Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Invitation to view a video from Yehuda and everything is Relative including your friends

Everything Is Relative

Personality traits are like raw material, intrinsically neutral. Classifying any particular trait as positive or negative changes according to the specific way it is employed by an individual in a given situation. If you utilize each trait in its proper time and place, then that trait is considered positive. But if you apply a trait when it is inappropriate, it is considered negative.

For example, the positive trait of "generosity" can actually be negative if it turns into smothering and stifling. On the other hand, the negative trait of anger can be positive when used to fight against evil and injustice
Speaking of Relative, we learn from the Talmud today that a good friend may be more important to you than your family. Everyone has their own spiritual path and therefore everyone has their own lessons to learn. If you are reading this, (otherwise you wouldn't see this), this lesson must have some effect on you. We spent the trip seeing good friends in Los Angeles and then a good friend in Vegas. As we come back to San Diego today, my good friend and spritiual teacher is coming to San Diego. On my path, friends are my family and I share this with all my good friends who are my life.
Love Yehuda

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Everything Is Relative