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1934 and video secrets of Jerusalem and Romney to Visit Israel

Channel Your Curiosity

There are two varieties of curiosity: positive and negative. Work to overcome your curiosity to find out negative gossip about other people. At the same time, work to increase your intellectual and spiritual curiosity to gain more wisdom for living.

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The story of Ruth and Human compassion

Firstly and perhaps most importantly is the value that Judaism places upon compassion and help to the widow, the orphan, the stranger – the disadvantaged in our society. The great future of the Jewish people, even of all Western civilization, is founded on acts of compassion – Ruth to Naomi, Naomi to Ruth, and Boaz to Ruth. There are no great intellectual or theological discussions related to us in the book of Ruth. It is deceptively simple in its shining message that we are to be nice to each other.
We are here to help others and such help oftentimes comes not in grandiose social welfare programs or numerous organizations but rather in small personal acts of kindness and sensitivity towards others.` The Davidic dynasty is created by giving a tired, poor and strange woman a rather meager lunch and some comforting words.
The book of Ruth purposely details for us the "menu" that Boaz offered Ruth for her midday meal in order to emphasize to us that true human kindness rests in the small things in life and the everyday accommodations to others that sustain us in an otherwise difficult world.
The attitude towards the stranger amongst us is also one of the highlights of the book of Ruth. Human beings are very territorial and xenophobic. We look askance at strangers, at those who are not like us physically and temperamentally. In our schools the "different" child is rarely if ever accommodated. Bullying and violence are condoned if not even sometimes encouraged.
The Jewish people over the ages have been victimized simply for being different. No amount of Nobel prizes won can erase the fact that we are different and the refusal of most of human society to tolerate differences within the human race inevitability leads to outrage and atrocities.
The gleaners and the harvesters and their supervisors all looked askance at Ruth – the different one – as she bent down to take the fallen grain. They identified her to Boaz and to themselves as, that "Moabite" person. It was not only meant as a term of description but rather as one of derision as well. The different person always bears the stigma of being different.
The Bible warned us thirty six times to be careful to treat the stranger, the convert, the different one, fairly and with justice and compassion. We are taught that "the world is constructed and built upon compassion towards others." The book of Ruth perhaps more than any other book in the canon of the Bible illustrates this value in a most emphatic fashion.

Love Yehuda Lave


Video: The Secrets Under the Old City of Jerusalem

The staff went under the City of David with Doron Speilman of the
City of David Museum - to areas not open to the general public.

We were astounded by what we saw and learned.

Join us on this 45 minute exploration of the hidden secrets under the
City of David, the Old City, and the Kotel itself.

Interesting 2 hr 12 min movie.....  Many implications. On the Earth thriving
YouTube - Videos from this email

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney will visit Israel during the presidential campaign.

A campaign official on Monday confirmed a New York Times report that the all-but-certain Republican presidential candidate will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and other top officials later this summer.

The Times quoted Ron Dermer, a top adviser to Netanyahu, as saying that Romney is a "strong friend of Israel and we'll be happy to meet with him."

Romney has said that his first foreign visit as president would be to Israel. Barack Obama visited Israel as a candidate in 2008, but has not visited as president.

The former Massachusetts governor has faulted Obama for not making more clear to Iran that it could face military consequences if it does not stand down from its suspected nuclear program and for calling on Israel to negotiate based on the 1967 lines.

Obama's support among Jewish voters remains in the low 60s, about 15 percentage points ahead of the general population, but below the sky-high approval ratings at the outset of his presidency. Pollsters attribute the drop mostly to the economy, which dogs Obama among the general population as well.

Obama's  campaign has been emphasizing the closeness of the U.S.-Israel military relationship, noting that in October, Israel and the United States will stage the largest-ever joint anti-missile exercise.

Subject: FW: 1934


1934 was only 4 years after I was born in 1930………  My mother's family was part of the great "Okie Migration" from Oklahoma to California during the height of the depression, a few years prior to this, living from hand to mouth, day in and day out.  Life is hard when you're down and out, but the strong survived and many prospered later.  A miracle.......... 

Study these photos, I think there's a good chance we might see similar conditions again.


Photography/history fans will enjoy these photos...                                             
Seventy five years ago takes us to 1934, during the height of the great depression.  However this first photo appears to have been taken in 1937 as there is a 37 Ford included.  The rest could be from 34.


















Forward this.  Makes complaining about no cell service, high gasoline

prices, not enough cable channels, et al, seems a bit ludicrous.    


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