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King Solomon's Treasures

Act Joyously

Act joyously. These two words are powerful. They work. Test it out congruently and see for yourself how effective this formula is.

If it's so easy, how come everyone isn't radiating joy? I didn't claim it was easy.

It's simple to say, but the very fact that not everyone consistently applies it shows that it doesn't come naturally to many people. It takes effort. And it also takes belief in the process. You can counteract the effects of acting joyously by holding back or by repeating to yourself, "This won't really work."

"Act with enthusiastic joy and you will actually experience it," was expressed by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto in his classic work "Path of The Just" written in 1740. Since then many professionals in the field of human emotions have repeated this formula. It worked then and it still works now. The more flexible someone is with their emotions, the easier it is for them to apply this. Experiments with biofeedback technology and the testing of hormones in the blood after acting joyously have proven its effectiveness.

Love Yehuda Lave

This was a comedy skit done in the 80s by Alan King about the Middle East. Not much has changed in 30+ years.

The Search for the Temple Treasures of King Solomon Continues with New Film

BIN readers will be happy to hear that long-time contributor Harry H. Moskoff will be producing another film, this time around starting with a short video that focuses on the Temple treasures of King Solomon and discovering their whereabouts, as only he can.

Following up on the success of his Gold Remi-winning feature film, The A.R.K. Report – Secret for the Century, along with the book of the same name, Moskoff-Media (Israel) will be releasing this very special short video for the 2016 New Year.

Moskoff hopes that his findings will help strengthen Israeli sovereignty in the region by proving the ancient Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, as his A.R.K. Report stands for Archaeology Reveals the Kingdom. Moskoff believes that finding these holy vessels has the power to transform our existence, both within and without.

Uncover the Truth Behind the A.R.K.

High profile personalities are interviewed and offer their unique insights into the geopolitical situation surrounding Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, including an exclusive interview with 2016 Presidential candidate, Gov. Mike Huckabee. The film will also cover the exciting new discoveries in Biblical archeology happening now in Israel, providing much needed evidence that the Bible is not solely a religious document, but in fact contains scientifically verifiable historical facts!

Filmed and edited in Israel in conjunction with VideoSparks Media, this video and subsequent documentary sequel will be a fitting companion to inspire people all over the world. This project has already been called the "Jewish Da Vinci Code" by Breaking Christian News, and may prove to be a powerful step in the future of the State of Israel.

Alan Jay Gerber, review columnist for The Jewish Star, has recently published a new 2-essay review of Spark Ignited:The Difficult Journey to Orthodox Judaism, by Michaela Lawson & Ashirah Yosefah, in his weekly column, The Kosher Bookworm.

ALAN JAY GERBER, The Kosher Bookworm
The Jewish Star, December 22, 2015

'Spark Ignited': Inside Difficult Israeli Conversion
In last week's essay I discussed a wonderful new book, "Spark Ignited" (Menorah Books) that describes the spiritual journey taken by two women that culminated in their conversion to the Jewish faith. This week I will to devote the bulk of this column to its prime author, Michaela Lawson, describing, much in her own words, her biography and some of her frustrations during her journey from her previous Christian faith to her acceptance of Judaism. ...

In my interview with her in Jerusalem last summer, Lawson devoted the bulk of her discussion to the conversion process, for which she had some pretty harsh impressions that she wishes to be shared with you.
To read the full review, click here.
ALAN JAY GERBER, The Kosher Bookworm
The Jewish Star, December 16, 2015
A Spark is Ignited and a Jewish Soul Lives
We live in interesting times that witness murder as state policy and also brazen and often violent religious intolerance.

These are also times, by contrast, of religious tolerance in many quarters between Judaism and Christianity, a spiritual give and take that would have been unheard of just a century ago.
Among this spiritual transference of belief that peaked my interest was a meeting I had in Jerusalem this past August with the two authors, both converts to Judaism, Michaela Lawson and Ashirah Yosefah. Their joint work, "Spark Ignited" (Menorah Books), hits a raw spiritual nerve of any reader sensitive enough to appreciate the sacrifice these ladies went through in their spiritual journey to our faith. ... To read full review, click here.

Ahmed Inaim, a Muslim IDF soldier protecting Israel's border with Gaza in 2013: "In my eyes, the most important value in the IDF is respect for human beings."

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