Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What is a kosher sign?

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Snatch Growth From the Jaws of Defeat

Snatch Growth From the Jaws of Defeat

"Everything in life serves as a challenge and test to elevate us" (Path of the Just, ch.1). For those who develop a comprehensive spiritual awareness there is not a major difference between victory and defeat. Both are potentially elevating tests. It's not the external event that counts. Rather, it's your growing from this event.

Defeat is your opportunity to speak and act in ways that express your awareness that the purpose of life is to connect with the Creator in this world and for all eternity. Although the defeat will have an effect on your present emotional state, ultimately your spirit will be raised..

Speaking of defeats, I had a mixed reaction to my pictures yesterday of primarly hollwood stars when they were young. Some enjoyed them, and some thought they were too risque. I try to bring interested subjects each day. If I just wrote Torah, I would have plenty of competition.. I try to bring Torah and intersting subjects and pictures and jokes to make each day of your life, the best it can be. I apologize for any offense and hope you realize I have only the best intentions.

Love Yehuda Lave

Rationalist Judaism: Kosher Signs

Kosher Signs

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 08:08 AM PDT

The little boy in this picture visited the Biblical Museum of Natural History yesterday, along with his family. During the tour, I brought the group to the mammals section of the Kashrus exhibit, which displays a range of hooves and skulls. I asked them, "What are the signs of a kosher animal?"

The little boy said, "I know! An OU!


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