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Babylonian mystery solved: 3,700-year-old 'Indiana Jones' tablet reveals its secrets

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Make A Top Ten List

Make A Top Ten List

When you feel that problems are weighing you down, make a list of 10 reasons why you can still be happy.

If the reasons come from an external source, you might brush them off. But if you develop a list yourself, you will always be able to find at least 10 reasons that are "real" to you.

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Babylonian mystery solved: 3,700-year-old 'Indiana Jones' tablet reveals its secrets


FORTY YEARS (excerpts)


[Written in 1982 and Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D saw the handwriting on the wall and warned us what will be.] bg


"They refused My counsel, they despised My reproof; therefore shall they eat of the fruits of their own path, and be filled with their own devices. " (Proverbs 1)


The reality is that the same Israel which rejected G-d for the love of the gentile; which made concession after concession and which sacrifices Jewish lives and Jewish land, which chose Man over G-d is the worst possible desecration of the Name – faces the immutable future of isolation and rejection on the part of a gentile world that moves inexorable to force her into even more concessions until the final one – extinction.  We seek the support of the broken reed called Man?  Here it is; we lean upon it even as it breaks and drives its slivers deep into us.


"Now behold thou trustiest upon the staff of this broken reed, on Egypt, on which if a man lean it will go into his hand and pierce it, so Pharaoh King of Egypt unto all that trust in him"  (Kings II. 18).  [change Egypt for the U.S.]bg


More, the full meaning of the measure for measure is the fact that the lack of faith, the fleeing to the gentile, the clear message of fear and dependency upon him, must only INVITE pressure and strangulation.  We open the doors to his crushing, chocking demands, precisely through our fear of him.  That which we most fear – isolation and hostility – we bring directly upon ourselves.  "How wondrous are Thy works, O L-rd!"


"We looked for peace but no good came, and for a time of healing and behold trouble!"  (Jeremiah 8 


Despite all concessions and retreats, the Jewish State will remain a pariah, rebuked, condemned, brutalized in the Council of Nations and Abominations.  It will cling pitifully to one ally whose pressure grows regularly and who, seeing how Israel retreats in the face of it; will repeat it with ever greater frequency and pain.  The ally has its interests that clash with those of the Jewish State.  The sickly moans of protest by Jews that Israel is of vital interest to the ally will go unheeded by gentiles who thirst for Arab oil, hunger for Arab financial investment and business opportunities, languish for Arab military and strategic commitments to fight the Red Baron of Moscow.  Prostrating Prime Ministers may flatter the gentile in a manner that transcends embarrassment and plead for a treaty of defense and partnership.  Israeli actors cannot match the gentile ones and the Jew will receive compliments along with the painful strangulations, but the ally will be creating his bases and training jointly on the soil of the Arab and training jointly with Moslem soldiers. "The Arab and the Ally" is the sign of the partnership office in the Middle East. "Consider my enemies for they are many and they hate me with cruel hatred." (Psalms 25)


Israel will be, at best, a nuisance for America.  It will become – more and more and America will say openly – an increasingly intolerable burden to be dropped.  The price for Arab aid and alliance being the divestment of Israel, the gentile begins to do just that.  Such is the result of the seeds of Jewish fear and divestment of G-d.  This is the necessary fruit of faithlessness.  G-d will never allow salvation through the desecration that is trust in the gentile.  "Lo, it is a people that dwell alone."  (Numbers 23)


The Jew, led by men of little faith become masters of political deception, refuses to see it.  No matter, it is true, Israel has already collapsed before pressure from the gentile and swallowed Arab humiliation and mockery.  There is more to come; much more.  Every retreat before the gentile invites more pressure and the fingers will clench about Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the liberated land, including Jerusalem.  Those who cry out today:  "We must concede and compromise lest we lose the support of our gentile staff", will say the same tomorrow, and there is no end to it.


"I was a reproach among all my enemies, yes, unto my neighbors exceedingly and a dread to my acquaintance…  They devised to take away my life." (Psalms 31).


The reality is that the leaders of Israel are frightened of the reality.  Despite deception and deviousness they – because of lack of faith – have no policy and in their hearts is only the hope of muddling through and gaining time until they have finished their sojourn.  Then: Apr├Ęs moi…


They and the people.  In the unconscious of the nation is a fear, a terrible fear that perhaps time is not on their side, that ultimately the enemy will win.  It is seen in the nervous and tension in the streets and public places.  In the growing numbers of people who seek to emigrate.  In the private conversations - in the mad, illogical race to live beyond their means, they repeat the call of their fathers:  "Eat and drink, for tomorrow…"


A land filled with guilt and fear, a land increasingly sullen, angry, an unhappy land filled with unhappy complaining people.  Where once certainty and optimism painted the faces with sun, today the clouds of worry and barely concealed fear darken the countenance.  As not an area of national life succeeds and as the piper comes for payment, and as political, economic and social disaster loom, it is a country falling apart even as the leaders of fraud deny it to those who they fear will turn them out of office or take to the streets. And as the fear and guilt and addiction to self and "I" overpower us, hatred between Jew and Jew grows.  Hatred between those who differ in politics; hatred between those who differ in country origin; hated between those who have and know not what they have, and all the others.  But above all, hatred on the part of the empty-headed and empty-hearted who know the bankruptcy of their lives towards those who speak in the Name of the L-rd and who seek to create a people of the swine,  They look upon the representative of Torah and seethingly think to devour him with all the crunching of the donkey.  A land made for joy of holiness and the freedom that comes from compliance with the Law of G-d, becomes a sullen place, a prison for those who are chained by their own unfettered desires.


"But you gave the Nazarites wine to drink and commanded the prophets saying:  Prophecy not."  (Amos 2).

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