Monday, August 24, 2009

Hiking San Diego with my Pal Eli and expect insults when trying to do good

Expect Insults When Influencing Others

The Chafetz Chaim  (one of our great modern sages), wrote: "If you try to influence others to improve, at times they might insult you for your efforts. So before you approach someone, realize you may be insulted and try to accept it. Don't reply to their insults, nor let those insults deter you from your goal. The more difficulties you have in trying to do good, the more elevated you become. 

"If you were new in business and an experienced businessman made fun of you, you would not give up trying to make a profit. You would still make an effort to be successful. After a while no one would make fun of you. Trying to influence others is similar. Even though in the beginning some may mock you, if you are sincere [and persistent], they will eventually respect you." 

Love Yehuda

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Hiking San Diego with my Pal Eli
San Diego -
Aug 23, 2009
by Yehuda
Eli and I hit the local area in San Diego on his visit