Tuesday, December 17, 2013

School Lunches in France and can you go home again?

  Returning to a Place

If you were once in a place and have been away from it for a while, you can easily build up in your imagination how wonderful it would be to return.
But before deciding to move back, clarify if your feelings are a product of imagination or are based on reality.
I am taking a trip to a place I loved 20 years ago and about to find out if you can go home again.
Thomas Wolfe, and American writer from the 20's had several famous books including: "You can't go home again." People ask what that means. One response was "I always took it to mean that things and you change, and that you can never recapture the feelings you had in the past. It will always seem different.

Either that, or your parents have moved without leaving a forwarding address.
My next blog will let you know that I am safe and sound on my trip.

Love Yehuda Lave

See what it means for the school children to have lunch in France

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