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Enough!!! Time for the Jewish People to Stand up

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Remodel Your Anger Mistakes 

Realize that even the greatest people make errors of judgment when they are angry. Moshe was on an extremely high spiritual level and had profound insights. Nevertheless, when he became angry he erred in understanding the Almighty's will.

Think of three incidents when you made mistakes because you became angry. Right now, mentally "relive" those situations and imagine yourself handling them instead in the best possible way. Let this serve as a resource for the future.

Love Yehuda Lave


By: Ari Fuld

Published: January 19th, 2016

The funeral of Daphna Meir z"l

The funeral of Daphna Meir z"l
Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90


How many Jews have to be slaughtered by radical Muslim terrorists 'til we learn?

How many mothers, sons, daughters have to be murdered till we realize this is not a conflict about land or politics, but a war between a culture that worships death and one that values life!

I can't sleep, so here are my two cents:

Yesterday, a Jewish woman was murdered in front of her children by a Muslim terrorist. The terrorist, who was employed in the town of Otniel decided it was time to murder a Jew. According to the reports, Dafna fought off the terrorist in order to protect her own children and paid with her own life. There are now 6 orphans and a husband who will never again see the woman he loves.

Dafna was a mother of 6 beautiful children and exemplified the difference between us and our enemies. Two of Dafna's children are foster children and it was through kindness and the desire to give life to others that Dafna and her husband adopted these two children. It was this mother and her kindness that was the target of this hideous terrorist attack.

I know some will say this is not the time but I just can't hold my tongue anymore! I cannot help but blame ourselves for the ongoing wave of terror that has claimed the lives of so many Jews. When we have Israeli organizations and our own people making excuses for terrorists and using the same claims the murders are using as they plunge their knives into our mothers, fathers, brother, sisters, sons and daughters!

Radical Islamic ideology has been after the Jewish people long before any settlements were ever on the ground, so excuses have to STOP!

  • For God sake, Yasser Arafat started the PLO terrorist organization with the goal of destroying the Jewish State in 1964, that's 3 years before the Six Day War and 3 years before the derogatory meaning of the world settlement ever existed! What was his excuse then?
  • The Mufti teamed up with Hitler to murder Jews long before any settlements existed and before the State of Israel existed! The 1929 Hebron Massacre, was it because of the settlements?! It has to stop! If we do not start standing up for truth and for our right as Jews, we can't expect the world to do so.

I blame our own for giving terrorists power, guns, land and an accepted stand in the world. You can't blame the U.N for raising the PLO terrorist flag when WE were the ones to give them guns!

The majority of Muslims in this area are not radical? Really?! I know there are Muslims who are against terror, but let's stop making believe the majority in our neighborhood are for peace with Israel. Where is the 'Breaking The Silence" of the Muslim sector? Where is the "Peace Now" voice of the Islamic community in Israel?

Where are all the backstabbing organizations that Israel has to deal with when it comes to the Muslim side?!

The Israeli left-wing organizations that work on the same premise and use the same claims as our enemies do, are the fuel with which our enemies are driven.

How much longer are we going to make excuses for those who are murdering us!

Don't talk to me about a political solution when your definition of the problem is the same fabricated narrative that our enemies use to justify terrorism against us. How is that when one says they are for a "Two- State solution based on the borders of 1967", they are called the "Peace Camp," while those who say they are not willing to negotiate with TERRORISTS are the bad guys?

Forget about the fact that Jordan was governing the entire West Bank and Egypt had the entire Gaza strip between 1948-1967 and the 1967 lines have absolutely nothing to do with an Arab people called Palestinians, forget about the fact that even before the 1967 war Arabs were trying to annihilate the Jewish people.

Forget about it all! Let's say it's all true! What kind of sick world do we live in when stabbing a Jewish mother to death is considered "no news" in the best case scenario and a "justified reaction to a political conflict" in the worst case scenario!

I blame ourselves for not standing up for truth and our rights.

I blame ourselves for giving in to this new age "libertard" "smoke your peace pipe" garbage instead of yelling the truth from the rooftops.

A full generation of Israelis grew up being told we occupied, stole, conquered an Arab country called Palestine.

I dare anyone here to give me the year we occupied a place called Palestine from the Arabs! I dare anyone to give me the year an Arab country, State or national land called Palestine EVER existed! I dare you!

We have an entire generation of kids who when asked who was in Jerusalem pre-1967 they answer, the Palestinians! Why does Netanyahu mention a "Two State solution"? Why are we so scared to simply tell the truth! This is the Land of Israel and there will be no new Arab or Islamic State on this small country called Israel.

I blame ourselves for even contemplating splitting up this land that is smaller than the size of New Jersey and giving it away to the same people who have been trying to destroy us, even though they have 22 countries that are 500 times the size of Israel! I blame ourselves for accepting rocket fire from Gaza ( the area we ridiculously uprooted 10,000 Jewish families from) for 10 years before reacting!

I blame ourselves for the fact that we have accepted a reality that a Jew wishing to pray on the Temple Mount is considered a criminal and is arrested.

What now? Where do we go from here?

I don't know what the answer is, but I do know what it's not!

This whole "peace" fabrication that we have been sold for the past 20 years is NOT WORKING! Making concession to those who want us dead in the hope they will stop, is NOT WORKING! Apologizing to the world for a crime we did not commit in order to gain popularity, is NOT WORKING!

Here's an idea:

  • How about stop believing the world is going to be on our side no matter what we do!
  • How about annex Judea and Samaria and let them once again be a part of the Land of Israel. Not out of revenge but out of our historical right and the fact that both those areas are where we, the Jewish people, belong!
  • How about explaining loud and clear that Hebron is the burial place of our forefathers and mothers.
  • How about screaming the fact that WE, the Jewish people were in Jerusalem long before Islam ever existed!
  • How about point out the fact that Jerusalem has been free ONLY under the Jewish State.
  • How about proclaiming the Temple Mount as the TEMPLE MOUNT and put our damn foot down and say, YES! We will allow Jews to freely pray there.
  • How about we stop acting like victims and start standing up for ourselves in the face of terrorism!

How about we all show up tomorrow at Dafna's funeral to apologize and promise to make some changes…

About the Author: Ari Fuld is a sergeant in an IDF reserves elite paratroopers unit. His is the assistant director of Standing Together, an organization that supports IDF soldiers.

Kahane on the Parsha

Rabbi Binyamin Kahane

"Don't Cry to Me, Go Forward!"

When the Gulf War broke out and scud missiles started landing in Israel – the week of Parsaht Beshlach – it became quite popular to quote the verse "The L-rd will fight for you and you shall remain silent" (Exodus 14:14). Many religious Jews found this verse symbolic of the Gulf War. After all, here were Israeli cities getting bombarded by Iraqi missiles and the official government policy was one of "self- restraint," or "havlaga." "Everything will be okay," people proclaimed, "G-d will fight for us." (That is, America and its president, George Bush, will take out those Scud launchers and all will be fine.)

However, a closer look at this verse reveals that those who interpreted it in the aforementioned manner took it entirely out of context and, by so doing, completely distorted the awesome lesson to be learned from the splitting of the Red Sea.

First, let us see what the Torah says. Immediately following the verse "The L-rd will fight for you and you shall remain silent," the Torah states, "And the L-rd said unto Moses: Why do you cry unto Me? Speak to the Children of Israel that they should go forward!" (ibid.14:15). Already- without even consulting any of the classic commentators – we see that the Torah's message is not one of passivity. Moses does not say that G-d will fight for the people while they relax and take it easy. What he says is that the L-rd will fight for them if they prove that they truly believe in His omnipotence. Therefore, instead of crying to G-d, the Jews should simply obey His command and "go forward" into the stormy sea.

The Ibn Ezra writes that "you shall remain silent" corresponds to "and the Children of Israel cried to G-d." The Be'er Yitzchak explains the Ibn Ezra's words: "'You shall remain silent' does not correspond to 'the L-rd will fight for you,' which would imply that the Jews shouldn't fight, but rather to 'and the Children of Israel cried to G-d.'" In other words, the exact opposite of the oft-repeated, distorted interpretation that "you shall remain silent" means self-restraint and inaction. The Ibn Ezra teaches us that "you shall remain silent" means "stop crying to G-d." What should the people do instead? Act! – with trust in G-d.

This, in essence, is what Rashi writes: "This teaches us that Moses was standing and praying. The Holy One Blessed Be He said, 'Now, when Israel is in distress, it is not the time to prolong in prayer.'" The same message is found in the Talmud as well (Sotah 37a): "Moses was praying at length, so the Holy One Blessed Be He said, 'My beloved ones are drowning in the sea, and you're praying at length?' Moses said to G-d, 'L-rd of the Universe, what can I do?' He replied, 'Speak unto the Children of Israel that they should go forward. And you raise your rod and stretch out your hand . . . '"

The Rabbis tell us that the Children of Israel stood trembling by the shores of the Red Sea until G-d commanded them to "go forward." They remained paralyzed with fear and did not move. Only Nachshon did not hesitate to carry out G-d's command. He sprang forward into the raging waters. Nothing happened, but Nachshon was not concerned. He descended deeper into the water – up to his ankles, knees, stomach – and still nothing happened. Nachshon continued until the water reached his neck, and then cried to G-d "Oh G-d, save me because the water has come unto my soul. I sink deep in mire where there is no standing . . . " – whereupon the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea occurred (ibid.).

The lesson is crystal clear. When one's faith is tested, G-d demands, together with prayer, maximal effort through actual deeds. Was Nachshon's faith put to the test when he recited Psalms on the seashore? No. Even jumping into the stormy waters was not sufficient since he could still back out. Only by fulfilling G-d's will to the point of no return did he prove his faith. Nachshon understood that saying "I believe" and then waiting for salvation is not authentic faith. G-d demands that we prove our faith with action, no just words. Only be being willing to fulfill difficult, even seemingly "dangerous," mitzvoth do we prove that our faith is genuine.

Israel's policy of self-restraint during the Gulf crises was the antithesis of the true meaning of "you shall remain silent." He who saw the chosen people scurrying like roaches into their sealed-off closets while the modern day Goliath blasphemed G-d and His people for 40 days (with 40-1missiles) and viewed it as a positive thing, self-righteously proclaiming that "G-d will help," does not even begin to grasp the Jewish meaning of faith.

Not only did we lose our dignity and deterrence factor during the Gulf War, but we also demonstrated lack of faith. It is the same lack of faith that has prevented us from expelling the Arabs and annexing the territories. And it is only lack of faith that has brought us to the pathetic and desperate situation we find ourselves in today.

Written in Darka shel Torah 1992

Amzaing Holocaust Love Story

Rabbi Yosef Wallis, director of Arachim of Israel, talks to Project
Witness about his father, Judah Wallis, who was born and raised in
Pavenitz, Poland:

"While he was in Dachau, a Jew who was being taken to his death suddenly
flung a small bag at my father, Judah Wallis. He caught it, thinking it
might contain a piece of bread. Upon opening it, however, he was
disturbed to discover a pair of tefillin. Judah was very frightened
because he knew that were he to be caught carrying tefillin, he would be
put to death instantly. So he hid the tefillin under his shirt and
headed for his bunkhouse.

"In the morning, just before the appel [roll call], while still in his
bunkhouse, he put on the tefillin. Unexpectedly, a German officer
appeared. He ordered him to remove the tefillin, noted the number on
Judah's arm, and ordered him to go straight to the appel.

"At the appel, in front of thousands of silent Jews, the officer called
out Judah's number and he had no choice but to step forward. The German
officer waved the tefillin in the air and said, 'Dog! I sentence you to
death by public hanging for wearing these.'

"Judah was placed on a stool and a noose was placed around his neck.
Before he was hanged, the officer said in a mocking tone, 'Dog, what is
your last wish?'

"'To wear my tefillin one last time,' Judah replied.

"The officer was dumbfounded. He handed Judah the tefillin. As Judah put
them on, he recited the verse that is said while the tefillin are being
wound around the fingers: 'Ve'eirastich li le'olam, ve'eirastich li
b'tzedek uvemishpat, ub'chessed, uv'rachamim, ve'eirastich li b'emunah,
v'yodaat es Hashem—I will betroth you to me forever and I will betroth
you to me with righteousness and with justice and with kindness and with
mercy and I will betroth you to me with fidelity, and you shall know

"It is hard for us to picture this Jew with a noose around his neck,
wearing tefillin on his head and arm — but that was the scene that the
entire camp was forced to watch, as they awaited the impending hanging
of the Jew who had dared to break the rule against wearing tefillin.
Even women from the adjoining camp were lined up at the barbed wire
fence that separated them from the men's camp, forced to watch this
horrible sight.

"As Judah turned to watch the silent crowd, he saw tears in many
people's eyes. Even at that moment, as he was about to be hanged, he was
shocked. Jews were crying! How was it possible that they still had tears
left to shed? And for a stranger? Where were those tears coming from?
Impulsively, in Yiddish, he called out, 'Yidden, don't cry. With
tefillin on, I am the victor. Don't you understand, I am the winner!'

"The German officer understood the Yiddish and was infuriated. He said
to Judah, 'You dog, you think you are the winner? Hanging is too good
for you. You are going to get another kind of death.'

"Judah, my father, was taken from the stool and the noose was removed
from his neck. He was forced into a squatting position and two huge
rocks were placed under his arms. Then he was told that he would be
receiving 25 lashes to his head — the head on which he had dared to
position his tefillin. The officer told him that if he dropped even one
of the rocks, he would be shot immediately. In fact, because this was
such an extremely painful form of death, the officer advised him, 'Drop
the rocks now. You will never survive the 25 lashes to the head. Nobody
ever does.'

"Judah's response was, 'No, I won't give you the pleasure.'

"At the 25th lash, Judah lost consciousness and was left for dead. He
was about to be dragged to a pile of corpses , after which he would have
been burned in a ditch, when another Jew saw him, shoved him to the
side, and covered his head with a rag, so people didn't realize he was
alive. Eventually, after he recovered consciousness fully, he crawled to
the nearest bunkhouse that was on raised piles, and hid under it until
he was strong enough to come out under his own power. Two months later
he was liberated.

"During the hanging and beating episode, a 17-year-old girl had been
watching the events from the women's side of the fence. After
liberation, she made her way to the men's camp and found Judah. She
walked over to him and said, 'I've lost everyone. I don't want to be
alone any more. I saw what you did that day when the officer wanted to
hang you. Will you marry me?'"

The rest is history. Rabbi Yosef Wallis' parents (for this couple became
his parents) walked over to the Klausenberger Rebbe and requested that
he perform the marriage ceremony. The Klausenberger Rebbe, whose kiddush
Hashem is legendary, wrote out a kesubah by hand from memory and married
the couple. Rabbi Wallis has that handwritten kesubah in his possession
to this day.


Grant me the senility to forget the people
I never liked anyway,
The good fortune to run into the ones I do,

And the eyesight to tell the difference.


Shed a little light--song tribute to MLK

Just in case you needed a laugh:Remember, it takes a college degree to fly a plane, but only a high school diploma to fix one; that'sreassurance to those of us who fly routinely.

After every flight,
UPS pilots fill out a form called a 'gripe sheet' which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft.

The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight.

Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by UPS pilots (marked with a P) and the solutions recorded (marked with an S) by maintenance engineers.

By the way,
UPS is the only major airline that has never, ever, had an accident....
P: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement.

S: Almost replaced left inside main tire.


P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough.

S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft.


P: Something loose in cockpit

S: Something tightened in cockpit


P: Dead bugs on windshield.

S: Live bugs on back-order.


P: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent

S: Cannot reproduce problem on ground.


P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear.

S: Evidence removed.


P: DME volume unbelievably loud.

S: DME volume set to more believable level.


P: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick.

S: That's what friction locks are for.


P: IFF inoperative in OFF mode.

S: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode.


P: Suspected crack in windshield.

S: Suspect you're right.


P: Number 3 engine missing.

S: Engine found on right wing after brief search


P: Aircraft handles funny.
(I love this one!)
S: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right and be serious.


P: Target radar hums.

S: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics.


P: Mouse in cockpit.

S: Cat installed.


And the best one for last

P: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer.

S: Took hammer away from the midget

Israel on top of the world miraculous accomplishment in 68 years

Subject: Israel on top of the world: miraculous accomplishments in 68 years--the Almighty gave us the skills to make it happen.

What the industrial world needs to be aware of now and for the future as well.