Thursday, November 10, 2016

There is joy in Mudville as Trump beats the odds and Saturn’s North Pole Just Changed Color And Nobody Knows Why

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Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Move Beyond Mistakes

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch wrote that even the most depressing awareness of having committed wrong need not irredeemably rob you of good spirits. Once you recognize your wrong deed, do not cover it up and let it gnaw at you. Rather view your act in a clear light, admit it to yourself and before the Almighty, and try to make up for it as best as possible.

Before the Almighty, earnestly promise to avoid such harmful acts in the future. From this determination, you can regain the serenity which is essential to fulfilling your goals and responsibilities.

The idea is to learn from your mistakes. There is a joke in business that says what is experience? It is when you are making the same mistake you recognize it. Then there was the story of the IBM president who made a 400 million dollar mistake and they asked the CEO if the president was going to fired. "Fired?" he said, "I just spent 400 million dollars training him!

Every poll, every newspaper, every pundit predicated a Trump loss, but HE TRUMPED EVERYONE. We pray that Israel will now be safe.

Love Yehuda Lave

From my friend David Nachenberg last week on the Cubs vicory (the kiddush is over don't go)

Am sponsoring a Kiddush at the Kipodan Street Synagogue in Modi'in on Shabbat (like tomorrow) in honor of the Cubs World Series victory. For those who don't know, 108 (the number of years since their previous World Series victory) is divisible by "chai" (the word "chai" in Hebrew means "life" and has a numerical equivalent of 18, so it is considered a good-luck number to many Jews. In fact former NBA player Ernie Grunfeld wore number 18 when he played for the Knicks, fomer NHL player Mathieu Schneider wore the number 18 when he played for the Canadiens, current NBA player Omri Casspi has worn the number 18, former MLB players Harry Feldman, Cal Abrams and Mike Epstein wore number 18, and many other Jewish sports stars have worn that number on their uniforms...

BTW I have autographs from Ernie Grunfeld, Omri Casspi, Mathieu Schneider and Mike Epstein in my collection...

The Kiddush will feature potato kugel, and for those who will not be there--your may have to wait another 108 years...LOL

Haloween Story from Comedian Larry David

Fury as German primary school 'forces' children to chant 'Allahu Akbar' in Muslim praye
We shouldn't be surprised if this is occuring wherever Moslem influence can be imposed  on non-acceptees of their faith

Saturn's North Pole Just Changed Color And Nobody Knows Why

Just when you thought our planet had enough doomsday problems to grapple with, Saturn went ahead and changed colors on us. Specifically, Saturn's north pole—a hexagonal vortex that Gizmodo claims could swallow our planet whole. While no one knows for certain how Saturn's north pole came to be this way, scientists have been tracking its shifting hue thanks to the Cassini Imaging Team, a probe that has been circling the planet since 2004.

Based on images beamed back from Cassini, the hexagonal pole was blue back in 2012; since then it's progressed into bright gold. Based on the images, which were released by the Cassini Imaging Team last week, scientists theorize that accumulating haze particles could be sparking this startling change. While it may seem bizarre for a vast swath of a planet to change colors so rapidly, there was a time between 1995 and 2009 when Saturn's north pole grew increasingly dark. This, scientists deduced, was a result of diminishing photochemical reactions (i.e., less sunlight reached the planet to react with the atmosphere's molecular components).

Now that the northern pole is tipping back toward the sun, increasing amounts of light are igniting more of these photochemical reactions, and in turn, producing more bright gold haze. As NASA put it in a statement released on Friday,

"The color change is thought to be an effect of Saturn's seasons. In particular, the change from a bluish color to a more golden hue may be due to the increased production of photochemical hazes in the atmosphere as the north pole approaches summer solstice in May 2017."

As alarming as these color changes may seem from our tiny marble, we may just be getting a better feel for Saturn's natural seasonal cycles—something that will take decades, maybe centuries to understand completely. In the meantime, we can appreciate Saturn as the biggest mood ring in our solar system. 

The Paria Mountains' 18 miles from Kanab, Utah in Hwy 89. Paria Wilderness, Utah, USA. These mountains are found beside a dirt road that connects to Highway 89 just before the Paria River. Hwy 89 takes you from Kanab Utah to Page Arizona. The side of the mountains have spectacular colors (better that the Grand Canyon, Bryce, the Painted Dessert, the slot canyons and even White Pocket) due to their encrusted minerals like iron oxides, manganese, cobalt and others that geologists describe.

The New York Times Declares War on the Jewish State of Israel

Dovid Ben-Meir
UNESCO reminds us once again – as if we needed reminding – that the UN is hugely populated with four types of nations: the brainless scare-crow, the heartless tin-man, the cowardly lion and Dorothy.

 By: Dovid Ben-Meir Published: November 1st, 2016



It would seem as if the New York Times has declared political and propaganda war on the Jewish state of Israel. Not on a particular government or policy – but on Israel. For how else could one describe the NYT's call to pass resolutions in the UN to force a "peace" on Israel? The New York Times – the newspaper of record that could barely mention the Holocaust during WW II except near Ma Kettle's recipe for apple pie on page 49 (I exaggerate, but that's the gist of it with some rare exceptions) – has gone on record for a diktat to be imposed on Israel by the UN Security Council, of which Israel has never been a member because of the strong anti-Israel bias in the UN! This diktat that the New York Times is openly calling for, would force on the only Jewish state, a "solution" that a clear majority of its population sees not only as a mortal danger, but also as a great, immoral injustice.

The latest UNESCO resolutions remind us once again – as if we needed reminding – that the UN is hugely populated with four types of nations: the brainless scare-crow, the heartless tin-man, the cowardly lion and Dorothy. The brainless scare-crow are those who seem not to have a clue as to where Israel really is, what's really the size of our country, the history and what the other side really wants, which is to make Israel into "was Real". The heartless tin-men are those – like Russia or China – who know, but pursue their supposed interests at the expense of the Jewish nation. The cowardly lion are the Europeans who know that Jerusalem if foremost the capital of the Jewish religion – but act cowardly out of fear of the Arabs, as well as imaginary self-interest. And then there is Dorothy – Israel, who knows that the UN isn't Kansas, where the rain falls and grain grows, where there is logic, rules of nature and natural morality. All Dorothy wants is to be left alone so she can go home, to the only home she ever knew, lived in and prayed for, and where she was the only sovereign independent state that her home ever knew.

Suggesting that the UN be the arena to "solve" the Arab-Israeli conflict is to suggest passing resolutions to force Israel to surrender to forces that wish her destruction, that do not recognize the basic right to national self-determination in our homeland, that seek to have the international "community" deny our history and the very essence of our religion and way of life. The New York Times suggestion is the move of all three-in-one characters: brainless, heartless and cowardly.

Of course the rumor is that this is a trial balloon of what President Obama wishes to do, which is to try to do more damage to the Jewish Nation during his last two months in office than he has done in the last eight years. There are always some so conceited and chock full of hubris that they think they know the solution to a problem that has eluded solving for almost a century. That's either the scare-crow or the cowardly lion speaking, because it avoids seeing the reality: the problems of the Middle East – including the threats against Israel's existence – stem not from anything Israel or the West have done or are imagined to have done, but from Arab society itself, reinforced by the Arab imperialist dream supported by the Arab religion of Islam. Or perhaps it's a heartless choice to throw Israel under the bus for the sake of closer relations with the Arabs or Iran, which is another Western dream to sucker the East.

One thing I know for sure: the Jewish people have been around and thriving for over three thousand years and we'll be around and thriving long after the last edition of the NYT is printed and long after anyone remembers who BHO was.

Dovid Ben-Meir

See you tomorrow my friends after the greatest miricle since the formation of Israel

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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