Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Mayor and I at city hall Part One

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Wish People a Joyful Day

It's nice to have a nice day. But it's great to have a joyful day. Wish people a joyful day. Compare the standard "Have a nice day," with "Have a joyful day!" What kind of a day would you prefer to have?

It would be incongruous to say, "Have a joyful day!" in a dull tone of voice with a sad look on your face. So allow yourself to experience joy when you wish others joy.

What will happen when you regularly wish people a joyful day? Experiment and see. 

Love Yehuda Lave

Tomorrow I also am experimenting by sending my Wendesday email from my second server. Please let me know if you do not get an email tomorrow. I will be back to this server on Thrusday.

The Mayor and I at Safra Square Part one of two


A Shtetl By the Sea -- a Yiddish history of Miami Beach


Shlomo Carlebach Yakar, Jerusalem Summer of 1994 Filmed by Netanel Shor


Extremely rare footage of Willie Nelson from 1962


COULD YOU BE LOVED? Definitely stop scrolling & listen! Israelis Make Ultimate A Capella Bob Marley Tribute This awesome a capella version of Bob Marley's 'Could You Be Loved' was made by Israeli musicians in honor of what would have been the late Marley's 70th Birthday. An event is being held in Israel on January 31 to celebrate in Tel Aviv.


A yellow-haired labrador encounters a boy with Downs-Syndrome for the first time. How he reacts left me speechless.


Gun Confiscation Begins in California: Agents perform full-blown home raids for legally-purchased firearms...

Police shoved two M16s within inches of gun owner Joe Mendez's face during a raid on his house to seize his legally-purchased firearms.

Fourteen officers total were involved.

Police even showed up later to lie to Mendez's wife about the raid, saying that they were only taking a report after her car was involved in a "hit and run."

All of the targeted APPs had purchased their firearms legally but the State of California declared afterwards that they were prohibited from gun ownership due to minor misdemeanor convictions or mental health concerns.

Gov. Jerry Brown even signed a bill this past spring to expand the program by spending $24 million to hire an additional 36 officers for a total of 69 agents to track down nearly 20,000 people on the APP list.

Before they can embark on gun confiscations, officers perform "tedious, expensive and time-consuming work, requiring hours of background checks and cross-referencing," as reported by NPR.

"There's a lot of work that goes into these," said California Dept. of Justice spokesperson Michelle Gregory to NPR. "People aren't always home, there's different stories as to where the firearms may be and there's a lot of follow-up [that] needs to happen after."

"So there's still going to be a lot of work even after they come out to these homes trying to confiscate these weapons."

In 2011, a gun confiscation sweep across 43 counties over a six week period resulted in over 1,200 firearms seized from 723 people.

Later on, the state can easily expand the list of "prohibited persons" to include even people who are behind on their state taxes or did not pay their toll fees on time.

This is clear evidence that gun registration ultimately leads to confiscation. Read more via Infowars...

RARE- Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D speaks in Woodmere, NY


TV watching for long periods of time linked to eight major diseases

The National Cancer Institute in Michigan discovered that long-term TV watchers are at risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, influenza, pneumonia, Parkinson's and liver disease.

Read the full story:


29 October 2015

Scientists develop new test to spot Diabetes symptoms up to 10 YEARS before disease