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Thousands Expected on Temple Mount Come Jerusalem Liberation Day

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State your Goal when Impatient

Develop the habit of repeating, "This, too, will increase my patience."

How often will you say this? The more impatient you are when you start this process, the more frequently you will find this beneficial. The problem itself will be the source of the solution.

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Thousands Expected on Temple Mount Come Jerusalem Liberation Day

Photo Credit: Screenshot
Israeli soldiers raise the flag over the Temple Mount, June 7, 1967

The Temple organizations expect that the upcoming Jerusalem Liberation Day, May 13, will see a record rise in the number of Jewish visits to the holy site, the largest since the destruction of the Temple 1,947 years ago.

Back in 1967, General Mordechai Gur made his immortal declaration, "Har Ha'Bayit B'Yadeinu" (The Temple Mount is in our hands), only to be reversed a few hours later by then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, who handed over the keys to the most sacred Jewish site to the Jordanian Waqf. The Headquarters of the Temple Mount Organization believe that the presence of 2,000 Jews on that hallowed ground will go a long way to making that brave Israeli General's statement a reality once again.


According to the Headquarters of Temple Organizations, the past year—the jubilee year for the liberation of the Temple Mount back in 1967, has already seen a record in both quantity and quality of Jews' return to their Temple. By quality, the group means ascents to the Temple Mount following a dip in a ritual bath, in keeping with Jewish law.

"With the dramatic increase in the number of Jewish visitors, the police has begun to change its attitude toward the Jews on the Temple Mount," the group said in a recent statement to its members, noting that "the long waits at the entrance to the Mount have disappeared and the restrictions on the size of the Jewish groups hardly exist anymore."

"Even the outrageous directive against prayer on the Mount is no longer enforced against those who pray non-demonstratively," the group stated.

"Jerusalem is always at the top of our joy, and the top of the top is the Temple Mount," the statement said. "The Temple Mount is on the news agenda, as befits the heart of the world. Jews ascend every day to the Temple Mount in holiness and purity. Even the vocal opponents of the Temple help bring the return to the Temple to the top of the national agenda."

As to numbers, according to the statement, "last Passover, about 2,600 Jews ascended to the Temple Mount, Almost double their number the previous year. They joined the hundreds of rabbis and tens of thousands of rank and file individuals who are ascending to the Temple Mount in keeping with halacha throughout the year."

The headquarters of the Temple organizations and the Temple Mount Yeshiva say that they intend to push those numbers further up on Jerusalem Liberation Day. Last year on the celebrated day, following a campaign that involved rabbis and celebrities, more than a thousand Jews arrived at the Temple Mount. This year, the headquarters say, "we aim to double the number of Jews, and bring 2,000 Jews to the Temple Mount in holiness and purity."

Temple movements activists are agitating for breaking the record through widespread publication of the rabbis' calls to ascend to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Liberation Day, and by subsidizing transportation from yeshivas and population centers for Jews interested in going to the Temple Mount on that day.

May 14 Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem to Include Mezuzah-Hanging Ceremony

Photo Credit: Noam Revkin Fenton / Flash 90
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the priestly blessing of the Kohanim during the intermediate days of the Jewish holiday of Passover. He is encouraging an official mezuzah-hanging ceremony for May 14, when the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is scheduled to be dedicated.

by Yori Yalon and Israel Hayom Staff

As part of the May 14 ceremony to mark the official opening of the U.S. Embassy, a mezuzah will be affixed to the embassy building.


According to a  Channel 20 report, organizers decided on the unusual move of holding a religious ceremony to install the mezuzah as a gesture to Israel and following the recommendation of U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

At a special event to mark the 70th anniversary of Israel's founding at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem on Monday, Friedman said he sees Jerusalem as a religious place.

"I hope that young Jews, in particular children, will connect to their Jewish and Israeli roots," he said.

Meanwhile, preparations ahead of the May 14 transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem are continuing apace. Work is being carried out on the site on David Flusser Street in Jerusalem's Arnona neighborhood that currently provides U.S. consular services. When the embassy first officially moves, the U.S. Embassy will be situated in what is now the U.S. Consulate building. According to reports, the U.S. later intends to build a larger facility to serve as the embassy on an adjacent property.

Prior to the initial opening, the U.S. is paving an additional access road to the consulate building for Friedman and his staff, along with another escape route to be used in case of emergency. In addition, a new lighting system is being installed around the consulate to better illuminate the complex and make it easier to secure the site.

A large security team has been stationed on the roads leading to the consulate building to carefully surveil individuals and vehicles approaching the compound.

While most local residents say they are happy about the U.S. Embassy's transfer to Jerusalem, some fear that the move will negatively impact their quiet residential neighborhood. Some residents have complained about the plan to erect a tall wall around the entire compound, which presently is surrounded by a tall see-through fence only on three sides. Yet while some residents have already filed their objections to the plan, those objections are expected to denied, as moving the embassy to Jerusalem is considered an issue of national importance.

The Jerusalem Municipality, along with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, has been assisting the U.S. to make sure the move of the embassy to Jerusalem goes as smoothly as possible.

Israel Gets its First Cycling Tunnel

Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir / TPS
Participant in GFNY that will be first riders in the new Cycling tunnel, Jerusalem. Apr 23, 2018

by Mara Vigevani

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat inaugurated Israel's longest underground cycling tunnel on Monday, saying the project highlighted the difference between Israel and Hamas.


"It's a great honor for me, as a believer in sports, to inaugurate such a special gift to cyclists," Barkat said at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 2.1 kilometer Gihon Tunnel.

"We use tunnels for good purposes, such as sports, in contrast to Hamas," Barkat told reporters.

During the inauguration, the capital's sports-loving mayor cycled together with professional cyclists such as Paz Bash of the Israel Women's cycling national team and representatives of the Israel Cycling Academy team, through the tunnel and back.

The tunnel — which starts at Ein Lavan, close to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo in the southwest of the city and ends at the Kerem junction, near Hadassah Hospital — was built in the 1990s to serve the HaGihon water utility.

Two years ago, Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority decided to pave a track through the tunnel, above the water passage, and add it to the Jerusalem circular biking trail, a 42-kilometer-long route that passes through several parks and nature reserves around the capital.

The tunnel will officially open Friday to riders participating in the international cycling marathon series  Gran Fondo New York (GFNY) which is taking place in Jerusalem for the first time.

The GFNY Jerusalem event will take place on two tracks, one of 70 km and the other of 130 km. Both will start from the Jerusalem Sports Center in the southwest of the city and pass through major tourist spots such as the Old City, Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, Mount Scopus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Knesset and the picturesque Ein Karem neighborhood.

"Some 1800 riders will participate in the event with more than 300 arriving from 23 countries," said Ilan Zaviv co-founder of GFNY Jerusalem.

Shaun Gad, originally from New York and now lives in Mexico, co-founder and CEO of GFNY World was also at today's inauguration of the cycling tunnel.

"I am very happy to be at the inauguration of the tunnel that has been paved for the GFNY Jerusalem; we never raced in a tunnel," Gad said.

GFNY was founded eight years ago and takes place in more than ten countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Portugal, Panama and Germany.

The GFNY Jerusalem race is part of a series of cycling events that will take place in Jerusalem during the next week. Friday will also see the " Sovev Yes Planet Jerusalem" — one of the largest popular cycling events in Israel — and a week later, the Giro d'Italia, Italy's prestigious multi-stage cycling event, will kick off from Jerusalem, the first time it has been held outside Europe.


All Hail Breaks Loose in Negev City of Arad


All 'hail' broke loose in Arad for about 20 minutes Thursday afternoon when a freak thunderstorm hurled hail the size of giant marbles — or in Israeli terms, the size of cherry tomatoes — down on the city, sending pedestrians and usually imperturbable street cats scurrying for cover.

The bizarre cloudburst ended as suddenly as it began, leaving small heaps of hail that looked like leftover mothballs and pools of water along the curbs and in the parks.

Jerusalem House By Netanyahu Family Home Sold For NIS 11.5m

A house in Jerusalem's Old Katamon neighborhood was recently sold for NIS 11.5 million. The house is at number 1 Haportzim St., opposite 4 Haportzim the Netanyahu family home where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu grew up. Netanyahu's late father, Prof. Ben Zion Netanyahu, lived there until a few years ago. The house is within walking distance of Talbiyeh, the German Colony and Rehavia.
The house at 1 Haportzim St. is 280 square meters in size, covering three floors and a basement and includes a 200-sq.m. garden and rights to build another 70 square meters. The home includes a large 110 square meter lounge, five bedrooms and an internal elevator as well as a private terrace. The well-lot basement has a kitchen, bathroom and separate entrance. The house was built during the British mandate and the sellers, who bought the property 25 years ago, have carried out major renovations.
Full Story (Globes English - Jerusalem house by Netanyahu family home sold for NIS 11.5m)


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