Friday, July 27, 2012

more places to see for free without going there!! Including my first trip to Maine

Rule Over Yourself

Having your intellect rule over your nature is an essential obligation. Your intellectual realizations should be so strong that they are able to overcome natural tendencies and habits. If you let your natural tendencies rule you, you are likely to make many serious mistakes in life.

Keep in mind that this is an ideal, and it is unrealistic to demand perfection of oneself. The goal should be improvement. A person who works on his power of thinking for many years will eventually reach high levels of expertise. But do not demand of yourself instantaneous perfection for this will needlessly cause guilt feelings and anxiety.

Today, set yourself a small, realistic, attainable goal.

Love Rabbi Yehuda Lave

On my first spiritual trip of the year I go to the furthest East you can go in the US--Maine. First day in Portland Main



This is so fabulous!!! Had to share!!



Pick out any interesting location around the  world and click on it. A page will come up with a photo. In the centre is a circle with a triangle.

Click on the triangle. Now you get a full picture. If it's not a full screen, click on the 4 dots in the lower right corner.

Now with full screen, place your curser anywhere on the screen and slowly drag the picture in any direction you want. Left, right, up, down, slow or stop.

Try the  Egyptian Pyramids in Egypt or Moscow, Kremlin to get started.

This is a one e-mail you will want to save. Enjoy.

Panoramas and 3D Tours of the Most Beautiful Places Around the World! Click on the below City Names & Enjoy !

 •   San Juan and                                  Colorado rivers, USA                            




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