Monday, October 12, 2009

GLAD TO HELP AND "P.S. Ogden Gorge over Crooked River, one of highest Gorge's in World"

Glad To Help

Be grateful to anyone you help. They are helping you fulfill your life's mission.

Be especially careful not to speak or act condescendingly when you try to help someone. The good you do can be offset by the damage caused by an insulting tone.

I found this especially true when dealing with a loved one today. His choices of  communication are frustrating, causing miscommunication, that he blames on others. By this time of my life, since I have been dealing with him for 50 years, I should just bless him when he is difficult, but being human, I except him to be so as well, and believe me he is human, with all that means.

Love Yehdua

The bridges over the Crooked River at the 97