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Whose land is it? Will the real mother speak up?

Rabbi Yehuda Lave From Jerusalem
Fear Of Insults

Fear of insults is worse than the actual pain of insults.

Many people have strong fears about being insulted or humiliated. But the actual pain will be minimal if you don't dwell on it and keep telling yourself how awful the insult is.

Love Yehuda Lave

Whose land is it?

The real mother

The answer to the question of ownership of the Land of Israel has been answered without turning to the Bible, the UN or the Balfour Declaration in the conflagrations that rage across Israel.

Tzvi Fishman, 25/11/16 07:57

If anyone needs more proof that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews, here it is. Everyone knows the story of King Solomon and the two women who appeared before him with a baby. Each woman claimed that the child belonged to her. Solomon decreed that the baby be cut in half and divided between the two, and while one woman protested, the other woman was ready to have the baby sliced in half with a sword as long as the other woman didn't get him, and thus, clearly, wasn't the child's real mother.

So too with the fires raging all over Israel. What person would purposely burn his own land, its verdant mountains, woods, trees and stones, kill its helpless forest creatures? The Arabs who are setting fires across the country don't have any qualms. Why should they? It isn't their land. What do they care? They aren't the real mother.

A baby has one mother, not two. Just as France belongs to the French, and Spain to the Spanish, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews. The idea that Arabs would be happy citizens in the Jewish State was a fallacy from its inception. They want the whole state, with their own language, holidays, and culture, and they want it judenrein.

Sharing the baby doesn't work. No matter how much you suppress the violence, no matter how much economic incentive you offer, how much you see to equal opportunities, the Arabs in Israel will always want their own country. Haifa, the so-called city of "co-existence," is the perfect example.

The Arab problem in Israel will not go away. The very existence of the Jewish State creates it. They will continue to use knives and guns, fires and bombs, to try to chase us from our Land.

It is either their Land or ours. Dividing the baby in half is not the solution. Nor will peace come by cutting off an arm here, a leg there. A neighboring "Palestinian" state is no solution either. Its residents will continue to try to reach the Mediterranean Sea by violent means, soon launching rockets and missiles as Hamas does from Gaza.

It is time to lay down the law. Every Arab, including those in the Knesset, who will not pledge allegiance to the State of Israel, should find another place to live. Those who want to live in peace within the Jewish State, are welcome as they have always been. Just note the number of Israeli Arab MKs, university students, doctors, nurses, lawyers, businessmen and every other field.

But for those who don't like the way things are run in the State of Israel, then, by all means, there are fifteen Arab countries to choose from. Just leave our beloved baby alone.

Subject: Businessman Sways Korean Vote

Businessman Sways Korean Vote

Going viral on social media: The Orthodox Jew in NY who treated an employee with respect, and its connection to South Korea abstaining in U.N. votes against Israel.

By Rabbi Dovid Saks

Jewish Heritage Connection, 601 Jefferson Avenue , @ the JCC of Scranton, Scranton, PA 18510

This past weekend I heard an amazing story: Mr. Sol Werdiger, CEO of Outerstuff, a company that produces sports apparel, received a phone call from Mr. Oh Joon, the South Korean UN Ambassador asking to meet him for lunch at a Kosher restaurant in Manhattan.

Although Sol did not know the purpose of the meeting he agreed to meet with Mr. Joon.

When they met, Mr. Joon told him the following, "I have always heard negative stereotypes about Jews and Israel and I took it at face value. Then, my daughter took an internship working on design in your company. Throughout the year, she has been telling me how wonderful it is to work at your company."

Mr. Joon continued, "There are four areas which stood out and impressed my daughter. 1) Everyday, at 1:30 p.m., no matter what was going on at the office, all the men including those from neighboring offices, retreated into a room to pray with sincerity and calm. 2) Every Friday the office shuts down early in the afternoon in preparation for your holy Sabbath and is closed on the Sabbath – this includes all workers no matter which faith or religion they maintain. 3) My daughter observed that each petitioner for charity – and there were many – were treated with respect and left with a check in hand. 4) My daughter was treated with the utmost respect and dignity."

Because of the amazing experience and lessons the company taught his daughter, Mr. Joon took out his checkbook and was ready to write a check returning all his daughter's earnings! Mr. Werdiger wouldn't hear from it. "Your daughter worked and earned her salary and rightfully deserves her pay, I will not accept any remuneration."

Then the Ambassador relayed the most amazing thing. "As you know, I have voting privileges at the UN. Because of my renewed appreciation of the Jewish people, I abstained from voting on resolutions against Israel on three occasions. At one resolution I was the ninth vote needed to pass the motion and resolution against Israel and because I abstained, it did not pass!"

Mr. Werdiger told me that no one at the office had any idea that this girl was the daughter of an Ambassador and no one ever imagined what type of impact their typical conduct at work had on her or how this impacted the votes against Israel.

G-d has entrusted us to follow the example of our forefather Avraham to be trailblazers and to set examples becoming a light to all nations by living exemplary lives as outlined by the laws, personalities and experiences of our precious and timeless Torah!

Nissim ft. Yisroel Laub "A Million Years" (Official Video) ניסים
מארח את ישראל לֹאוב–מיליון שנים

LOST CITY FOUND: 7,000-year-old lost civilisation discovered on the Nile in Egypt

Heart disease treatment: Patients can REPAIR hearts with their own stem cells

Wine Exempts All Other Beverages

Let us first introduce this topic by saying that for any beverages one drinks, such as orange juice, beer, whiskey, or water, one must recite the blessing of " Shehakol Nihya Bidvaro." Before drinking wine (or grape juice), however, our Sages instituted a special blessing to be recited, i.e. " Boreh Peri Ha'Gefen."

Let us now discuss the law of someone who has recited the Ha'Gefen blessing on wine and at the time one recited the blessing, one had in mind to drink any other beverages he would be served. Must one recite a Shehakol blessing on the other beverages or need one not recite any other blessings?

The source for this question can be found in the Gemara in Masechet Berachot (41b): "Rabbi Chiya said: Bread exempts all types of food and wine exempts all types of beverages." This means that if one recites the " Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha'aretz"blessing on bread and then wishes to eat other foods such as meat, fish, and the like, one should not recite separate blessing on these foods since they have already been exempted by the Hamotzi blessing recited on the bread which is considered the most important of all foods and has the ability to exempt all foods eaten after it with its blessing.

Similarly, if one recites the Ha'Gefen blessing on wine and wishes to drink other beverages afterwards, one should not recite the Shehakol blessing on the other beverages, for the blessing on the wine exempts all beverages drunk after it since wine is considered the most important of all beverages and has the ability to exempt all other beverages which are considered secondary to it.

Nevertheless, halachically speaking, the Rishonim disagree whether or not the Halacha follows Rabbi Chiya or not. According to the Tosafot, Rambam, and other great Rishonim, the Halacha does not follow Rabbi Chiya. On the other hand, the Rosh, Rabbeinu Yonah, Rashba, and others maintain that the Halacha does follow Rabbi Chiya. Indeed, the Tur and Maran Ha'Shulchan Aruch (Chapter 174, Section 2) rule likewise that the Halacha does follow Rabbi Chiya and if one recites the Ha'Gefen blessing on wine, one does not recite a Shehakol blessing on other beverages one drinks later, for the blessing on the wine exempts them.

Summary: If one recites the Ha'Gefen blessing on wine and then wishes to drink other beverages such as water, orange juice, and the like which one had in mind to drink originally, one should not recite the Shehakol blessing before drinking such beverages, for they have all been exempted by the blessing on the wine.

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