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Azrieli Buys Mount Zion Hotel For NIS 275m and 10 Stunning Photographs Of The Kinneret and my video of the Kinneret from our trip and a shout out to my brother on his birthday

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Yehuda Lave is an author, journalist, psychologist, rabbi, spiritual teacher and coach, with degrees in business, psychology and Jewish Law. He works  with people from all walks of life and helps them in their search for greater happiness, meaning, business advice on saving money,  and spiritual engagement

Love Yehuda Lave

My Only live brother's birthday is tomorrow and I give him a shout out for Happy Birthday and Shabbat Shalom. Hoping he comes to Israel soon.

Here is a new word I just learned:

Hygge (/ˈh(j)uːɡə/ H(Y)OO-gə; Danish: [ˈhykə]; Norwegian: [ˇhyɡɡə]) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Here's a quick and easy guide to how you can hygge:

  1. Atmosphere. Create a simple, warm, calm environment. Light a few candles or enjoy a fire in the fireplace or outdoor pit. Turn your electric lights off or down low. Phones are off. No texting, social media, computers, or TV.
  2. People. Enjoy the quiet ambiance alone or with a few people you love.
  3. Talk and listen. Listen with your ears and your heart.
  4. Eats. Enjoy good food and drink, but don't exhaust yourself preparing it. Your evening family meal is a great time for hygge.

Be present. Be grateful. Enjoy!


10 Stunning Photographs Of The Kinneret

The Kinneret is a must-see on any trip to Israel. It's the shimmering jewel of the green, mountainous Galilee region in the north. Technically this "sea" is a lake, fed by underground springs and by the Jordan River. Since biblical times, it's variously been called Lake Kinneret, Lake Tiberias and Sea of Genneseret.


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During Chanukah the Piz Gat Zev gang went on a three day tiul to the Kinneret.

It poured the second two days, but the first day there I shot this beautiful video of the Kinneret right out of back door.

Love Yehuda Lave

Thoughts to ponder from my sister

  I believe that everybody comes from pain and a certain amount of dysfunction. Mariel Hemingway, actress

All fantasy should have a solid base in reality. Max Beerbohm, essayist

Fantasy is the only canvas large enough for me to paint on. Terry Brooks writer of fantasy fiction

If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities. Maya Angelou, author

The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge. Albert Einstein, Genius

The truth will flourish in fantasy, only to wither and die in what you are pleased to call reality. Bernard Schubert was a screenwriter and television producer during the early sound era of film and early days of television. From 1931 through 1948 he was involved in the scripts for 25 films

We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. Iris Murdoch Jean Iris Murdoch was a novelist and philosopher. Murdoch is best known for her novels about good and evil, sexual relationships, morality, and the power of the unconscious.

Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy. Fran Lebowitz , author  

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs. Malcolm Forbes, MAGAZINE EDITOR

The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it. Andrew Carnegie, PHILANTHROPIST

When everyone goes home, you're stuck with yourself. Layne Staley musician

 I care not so much what I am to others as what I am to myself. I will be rich by myself, and not by borrowing. -       Michel de Montaigne philosopher  

Every man stamps his value on himself ... man is made great or small by his own will. - J. C. F. von Schiller poet, philosopher, physician, historian, and playwright.

  It's just like magic. When you live by yourself, all your annoying habits are gone! - Merrill Markoe Author, television writer, and standup comedian.  

It is not the eyes of others that I am wary of, but my own. - Noel Coward, playwright  

What you think about yourself is much more important than what others think of you. - Marcus Annaeus Seneca writer  

Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it. - Tallulah Bankhead, actress  

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Azrieli Buys Mount Zion Hotel For NIS 275m

Azrieli Group is acquiring the Mount Zion Hotel in Jerusalem for NIS 275 million. Migdal Insurance controlling shareholder Shlomo Eliahu owns the hotel through his holdings in the City Garden company. Azrieli will invest NIS 500 million more in expanding and renovating the hotel. Other Azrieli Group hotel projects are in the development and construction stages.

Several real estate groups in Israel are buying hotels, converting existing buildings to hotels, or constructing hotels from scratch, sometimes in combination with residential apartments, among them Israel Canada and Nitsba. Azrieli is also in the picture.

The Mount Zion Hotel is located in West Jerusalem on the outskirts of the Old City in a historic building constructed as a hospital in 1882. The Israel Land Authority bought the property in 1972, and sold it to a developer who planned to demolish the building, and did in fact partially demolish it. A campaign against the demolition of a building designated for preservation was successful, however, and it was converted into a hotel. The hotel was renovated in 2006, and currently has 137 rooms, plus conference and event halls.

The hotel, located on a 13-dunam (3.25-acre) site, has 11,600 square meters of built-up space. The deal includes 22,400 square meters of above-ground construction rights and rights to construction of a 15,200-square meter underground parking lot. Azrieli Group plans to continue operating the hotel on its current format, while renovating it and using the additional construction rights to expand it to 400 rooms and build an underground parking lot with 380 parking spaces. Renovations will include restoration and preservation of some of the existing buildings on the site. Azrieli plans to manage the hotel itself.

Azrieli has confidence in the hotel sector, which is growing with the number of tourists visiting Israel. Israel expects to finish 2019 with 4.5 million tourists, an all-time record. Israel has 55,000 hotel rooms, 2% more than last year.

"The hotel sector interfaces the group's core income-producing real estate activity," Azrieli Group says. "Among other things, it will enable Azrieli Group to take advantage of its unique development capabilities, and to widen the mix of its activity for the creation of a new growth engine in a large and important field." In 2018, Azrieli acquired a lot in the main business center of Modi'in, on which it will build a project containing an 84-room boutique hotel that will have

the great advantage of proximity to Ben Gurion Airport, as will other hotels slated for construction in the area.

See you Sunday Shabbat Shalom

LoveYehuda Lave

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