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Just Five Minutes

Sometimes when we want to study, we find it difficult to keep our focus on the topic at hand. But telling yourself, Just five minutes," will probably extend your focus for the next five minutes. You might then decide to study for "just (another) five minutes." These five-minute segments can be renewed as often as you choose.

There are many tasks that might need your attention, but you don't feel like doing them. However, you could find it relatively easy to take action for only five minutes. "Just five minutes" will enable you to do many things that you would otherwise neglect. Variations of this theme are: "Just ten minutes." "Just thirty minutes." "Just one hour."

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English News on Jerusaelem Computer station--check it out:
Here was an example of Monday's News:

  • IDF cracks down on Palestinian incitement.
  • Three IFD Soldiers wounded over the weekend.
  • London attacker yells: "This is for Syria".
  • Exclusive interview with International Institute for Counter Terrorism Expert Dr. Ely Karmon.
  • John Kerry warns Israel they must agree to two-State solution.
  • Political leader of Meretz party, Yosi Sarid is laid to rest.
  • Today's weather, Hebrew word of the day and more
Chanaka in Yakon, Miramar
Mongoose takes on Cobra:
Bigger isn't always the winner:

Ben Gurion named 4th best airport in the world

Readers of Conde Nast Traveler praise Israel's international airport for its accessibility and security.
By Cynthia Blank
First Publish: 12/6/2015, 10:22 AM

Ben Gurion departures hall
Ben Gurion departures hall
Moshe Shai/ Flash 90

Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport has been named the fourth best international airport in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveler's annual Reader's Choice Awards.

With a Readers' Rating of 73.414, Ben Gurion Airport falls short of the top slot by ten points to Changi Airport Singapore.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, Ben Gurion Airport can attribute its high score to its easy accessibility as well as top security.

"Named after Israel's first prime minister, this airport's highest score was for easy access from downtown Tel Aviv, nine miles to the north west. Known primarily for being one of the world's most secure airports, 15 million passengers passed through here in 2014 and it has consistently won awards for best airport in the Middle East."

"The country's national carrier, El Al, is the top dog here."

America's Top 10 "Zionaires": Billionaires Who Support Israel
Forbes magazine has recently released its annual list of "The Forbes 400", ranking the 400 wealthiest people in America. Breaking Israel Newswondered: How many of these Jewish and Christian billionaires are also "Zionaires" who use their fame and fortunes to support Israel through donations, investments, and advocacy? Below, find BIN's exclusive list of the top 10 Zionaires in America, each of whom has a net worth of over $2 billion.

1. Larry Ellison

No. 3 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $47.5 billion

Larry Ellison, the world's wealthiest Jew, made his fortune by founding the database-software giant Oracle Corporation. He and his wife have donated millions to various causes in Israel. Most notably, they donated $9 million in a lump sum to the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces through Friends of the IDF (FIDF). On an Israel visit in 2007, upon touring a community center in the southern city of Sderot, which often comes under rocket attacks from Gaza, he immediately pledged $500,000 towards reinforcing the center against rockets.

2. Michael Bloomberg

No. 8 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $38.6 billion

The former mayor of New York City is the second-wealthiest Jew on the list and famously pro-Israel. During last summer's Operation Protective Edge, he flew to Israel to express support, saying, "Israel has a right to defend its people, and they're doing exactly what they should be doing." Bloomberg has donated millions to improve Israel's medical services, dedicating a wing of Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital in honor of his mother and expanding and enhancing the city's main Magen David Adom emergency health service branch in honor of his father. In 2014, he won the $1 million Genesis Prize, also known as the "Jewish Nobel", and dedicated it to encouraging innovations and entrepreneurship inspired by Jewish values.

3. Sheldon Adelson

No. 15 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $26 billion

Adelson, who made billions through Las Vegas casinos, is one of the largest Israel donors in the world. He has given nearly $100 million to Birthright Israel, a program which brings young Jews from around the world on free trips to Israel. In 2006, Adelson gave $25 million to Jerusalem's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem. He has also given $5.2 million to FIDF and established a $4.5 million Jewish studies center in Israel. A summit hosted by Adelson raised $20 million towards organizing against anti-Israel boycotts and activities on US campuses. A close ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Adelson has advocated strongly for Israel's conservative Likud party.

4. Michael Dell

No. 23 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $19.1 billion

The Jewish founder of Dell Computers has used his wealth to bolster philanthropic causes across the US and Israel. In 2014, he donated $1.8 million to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, which provides general support for members of Israel's military. He has visited Israel several times.

5. Leslie Wexner

No. 63 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $7.6 billion

Wexner, who made his fortune from the Limited and Victoria's Secret chain, established the Wexner Foundation in 1984, which runs Israel programs and fellowships with the goal of "strengthening Israel's public leadership" and building bridges between policy makers in Israel and America. The program brings Israeli public officials to the US to earn all-expenses-paid master's degrees in Public Administration from Harvard University. Wexner also supports Birthright Israel and Hillel, which runs Jewish and pro-Israel programs on college campuses.

6. David Green

No. 88 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $5.4 billion

David Green, a devout evangelical Christian who founded the large crafts chain Hobby Lobby, says he has built his business "purely on Biblical principles." His son, Steve Green, is a major funder of the Covenant Journey, which has been called a "Christian Birthright". Covenant Journey, whose aim is to help strengthen Christian students' love for the Holy Land, brings American students to Israel on subsidized trips during which the students visit Christian holy sites. Visiting Israel, Green has said, "will create a foundational platform from which they can become goodwill ambassadors for Israel and the Jewish people."

7. Sam Zell

No. 107 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $4.9 billion

Zell, a business magnate who founded Equity Group Investments, is a major contributor to the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herziliya, Israel, giving a $3.1 million grant to the prestigious English-language college known for its programs in government, foreign relations and policy. Zell has also donated money to many Jewish causes in the US.

8. Robert Kraft

No. 108 of the Forbes 400 Net Worth: $4.8 billion

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, and his wife Myra have given over $100 million of their fortune to various philanthropic causes, including many Jewish and Israel-based programs and organizations. Their family foundation has endowed chairs in Jewish Studies at Boston College and Holy Cross College and a chair in Christian Studies at Brandeis Universities in order to promote Christian-Jewish understanding. The Krafts also donated millions of dollars to build Jerusalem's Kraft Family Stadium, where Israel's athletic leagues play and sporting and entertainment events are held. In addition, they have worked to support absorption programs for Ethiopian immigrants to Israel.

9. Ira Rennert

No. 108 of the Forbes 400Net Worth: $4.8 billion

The Rennert family, whose fortune came from investments, have contributed millions to a number of causes in Israel. They helped to fund the restoration of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and have donated to various centers for Jewish learning in the Holy Land. The Rennets have also donated hundreds of Torah scrolls to Israeli communities. Ira Rennert was also part of a group of US donors who pledged $25.4 million to building Jewish homes in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

10. Donald Trump

No. 121 of Forbes 400Net Worth: $4.5 billions

DonaldTrump, who made his money through real estate, has been a visible supporter of Israel. He has served as a grand marshal at New York's annual Salute to Israel Parade, and has been honored by the Algemeiner news organization. Trump supported Benjamin Netanyahu during the 2013 Israeli elections, putting out an ad in which he said, "You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu . . .Vote for Benjamin — terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel." His daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism and lives an Orthodox lifestyle with her husband and children.

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