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The election is tomorrow and it is a mitzvah to vote according to Rabbi Kook--my take on the election and A Peek Inside 9 Wild And Crazy Corporate Offices In Israel and the Jerusalem's "Yael Shul" In Baka Turns 70 and Woody Allen on Candid Camera from 50 years ago

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Yehuda Lave is an author, journalist, psychologist, rabbi, spiritual teacher and coach, with degrees in business, psychology and Jewish Law. He works  with people from all walks of life and helps them in their search for greater happiness, meaning, business advice on saving money,  and spiritual engagement

Love Yehuda Lave

The election is tomorrow and it is a mitzvah to vote according to Rabbi Kook--my take on the election

For the first time in 2000 years, The Jewish people have their own state. Rabbi Kook who was the chief Rabbi before the founding of the state, and interpreted what it meant to have an independent state after 2000 years, compared having an election  to appointing a King in Israel. This was one of the three mitzvahs the Jewish people were to do upon entering the land. The other two, once a King was appointed was to eliminate Amalek and to build the Temple. We haven't done well yet on these last two (eliminating Amalek is today considered battling Anti-semitism) and we are not making much progress to building the Temple, but we can vote tomorrow. Ah, but who for? When I came out with recommendations before previous elections, some of my readers were upset with me. I am just giving my opinions here, please don't be upset with me. As you long as you vote, you are doing the mitzvah of electing a King, so vote for your choice, but here is my take. 

People are proud of BiBi and his accomplishments, but he has had a mixed bag of his track record of voting for the right. He has made the religious part of his party, so the religious feel much more comfortable with him than with the potential blue and white party. Israeli's who have been here many years, have told me that they think it will be draw again and we won't get a government. This is where we come in. This is a small country, and the axiom that every vote counts is a truism here.

It seem strange that one has to do an end around to get one's goals, but Bibi has to be pressured to stay on the right. For that reason, many of the people I talk to and who have been in this country, believe that Bibi's coalition must include a strong right party. There is only one party that will provide that pressure and it is Otzma Yehudit. The letters you vote for are כף.

I have heard the argument, that according to the Polls, Otzma Yehudit may not make the threshold.

First of all, we have learned in the last few years from Trump's election in America and BiBi's last time, that the polls are no longer meaningful at ALL. Second, these are self fulfilling arguments. If people don't vote their conscious, G-d doesn't help. We have to have confidence and do the right thing. G-d will do the rest.

I ask each of you to do the mitzvah tomorrow of voting and if you take my advice, after listening to all the Pundits, you will cast your vote for כף and make the difference you can for living here.

Your friend


Rabbi Yehuda Lave



Final polls have Netanyahu edging toward majority right-wing bloc


Momentum is with the right even though PM's Likud and its rival Blue and White are tied in pair of TV surveys, which also have  Otzma Yehudit entering the Knesset

The Torah states, "And on that day the Almighty saved the Israelites from the hand of Egypt" (Exodus 14:30). Which day does the Torah refer to when it writes "on that day" and what lesson can we learn from the reference to that day?

The Ohr HaChayim comments that the Torah states that "on that day" that the Israelites were saved was the self-same day that the Egyptians who pursued them perished in the sea. However, the Israelites were liberated from Egypt and left Egypt before this. Why only now that the Egyptians drowned in the sea did they feel saved?

The answer: the Israelites only felt saved once they felt secure that the Egyptians would no longer pursue them. We see from this that even though in actuality a person is free, he is not really considered free unless he personally feels free. A person who worries and feels insecure is a person who is imprisoned even though he is not behind bars and no one will harm him.

To be truly free you must feel free and this is up to you. You have a great deal of control over your thoughts if you work on it. If you worry about the future, even though future events might work out exactly as you would have wished, you still suffer in the present. This suffering will be the same as if you actually experienced some misfortune. However, all the suffering will be unnecessary. The greater your mastery over your thoughts, the greater freedom you will experience in life!

Jerusalem's "Yael Shul" In Baka Turns 70

In the period immediately following Israel's War of Independence, Jerusalem's Baka district was, by all accounts, very far from the genteel neighborhood it is today. Even though the beautiful houses and mansions that lined some of Baka's streets were spared damage during the war, the military forces declared Baka a restricted area and, without inhabitants, the neighborhood rapidly started showing signs of neglect. But early in 1949 the urgent need for housing, both for new immigrants and for those forced out of the Old City and the surrounding areas, compelled the government to open Baka for residential use, and it was quickly filled with families who made themselves at home in the empty apartments. 
Sometime in the summer of 1949 they spotted an abandoned, locked building on Rehov Yael, near the corner of Rehov Shimshon. The one-story building, dating probably from the end of the 19th century, had been used as the workshop and home of an Arab shoe manufacturer who had abandoned it. It looked like it would suit their purposes but they needed to get it assigned to them. The allocation of buildings for public and institutional use was in the hands of the Interior Ministry's Jerusalem District commissioner, whose office was overwhelmed by the number of requests coming from across the city. On July 20, the group wrote to the district commissioner, and a few days later they received a response that his office would consider their request in due course.
Full Story (Jerusalem Post)

A Peek Inside 9 Wild And Crazy Corporate Offices In Israel

e've given you a look inside some of the most stunningly designed office spaces in Israel.

Now we go to the wild side with this overview of unusual, clever office designs and elements that can't fail to bring a smile to the faces of people lucky enough to work in them.

CYLUS CYBER: Choo-choo décor

Israeli startup Cylus Cyber makes cybersecurity solutions for railway and metro networks.

In keeping with that theme, its 21st floor Tel Aviv office was designed by architect Maya Elazar and designer Lior Israel to look like a sleek European Metro passenger train. Even CEO Amir Levintal's office resembles a passenger compartment.

A painted yellow stripe stretches along the floor like the line that separates the passengers from the tracks, and the key-card system employees use to gain entrance has the look and feel of a Metro card machine.

WSC SPORTS: Jorkyball champs

WSC Sports in Givatayim is one of Israel's hottest sports-tech startups, working with clients such as FIBA and the NBA. Its AI-driven platform enables fans to create customized short-form video content automatically, on demand, from live sports broadcasts.

But it's not all work and no play at WSC headquarters. The office encompasses a video-game corner and a glass-walled jorkyball court where employees can hone their skills at this two-vs-two form of football. A discreet shower next to the court ensures that workers are fresh and clean before heading back to their desks.

TRIGO VISION: A supermarket in an office

Trigo Vision is a retail-tech startup developing revolutionary automated vision- and AI-based systems for check-in, checkout, inventory control, customer insights and shoplifting prevention.

Trigo's Tel Aviv corporate headquarters contains a real supermarket where employees can test the technologies while getting their grocery shopping done in a futuristic setting where they never have to stand in line or remember to bring a wallet.

HINOMAN: A big green smoothie

The recently completed Hinoman headquarters in Rishon Lezion fully embraces the fact that the company developed an innovative technology for year-round cultivation of the highly nutritious aquatic plant Mankai, a "superfood" form of duckweed native to Vietnam.

Roy David Architecture of Tel Aviv recruited artist Ohad Benit and designer Avi Fadida to create myriad wooden handcrafted elements for the walls and ceilings to evoke the feel of a Vietnam forest. Dynamic features and use of brilliant green color throughout the space created a riverlike fluidity with "social islands" embedded in it.

JOYTUNES: Jamming at work

A musical startup that developed Simply Piano and many other popular applications for learning to play keyboards and other musical instruments, JoyTunes commissioned Roy David Architecture to plan a fully equipped performance area in its Tel Aviv office so that the programmers and musicians on staff can have a high-quality jam session anytime.

Strategically located next to the kitchen and dining areas to provide entertainment for everybody on break, the room is stocked with instruments including pianos, electric guitars, electronic drums and woodwinds, enhanced by professional lighting and amplification systems.

AUTODESK: Make your own office

Autodesk makes 3D software for the engineering and construction industries. So it's only fitting that Autodesk's 140 Tel Aviv employees designed and printed many of the elements in their four-level development center in Rothschild Tower — including wall coverings, ceiling tiles, lampshades, statues, flowerpots and decorative shelving.

Employees also use the 3D printers on premises to fashion whatever they happen to need on a moment's notice, whether a screwdriver or a cup, rather than buying such items at a store.

YAD2: Secondhand treasures

The Bnei Brak headquarters of this very popular real estate, automobile and secondhand merchandise marketplace were decorated by Keren Rozner of Tel Aviv's Rozner Studio with – what else? – vintage items and elements evocative of dwellings and cars. The effect is a fresh, amusing and entirely appropriate design language.

 PERCEPTO: Indulging the inner geek

Yes, they work all day for a drone company whose clients include several Fortune 500 organizations, but the geeks at Percepto just can't get enough. Rather than discourage these hobbyists from indulging their passion at the office, the Modi'in-based startup set up a drone-building workshop on premises for the fun of it.

CHEGG: Cool comics collection 

At the heart of the Rehovot offices of the Israeli development center of the American ed-tech company Chegg is one of the most impressive comics collections in Israel.

Yehuda Gilad, a senior software engineer at the company, began buying up comic books and graphic novels from across the world 20 years ago. He decided to transfer the collection to the office, where it was given a place of honor.

Other Chegg employees have since added to the library, which encompasses five and a half meters of shelving to hold more than 100 comic books in English and Hebrew.


Full Story (ISRAEL21c)

Candid Camera TV Episode - Woody Allen Dictates a Letter

Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera, perfected an art that has entertained people for nearly 60 years. Candid Camera TV Episode - Woody Allen Dictates a Letter

See you tomorrow, bli neder--go vote tomorrow

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