Thursday, February 1, 2018

Arabs and Muslims Will Not Accept Israel as the Jewish State

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

The next time you are wallowing in one of those so-called "negative emotions" such as resentment, self-pity or jealousy, don't fight them. Instead, know that the reason you are feeling these emotions right now is because Hashem is showing you a place within yourself that your compassion and emunah have not yet reached. Once you meet yourself with mercy and provide the right healing words, the negativity will begin to fade.

Love Yehuda Lave

Arabs and Muslims Will Not Accept Israel as the Jewish State

US State Department Pushes Israel to Ban Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

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The 'State Dept  is  determine that  freedom of Religion is dispensed according to its moral code.There is a trade off,or double thinking between the President and this important part of Govt.The same can be observed in the UK between the PM,and the Foreign office.Double talk is like walking the tight-rope...As dearly departed Abba Eban said in a similar situation 'to take the middle path is where the motorist has the most accidents.It is to be hoped that President Trump will adjust the thinking of the State Israel's benefit as to discard this advice so that freedom of religion is available not just to Moslems but freedom for all.This is a test case of the love for Israel that the President has expressed with the intention of carrying his policies through  to full fulfillment (Prior to having an Embassy set  up and running in Jerusalem)


Despite vaccine mandates, California's public health collapses due to the common cold… hospitals under siege from masses of sick people –

China proposes huge LASER GUN to blasts away space debris
...A reverse situation of this Laser could make  for a focus down from space onto strategic targets here  on earth....They must have Jewish brains to think this one up ! .

44 Amazing Julian Beever's 3D Pavement Drawings | Bored Panda

boris panda sidewalk drawings

The Very Best of "Don Rickles"

The world is not elementary school

Sometimes you have to defend yourself

China nears 'MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH' as it announces £1.5bn ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE park

What's My Line? Groucho Marx Steals The Show! I laughed like heck!

Groucho Marx on What's My Line? This episode just made me laugh out loud.

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