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The election is today and it is a mitzvah to vote and Rabbi Wein on Parsha Shoftem and Jumpin Jive - Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers and Warsaw castle and we have been happily married for 43 years

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Yehuda Lave is an author, journalist, psychologist, rabbi, spiritual teacher and coach, with degrees in business, psychology and Jewish Law. He works  with people from all walks of life and helps them in their search for greater happiness, meaning, business advice on saving money,  and spiritual engagement.

On my two week spirtual adventure in Av 5779, I go to Poland, the home of the majority of the Jewish people for over 500 recent years. Thanks to the generousity of my brother, we see the Jewish and non Jewish sites of Warsaw. Below is the famous Castle, A Unesco site

Love Yehuda Lave

This is a repeat of what I said yesterday--It is a Mitzvah to go out and vote for a King (Prime Minister) of our land.

For the first time in 2000 years, The Jewish people have their own state. Rabbi Kook who was the chief Rabbi before the state and interpreted what it meant to have an independent state after 2000 years, compared having an election  to appointing a King in Israel. This was one of the three mitzvahs the Jewish people were to do upon entering the land. The other two, once a King was appointed was to eliminate Amalek and to build the Temple. We haven't done well yet on these last two (eliminating Amalek is today considered battling Anti-semitism) and we are not making much progress to building the Temple, but we can vote today. Ah, but who for? When I came out with recommendations before previous elections, some of my readers were upset with me. I am just giving my opinions here, please don't be upset with me. As you long as you vote, you are doing the mitzvah of electing a King, so vote for your choice, but here is my take. 

People are proud of BiBi and his accomplishments, but he has had a mixed bag of his track record of voting for the right. He has made the religious part of his party, so the religious feel much more comfortable with him than with the potential blue and white party. Israeli's who have been here many years, have told me that they think it will be draw again and we won't get a government. This is where we come in. This is a small country, and the axiom that every vote counts is a truism here.

It seem strange that one has to do an end around to get one's goals, but Bibi has to be pressured to stay on the right. For that reason, many of the people I talk to and who have been in this country, believe that Bibi's coalition must include a strong right party. There is only one party that will provide that pressure and it is Otzma Yehudit. The letters you vote for are כף.

I have heard the argument, that according to the Polls, Otzma Yehudit may not make the threshold.

First of all, we have learned in the last few years from Trump's election in America and BiBi's last time, that the polls are no longer meaningful at ALL. Second, these are self fulfilling arguments. If people don't vote their conscious, G-d doesn't help. We have to have confidence and do the right thing. G-d will do the rest.

I ask each of you to do the mitzvah today of voting and if you take my advice, after listening to all the Pundits, you will cast your vote for כף and make the difference you can for living here.

Your friend


Rabbi Yehuda Lave



Final polls have Netanyahu edging toward majority right-wing bloc


Momentum is with the right even though PM's Likud and its rival Blue and White are tied in pair of TV surveys, which also have  Otzma Yehudit entering the Knesset

Rabbi Berel Wein on Parsha Shoftim

The reading of Parsha Shoftim deals with a basic human temptation and almost universal failing – corruption. Though the Torah speaks of actual physical and financial graft it certainly implies a broader message to not only to those in the judiciary but to others in positions of power. The Torah recognizes that human beings, by their very nature, have biases and prejudices. Some of these seem to be almost inborn while others are acquired because of life experiences, educational instruction and societal norms.

  Students of human nature have long debated which traits are inborn, such as hatreds and prejudices, and which are learned and acquired in life. As you can imagine, there is no consensus on this issue and on many other questions regarding human behavior. It is obvious that the Torah recognizes the presence of prejudice and corruption, both willingly and unknowingly within all of us. Even the greatest of us, who possess Godly wisdom and holiness in behavior and speech, is also subject to being corrupted. Wisdom can be perverted, and speech can be twisted because of our innate susceptibility to corruption.   We are not provided with any magic method to avoid this problem. We only know that it exists and that it is universal and omnipresent. As such, perhaps simply being aware of its existence eventually leads human beings individually and human society generally to a willingness to deal with the matter and to correct it to the extent that human beings are able.   We are all aware that that when it comes to physical health and mental well-being, the first act is to identify and be aware of the problem that is involved. The same thing is true in all human emotional and spiritual difficulties. People tend to believe that, somehow, they are immune to corruption if they do not actually take money offered to influence their opinions and judgments. However, that is a very simplistic view of corruption. Since people feel that they are balanced and fair in their opinions and viewpoints, this is exactly what leads to prejudices, intolerance of others and a closed mind when it comes to deciding on important issues and personal matters.   One of the reasons the Talmud insisted that at least three people be present to judge in a Jewish court of law is that when you have three people you will automatically hear different points of view and a fairer result will emerge. There are exceptional cases where even one judge – and that judge must be a true expert on the law and facts involved – will suffice, but the practice in Jewish courts  throughout the ages has been to have more than one judge – at least three – involved in arriving at judicial decisions. The Torah demanded that we pursue justice and fairness at all costs. It does not guarantee that we will always be able to achieve that goal, but it does demand that we constantly pursue it.  

Warsaw castle

Royal Castle, Warsaw is located in Poland

Type Castle residency
Architectural style Mannerist-early Baroque
Country Poland
Coordinates 52°14′52″N 21°00′51″ECoordinates: 52°14′52″N 21°00′51″E
Construction started 1598,[1] 1971[1]
Completed 1619,[1] 1984[1]
Demolished 1655–1656
(Swedish Army),[1]
10 – 13 September 1944
(German Army)[1]
Client Sigismund III Vasa
Height 60 metres
Design and construction
Architect G. B. Trevano
Official Website
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official name Historic Centre
Type Cultural
Criteria ii, vi
UNESCO region Europe

The Royal Castle in Warsaw (Polish: Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) is a castle residency that formerly served throughout the centuries as the official residence of the Polish monarchs. It is located in the Castle Square, at the entrance to the Warsaw Old Town. The personal offices of the king and the administrative offices of the Royal Court of Poland were located there from the sixteenth century until the Partitions of Poland.

Initially the complex served as the residence of the Dukes of Masovia, and since the sixteenth century, the seat of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth: the King and Parliament (Chamber of Deputies and Senate). In its long history the Royal Castle was repeatedly plundered and devastated by the invading Swedish, Brandenburgian, Prussian and Tsarist armies. The Constitution of 3 May 1791, the first of its type in Europe and the world's second-oldest codified national constitution after the 1789 U.S. Constitution, was drafted here by the Four-Year Sejm.[2] In the 19th century, after the collapse of the November Uprising, it was used as an administrative centre by the Tsar and was re-designed for the needs of the Imperial Russian administration. During the course of World War I it was the residence of the German Governor-General. In 1920-1922 the Royal Castle was the seat of the Polish Head of State and between 1926 and World War II the building was the residence of the Polish president, Ignacy Mościcki.

Burned and looted by the Nazi Germans following the Invasion of Poland in 1939 and almost completely destroyed in 1944 after the failed Warsaw Uprising, the Castle was completely rebuilt and reconstructed; in 1965 the surviving fragments of the castle and the Royal Library, the adjacent Copper-Roof Palace and the Kubicki Arcades were registered as historical monuments by the government. Reconstruction of the castle carried out in 1971-1984 was led by the Civic Committee, responsible for the reconstruction of Warsaw. It was afforded by mainly US donations. In 1980, the Royal Castle, together with the Old Town was registered as a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it is a historical and national monument, and is listed as a national museum visited by over 500,000 people every year.[3]

The Royal Castle in Warsaw, due to its iconic appearance and its long history, is one of Warsaw's most recognizable landmarks.

My Husband's Guilty & The broken gavel!

This couple has been happily married for 43 years, but the wife comes to court to throw her husband under the bus. Then A dad comes to court with his son for a $25 ticket. Will he leave with a larger fine after his son breaks the judge's gavel?

The ultimate answer to Palestinian Arab crimes and terror: Facts on the ground. By Victor Sharpe

Years of futile hope that matters will improve in the face of Arab knives, bullets, bombs, missiles, boycotts and venomous diplomatic warfare, have availed Israel naught.

"The answer to aggression from the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians is to act in ways that make it so painful for them that they will come to realize that their violence and blood-lust becomes horribly counter-productive."

"Let the likes of Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah and Hamas goons see before their very own eyes how their crimes and terror result in the building and rebuilding of Israeli villages and towns throughout the ancient and ancestral Jewish homeland."

"A direct and pure Zionist response to each and every Palestinian Arab and Muslim terror atrocity against Israelis must be the immediate building or rebuilding of Jewish villages throughout Judea, Samaria, all of Jerusalem and the Golan, with each new village named in eternal memory of the individual Jewish victim who fell at the hands of Arab and Islamic hate and evil."

The two wonderful Israeli women, Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover, founders of Women in Green and leaders of the Sovereignty Movement, call repeatedly for the application of Israeli sovereignty throughout Judea and Samaria, the ancient and ancestral Jewish heartland (often and erroneously called "the West Bank").

They do so in Press Releases in which they condemn the many Muslim Arab atrocities against Israeli civilians throughout the embattled Jewish state. They were responding over a year ago to one such murder of 29 year old Itamar Ben-Gal who was struck down near the entrance to the town of Ariel in Samaria, Israel.

That murderous knife attack was perpetrated by a Muslim Arab with Israeli citizenship, yet calling himself a Palestinian. His vile act, as with all the other many Arab atrocities, was encouraged by the grisly terrorist, Mahmoud Abbas, titular President of the so-called Palestinian Authority who reeks of hatred against members of the Jewish faith and who has presided over the forced exodus of so many Christian Arabs from Bethlehem and the territory his PA now viciously occupies.

Since Itamar Ben Gal's murder by the soulless Muslim who called himself a Palestinian, many other Jewish victims have fallen at the hands of such fiends. Now a 17 year old girl, Rina Shnerb, who had just celebrated her birthday and was on a hiking trip in Samaria with her father and brother, was murdered while visiting a nature site and spring – itself named after a Jewish youth who was earlier butchered at that same site by another Arab. Rina's father and brother were badly wounded by the Palestinian perpetrators who deliberately triggered a bomb as the family walked by.

The PA's territory from which the fiends are sent occupies large swathes of the Jewish ancestral and Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria – territory which, as I earlier wrote, too many nation states and hostile organizations still prefer to call by the Jordanian Arab name: West Bank.

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar stated that, "the application of Israel's sovereignty in Judea and Samaria will make it clear to the Arab terrorists and to those who send them that Israel will present an iron wall of resolve and tenacity against terror. Moreover, sovereignty that is also implemented in the field will make it clear to terror entities that Israel is here to stay forever and that there is no basis for them to hope that their terror will cause Israel to retreat or that it will result in any other gain".

They continued their principled address by adding the following:

"It has been proven in the past that Israeli withdrawals bolster the Arabs' hopes that they will be able to vanquish Israel through violence and terror. Israeli sovereignty will make it clear that the result will be the absolute opposite and terror will be annihilated from its roots."

But in my opinion, a principled Israeli government should create irrevocable and unassailable Jewish and Zionist facts on the ground in direct response to Islamic and Arab hate.

In the first volume of my four set work titled, Politicide: The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State, I included a chapter titled, The Zionist answer to Arab terror. At that time in 2002 I wrote:

"A direct and pure Zionist response to each and every Palestinian Arab and Muslim terror atrocity against Israelis must be the immediate building or rebuilding of Jewish villages throughout Judea, Samaria, all of Jerusalem and the Golan, with each new village named in eternal memory of the individual Jewish victim who fell at the hands of Arab and Islamic hate and evil.

"Would that the Jewish villages in Gaza, so shamefully destroyed by the Sharon government, could also be rebuilt.

"Years of futile hope that matters will improve in the face of Arab knives, bullets, bombs, missiles, boycotts and venomous diplomatic warfare, have availed Israel naught.

"The answer to aggression from the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians is to act in ways that make it so painful for them that they will come to realize that their violence and blood-lust becomes horribly counter-productive.

"Military responses to Muslim Arab violence are effective, but only up to a point, for the Fatah and Hamas thugs welcome death as shahids (martyrs) which, in their warped ideology, guarantees them the 72 virgins and sexual delights allegedly awaiting them in paradise."

I wrote all those many years ago, "there is a far, far more devastating and purely Zionist response that Israel must employ regardless of the howls of rage that will undoubtedly emanate from the baleful and ever hypocritical chancelleries and international corridors of power in Europe and from the immoral cesspit known as the United Nations." Now also from the two venomous anti-Semitic Muslim women who currently pollute the U.S, Congress with their presence: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Let me repeat. A principled Israeli government will hopefully and finally respond to relentless Muslim Arab terror by restoring, rebuilding and creating Jewish villages and neighborhoods ((and stop calling them by the pejorative term, 'settlements' – they are towns and villages) throughout Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan, every time the Palestinian Arabs murder or harm any Israeli man, woman or child.

And I again plea that each new village or town (again – never use that self-destroying and pejorative term 'settlement') be named in eternal memory of the victim(s) of Arab hate and evil. This should be in addition to the legal, moral and sacred imperative to restore Jewish sovereignty throughout all of the Land of Israel from the river to the sea; and reclaim the God given Covenanted land – even unto Gilead. This should start in Area C with all EU funded illegal Palestinian construction urgently removed.

Again, create Jewish facts retroactively in direct response to Islamic hate. Immediately remove the reported 10,000 illegal Palestinian buildings that have smothered Israeli controlled Area C; funded mostly by the duplicitous EU.

Let the likes of Mahmoud Abbas, along with the Fatah and Hamas goons, see before their very own eyes how their encouragement and funding of Muslim terror and glorification of Muslim thugs who murder Israelis, systematically destroys their hopes for the creation, in the heart of the Land of Israel, of a fraudulent country called Palestine: one that has never existed as an independent sovereign state in all of recorded history.

And when the world falsely rages that Jews are "impeding the peace process" by building, "settlements," that same immoral world must be told that in direct response to every Israeli victim of Palestinian butchery, permanent Israeli villages will be built and rebuilt in Judea and Samaria – each one named after the long and tragic list of Jewish victims.

Only then will Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies in the so-called Palestinian Authority or the Hamas thugdom see where their hate and aggression are leading them.

It should have started long, long ago, but make it happen now as a direct and irrevocable response to those Palestinians who perpetrate their loathsome crimes while screaming the Islamic supremacist war cry – Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greater).

Victor Sharpe is a prolific freelance writer with many published articles in leading national and international conservative websites and magazines Born and educated in England, he has been a broadcaster and has authored several books including a collection of short stories under the title The Blue Hour. His four-volume set of in-depth studies on the threats from resurgent Islam to Israel, the West and to Judeo-Christian civilization is titled, Politicide: The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State. www.amazon.com

75 Years Ago, One of the Best Dance Routines Ever Was Filmed, Unrehearsed on the First Take

Jumpin Jive - Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers

Here's a clip from the movie "Stormy Weather" (1943) featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing "Jumpin Jive". After awhile they let the Nicholas Brothers jump in and lend their feet to the action


Fred Astaire said it was 'the greatest dancing he had ever seen on film'. In a dance performance for the ages, the Nicholas Brothers, Fayard (1914–2006) and Harold (1921–2000), dazzled audiences with their acrobatic routine to Cab Calloway's hit song, Jumpin' Jive. Not only that, but the routine was unrehearsed and what you see was the first take! [source]

The performance was from the 1943 musical film, Stormy Weather. In 2001, Stormy Weather was selected for the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

For a great summary of the Nicholas Brothers' style and impact on dance, check out this NYT article.

See you tomorrow - bli neder

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