver's Mile High Stadium


Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan posing with clay soldiers at the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, 1984

1984 reagan with china                                                          clay soldiers

John Travolta takes Princess Diana for a dance in the White House,