Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dangerous Roads and focus on Solutions

Focus On Solutions

What is the most important rule for dealing with problems? I believe it is to keep your main focus on finding solutions. This one piece of advice makes a major difference in every life situation - and especially in marriage.
When the major focus is on the problem, a couple can get into the totally counterproductive argument of, "Whose fault was it?" or, "Even if we are both to blame, who started, or who is more to blame?"
The way a couple discusses a problem can even lead to a bigger problem than the original problem itself! It is much wiser to focus on, "What can we do now to find a solution?"

-Love Yehuda Lave

A Hassidic Jew in full black garb walks into a Bar with a parrot on his hat.
The bartender says: "Where'd you get that?"
The parrot replies: "Brooklyn. There's thousands of them."

Speaking of Brooklyn, I just landed in New York this morning, with a plan to spend Sabbath in Brooklyn. First however, I am a 400 mile side trip to Niagara Falls. Why?, because I haven't seen it before and want one more thing off my bucket list. I hope the roads aren't as dangerous as the ones below!!

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