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Story of the marranos in England

Worry is Created by Self-Talk

The more you engage in joyful and grateful self-talk, the more your mind will be free from worry.
Some people tell themselves, "It's my nature to worry." But the truth is that no one is born a worrier. A person might have started worrying at a young age and have many early memories of worrying. A person might find it very difficult not to worry. But this isn't someone's basic nature. Worry is essentially self-talk about something negative that you hope won't happen. You feel anxious and distressed about the possibility.
One way out of the worry pattern is to think of potential solutions. Whenever you worry about something, imagine three or more alternate outcomes.
A happy and joyful person has mastered the art of thinking in patterns that create happiness and joy. Let this be your mind.
Love Yehuda Lave

Story of the Marano Jews in England


Smartphones: Great Value, Great Risks

  A recent study reported 28 percent of all respondents
would give up their significant other before giving up a smartphone.
 Even if that might not be a completely serious answer by some
users, there is no doubt that mobile devices - smartphones and
 tablet computers – have become pervasive and a critical part
 of the modern business environment.

Russian Multipurpose Aircraft
BE-200MultipurposeAircraft.wmv BE-200MultipurposeAircraft.wmv
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Biblical Joke
The line though the sevens came about when Moses brought back the ten commandments and had his people gather round while he read off each of them.  Because the people knew of their importance someone was assigned to  write them down.

The scribe wrote the number 1 and Moses read, "Thou shall have no other God ... " and the scribe wrote it down.

Then the number 2 and Moses continued reading...

3 - 4 - 5

The scribe wrote 6 and Moses read, "Thou shall not murder." and the scribe wrote it down.

The scribe then wrote 7 (without the line) and Moses continued, "Thou shall not commit adultery."

The scribe hesitated and said, "You can forget about people following that one," and drew a line through the 7.

And that's your bible lesson for the day..

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