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Israeli Summer to be two months longer by the year 2100 and Yehuda Glick to speak

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Our Sages teach us that a person needs to have a good eye, on the lookout all the time for the good things in others. We can see the good things if we want to see them.

We are more likely to notice postive acts we ourselves do, and the good traits we have. Therefore, when we see our see the other person as our other halves, we are better able to see their good traits and actions too. No one judges themselves bad just because you make a mistake if you are healthy. One must see your mate as part of you and judge the same way.

No one likes to be reprimanded. We know we don't like it. And neither does our other halves. And if we ever do deem it absolutely necessary, let's keep in mine the wise advise of Rabbi Chaim Friedlander: "A person is like a diamone, and one should wipe the dust off it, not with a hard brush where the bristles create tiny scratches in the diamond-not with criticism. Wipe the dust off a damond with a very, very soft brush-with encouragement -and the diamond will shine brighter every day.

Love Yehuda Lave

Monday evening, April 23, at 8 pm promptly

, we will be honoring the memory of my dear late husband, Leonard Sacharow, z"l (Yehuda Leib ben Chaim Yosef z'lv'Shifra Duba).z'l
We are honored to have Member of the Knesset, Rabbi Yehuda Glick address us. The Rabbi must leave early and so will speak at 8:30 pm.
We will be meeting at the home of my very kind and generous Rabbi and Rebbetzin, Ian and Rachel Pear, at Palmach 54/3 in Katamon, Jerusalem.
My family and I would be particularly touched to meet some of the children whom Lennie so lovingly cared for. Please try to join us.
We hope to have a maariv minyan available. Light parve refreshments will be available.

You may further honor his memory and continue his work by contributing to organizations that are dedicated to helping very sick children.  This year we are particularly adding funds to Gdolim m'ha Chaim that adds much quality of life to suffering children.  Any other organization that does similar work is also an honor to Dr. Lennie's memory.
Please RSVP, so we know how many refreshments to order. You can contact me at or at 077-500-5430.

Israeli Summer Will Be Two Months Longer By 2100


Summer in the eastern Mediterranean is already a brutally hot dry period of four months, with steady temperatures in the high 80s and 90s. Now, a new study says that by 2100, climate changes caused by global warming will extend the region's summer season by two full months.

"Our research shows that the climate changes we are all noticing today are likely to intensify in the coming decades," said Assaf Hochman of Tel Aviv University's School of Geosciences, who led the research. "It is very important to understand this to try to prevent the deterioration as much as possible, or at least prepare for the change."

Winter, which is the region's rainy season, will accordingly shorten from four to two months, the study says. The research is based on global climate models and points to an expected rise in greenhouse gases as the main driving factor of the seasonal changes.

The study, published in the International Journal of Climatology, was overseen by Prof. Pinhas Alpert and conducted by Hochman, Tzvi Harpaz and Prof. Hadas Saaroni, all of TAU's School of Geosciences.

Using an algorithm developed by Alpert, the scientists examined the impact of human behavior on climate in the eastern Mediterranean region – an area that covers Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and southern Turkey – and came to disturbing conclusions.

"Pending no significant change in current human behavior in the region, the summer is expected to extend by 25% by the middle of the century (2046-2065) and by 49% until its end (2081-2100)," Hochman said. "The combination of a shorter rainy season and a longer dry season may cause a major water problem in Israel and neighboring countries."

Hochman added that serious consequences are foreseen that have the ability to significantly impact lives: shrinking and degrading of water sources and their quality, increased risk of brushfires, worsening pollution and altered timing and intensity of seasonal illnesses and health hazards.

"One of the main causes of these changes is the growing concentration of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere as a result of human activity. We have sought to examine what is expected in the 21st century as a direct result of the greenhouse effect on the climate," said Hochman.

In an attempt to minimize the effects of climate change on the region, the research team is currently exploring the possibility of establishing a multidisciplinary regional center for climate adaptation.

Alpert's climate-change research projects involving Americans, Europeans, Jordanians and Palestinians have been featured several times in ISRAEL21c.

Already in 2014, Alpert told ISRAEL21c that he was worried about the effects of climate change on sub-tropic areas, including the Mediterranean region. He predicted reduced rainfall and increases in heat and drought.

"Nearly all the models show that rainfall is going down, and at the end of this century we will have reductions, a reduction that we already see here in the last 30 and 40 years. We are just at the beginning and the models predict it will be much worse," Alpert said

20 MORE Things to do with Matzah [HD]

I loved the original 20 Things to do with Matzah video by Michelle Citrin (below).This one does not disappoint. 

20 MORE Things to do with Matzah Lyrics & Music by Michelle Citrin & William Levin Featuring - Michelle Citrin & William Levin Director & Producer - Michelle Citrin Assistant Director, Line Producer, Editor - Marin Sander Holzman Director of Photography - Naomi Saito Makeup/Hair - Sara Graalman Production Assistant & Propstar - Rose Snitz A Sequel to " 20 Things to do with Matzah" Music, lyrics & production by: William Levin & Michelle Citrin ======================================= Thank You's! Thank you to Streit's for your generous support! Want the chance to win free matzah and delicious products from Streit's? "Like" Streits at for the fun T-Shirts & Passover items Thank you to Kubby-Adler Family for being Prop Angels Thank you to our Facebook Friends for your inspirational ideas of how to use matzah! Sherry Barsky, Rachel Carlson, Crystal Warstadt Carpenter, Aaron Carpenter, Gabriella Citrin Adrian Durlester, Beth Hamon, Susan Landau, Carol Rosenthal, Ilanit Turner, Jay Yudof ======================================= Passover's over, and wouldn't it be neat if you could use all the matzah that you didn't eat? 1. You can make some matzah cards and play with your friends 2. Or you could wear a matzah costume for Burning Man. 3. You could make a cover for your iPad or your iPhone 4. Stuff it in a pillow, it's better than foam. 5. If your table is uneven, you can make a matzah shim 6. Or you could play a matzah Football game and flick it to win. 7. Make a matzah greeting card. 8. A window cover for your car. 9. A slide for your G.I Joes. 10. Make a matzah fan that blows!!! Passover's over & wouldn't it be neat, if you could use all the matzah That you didn't eat. 11. Go into your garden and spread some matzah mulch 12. Or you could have a matzah contest for the loudest crunch. 13. Make a matzah pyramid like our ancestors did 14. Or you can make a matzah viewer box, and watch an eclipse! 15. Crumble up some matzah, to make drywall paste 16. Or you could make a matzah back-splash and spruce up your place. 17. Make a micro Matzahbrew 18. A palette for your reds and blues 19. Share it with those in need. There's so many mouths to feed. 20. There's so much to do with all the matzah you have.  

And you can still eat it…cause it never goes bad.


A bittersweet Holocaust story from my friend Norman

On Yom Hashoah which was April 12, 2018 this year we dedicated it towards the memory of the 6,000,000 kedoshim who perished at the hands of the Nazis YM"SH, I wanted to share a story of a man that I worked with many years ago. I started working for the US arm of a German company. The "number 2" man in the department (and, therefore, my "senior") was Uli Krauskopf, a native German. My very first day, before I had a chance to really get to know anybody in the office, Uli sat me down and told about his "godparents" - a Jewish couple that his family hid, and thereby saved, during the shoah. I quote from a recent email I received from Uli:

"My Jewish godparents, Herta and Johannes Eppenstein, recited Hatov V'hameitiv outside the church after I was baptized as a thank you to my grandfather who had helped them.
Regrettably they passed away a few years back."

Uli had the utmost respect for his Jewish colleagues, of which there were several in the department. When Uli made the "year end" parties at his home, not only did he order the food from a kosher restaurant and leave it wrapped until we arrived (so we could see the hechsher), he BOUGHT new glass plates for us to use and went to the trouble of setting up a "washing station" for netilat yadayim.

Uli and I remain friends to this day.

I tell this story for two reasons; to publicly honor and thank Uli's family for risking their lives in order to save a Jewish couple and to remind us all that during this day of remembrance for the 6,000,000 kedoshim who died, we should take a moment to remember the "righteous among the nations" who bravely defied the Nazis YM"SH and saved a large number of our brethren who were ultimately vital in the task of rejuvenating the Jewish people and the quest to establish the State of Israel.

See you tomorrow

Love Yehuda Lave

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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