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Fwd: Proof of the Exodus in a new video and a trip to the Golan

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Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Help Resolve Quarrels

If you try to make peace between two people who have been quarreling, don't take sides and tell one of the people that they are wrong and therefore should be the one to make peace. Since this person thinks that he is right and the other is wrong, he's likely to turn against you and quarrel with you!

A more effective approach is telling him: "Even though you believe you are totally right and the other person is totally wrong, you should still be the one who pursues peace. Take the initiative to approach the other person and apologize to him. Don't wait for him to apologize to you."

Today, think about two people you know who are quarreling and try using this method to bring peace between them. This was one of the methods that Aaron the Cohen was famous for using and it works. I had a dispute with a very close friend that helped find my new love and I hope I healed it with this philosophy

Love Yehuda Lave

The Exodus Revealed Archaeological Proof of Israel in Egypt The Red Sea Crossing Site and Mount Sina

the difference between holiness and morality by Rabbi Aaron

A fellow once shared with me that although his father did not live a Torah life he was an incredibly moral man.

"Torah would have made no difference to my father's moral excellence." He said.

"But do you think your father might have been holier?" I asked.

People often think that because they are good people they don't need Torah. But the goal of Torah life is not only to enable us to be good but also to be holy.

The meditation recited prior to doing a mitzvah is "Blessed be You, G-d . . . Who has made us holy through the commandments."

It says "holy," not "good", not "moral." Now, of-course, you can't be holy if you're not moral but you could be moral and yet still not holy.

Here's the difference between holiness and morality.

Sherry and Judy are walking down the street and see a hungry homeless man. They both give him ten dollars.

Sherry gave because she felt guilty about her good fortune and hoped that her giving would earn her protection from poverty and perhaps even get rewarded. Sherry did what's good. And that's truly admirable and great but not yet the greatest; not yet holy.

Judy, however, did what's holy. Judy gave naturally and spontaneously because she understood that at a deep soul level she and this homeless were connected like branches sharing the same root. Judy's gift to this man was an uncalculated expression of her true self as part of the One Whole Greater Self she shared with this person.

Morality is about beating ego.
Holiness is about being soul; being whole.
Holiness is about being true to being totally you as a part the One Soul you share with all.

Want more joy?

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Danger of charging electric devices

*This is educative. Pls read*

A couple lost their 25 year old son in a fire at home few months back.
The son who had graduated with MBA, two weeks earlier had come home for a while.

He had lunch with his dad at home and decided to go back to bed. His father told him to wait, to meet his mother, before he went back for a few days. He decided to take a nap while waiting for his mom to come back home from work.

Some time later their neighbors called 911 when they noticed black smoke coming out of the house.
Unfortunately, the  25 years old died in the three year old house. It took several days of investigation to find out the cause of the fire.

It was determined that
"the fire was caused by the laptop resting on the bed".
When the laptop was on the bed, cooling fan did not get the air to cool the computer and that is what caused the fire. He did not even wake up to get out of the bed because he died of breathing in carbon monoxide emitted out of the burnt laptop.

The reason I am sharing this to all of you is that I have seen many of us, and also our brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, friends & family especially ALL our teenage children using the laptop while in bed. 

Charging our phones and ipads whilst in bed. Let us all decide and make it a practice not to do that as the risk is real.

*Let us make it a rule not to use the laptop, ipads and phones on bed with blankets and pillows around whilst  charging*.

*Please educate as many people as you can as Life is so precious to us.*

This simple *precaution* may *save* some lives, somewhere somehow and some day!!!


Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

See you tomorrow

Love Yehuda Lave

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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