Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jerusalem Light festival on June 15th with some pictures of lunar eclipse and respond to aruguments with honest humility

Respond To Arguments With Honest Humility

Respond to the outbursts of others with humility. Agree with any truth you see in their statement. By agreeing with part of the person's comments, you are likely to calm him down. ("Yes, I was inconsiderate." "I agree with you that I can improve." "That was a stupid thing I did.")

Conversely, when you try to defend yourself, an angry person will usually keep up his attack. Arguing with him adds fuel to the fire. When you agree with him, however, he will see that he has no reason to keep arguing since you already agree with him. Some people find this difficult to do, but try this a few times, and you will see that it works wonders.

Love Yehuda

This video is from a friend of a friend who went to a light festival in Jerusalem on June 15, 2011 that also was the night of a lunar eclipse also on the video

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