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We have been fighting for this land for a long time-We are not leaving

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Think and Act Your Wisest and Best

 The quality of your choices will depend greatly on your mental state at the decision-making moment. Your choices will be different if you are at your wisest and best.

When you are at your wisest, you think more clearly. You weigh your options more skillfully. You give greater thought to the possible outcomes of a specific course of action. You realize when something is not a good idea. Since your quality of thinking is at its highest, your decision will be the best choice that you can make at that moment.

When you are at your best, your talents and skills represent your best efforts. Remember your best moments and utilize this to create your wisest and best ways of thinking and acting.

Love Yehuda Lave

The year was 1830, and Rebbe Avraham Dov of Avritch made aliyah to Tzfat. He always had a deep love for Eretz Yisrael, so when he was 65 years old and the Rav of Avrtich, he decided he would finally leave everything and make aliyah.

To make a long story short, life in Tzfat was really hard and the Rebbe couldn't adjust. He decided to return to Avritch, when – all of a sudden - he heard strange noises coming from the rooftops. He was told that the noise was the women of  Tzfat removing all their possessions from the roof before the rain.

"Not a cloud in the sky", he asked. "What rain? What's going on?" The people reminded the Rebbe that it was the 7th of Cheshvan (when Jews in Israel begin praying for rain) and they sincerely believed that it would rain as soon as they requested it.

He couldn't believe the incredible faith, these simple Yidden had in Hashem. This opened his eyes to the beauty of the Land and the close connection to Hashem that existed all around. He decided not to leave.

After that, the Rebbe suffered further terrible hardships, including being kidnapped and almost beaten to death by Druze thugs who lived nearby. People would come to him crying in despair, especially after the great earthquake in 1837 which destroyed over 80% of Tzefat, yet he told them all; "Never leave Tzfat, no matter what!!"

Fast forward to 1948. Tzfat was in a state of siege and the Arabs were about to attack the Jewish community. The fighters had to decide if they should fight or evacuate and save everyone from what seemed like certain death. They debated but couldn't decide. Finally, they agreed to go to sleep for a few hours and regroup early in the morning.

That night, the commander of the Tzfat forces had a dream. The Rebbe Avraham Dov appeared to him and said one thing, over and over again: "Never leave Tzfat, no matter what!" In the morning, the commander announced his decision that they would stay and fight. Baruch Hashem, although the battle was difficult, the Jews of Tzfat succeeded in driving out the Arabs and the community was miraculously saved! The city of Tzfat remained in Jewish hands… until this very day!

A little background is necessary for the first letter. The year was 1942 and, if you think times are difficult now, that was nothing compared to 1942 in Israel. The Nazis (may their memory be cursed) were advancing towards Israel – they were already in Egypt - and were working hand in hand with the Arabs. Danger existed everywhere and people were afraid to leave their homes. Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, one of the leaders of the Zionist movement (and future 2nd president of Israel), actually asked the US government to allocate ships for the evacuation of the Jewish population from Eretz Yisrael! As a response, the Etzel underground movement published a placard and posted it across the land. Here is what it said: (Thanks to Yair Wiseman for sending this to me).

Announcement to the Hebrew Public!

In light of the situation, the National Military Organization (Etzel) in the Land of Israel announces its decisions to the entire Hebrew public, as follows:

  1. Even in the event that the German enemy nears the borders of our Homeland, the Hebrew youth will not retreat from the Land of Israel under any circumstances, but rather, will fight according to its plans, under Hebrew command and for the Hebrew state.

  2. The Hebrew youth will smash the Arab enemy, if it will raise its head and dare to harm the honor and wellbeing of the Hebrew settlement.

  3. The public is requested to lend a hand to strengthen the ranks of the Hebrew youth that is fighting to establish the Hebrew army and for the liberty of Israel.


The National Military Organization (Etzel) in the Land of Israel

20 Tamuz, 5702 / July 5, 1942

10 of the Strangest Customs of Ancient Egypt

What are some of the strangest customs from ancient Egypt? Would it be how they handled childbirth? Or would it be how they handled royal marriages? Find out some of the strangest customs from ancient Egypt in this video!

These are the precepts that have no prescribed measure: the corner of a field [which must be left for the poor], the first-fruit offering, etc. (Peah 1:1).


This portion of the Talmud is recited in the introductory prayers of the morning service, in order that a person begin the day with a portion of the Oral Law. Of the hundreds of thousands of passages of the Talmud, why was this one selected?

This passage lists five items that have no prescribed measure. The implication is that other than these five, everything has a limit. With this important concept, we should begin our day.

Some people know no limits. Many behavioral excesses have joined the category of "olics," so that we now have not only alcoholics, but workaholics, foodaholics, chocoholics, sportaholics, worryaholics, etc. Any activity can be over done.

More of a good thing is not necessarily better, as people with obesity, for example, have discovered. Unfortunately, many people who do something to excess are not aware of their error. They believe that they are still acting within the normal range.

As with alcoholics, people who are affected by any excessive behavior are generally unable to set limits for themselves. Outsiders must make objective observations to recognize if reasonable limits have been exceeded. We would be wise to seek the appraisal of competent and interested people to help us determine whether we are functioning within the range of accepted norms.

Today I shall ...
be aware that I may be exceeding limits in some aspects of my behavior and seek a competent outside evaluation of myself.

How to Know G-d.

Rabbi Aaron's take on seeing G-d

Israel Railways against placing tefillin in cars

Israel Railways prevented the Chabad man from offering passengers to put on phylacteries during a train ride. This was published on 103 fm The train: "Any unauthorized action is prohibited

Israel Railways prevented a Chabad man from Safed from offering to put on tefillin during a train ride from Lod to Carmiel, the Anatolia news agency reported.

During a routine train ride from Lod to Karmiel, Chabad Chassidim turned to the passengers and invited them to put on Tefillin.

A few minutes later, a supervisor asked them to stop. "An inspector approached him and asked him to stop on the grounds that passengers complained that he was bothering them," said the father of one of them, Rabbi Asi Spiegel.

"My son made it clear to the inspector that he was offering this to the people sitting on the train and not forcing anyone to put on tefillin and that it was a mitzvah - but the inspector did not hear what he said."

Rabbi Spiegel said that his son shared with him the details of the event, which surprised him greatly. "I have never been approached by a supervisor and asked me to stop," said Rabbi Spiegel, who for decades has been telling Jews around the world to put on tefillin, "This is not about harassing people in the public sphere, "We are sensitive professionals and know when to respect the other - and in recent years they feel that this is a religious persecution."

The chairman of the secular forum, Dr. Ram Fruman, referred to the case: "In every public place, people have the right not to suffer harassment, not even from other religions ... There are countries in the world where this is customary, but we do not live in such a country, We want to live in a country like this. "

Anyone who wants to put on tefillin is allowed and I will fight for his right to do so. Ben-Gurion Airport has a certain booth where people come willingly and no one forces them. I do not think that anyone There's a problem with that. By the way, there are a lot of religious people who suffer from this contempt of Judaism and the solicitation of religion. "

Rabbi Spiegel criticized the conduct of the liberal organizations, saying: "This phenomenon has existed for many years, and we occasionally get shouts, but in a video we saw at the airport, we were exposed to the impatience and acceptance of the other liberals. Because the banner of liberalism has become aggressive. "

Dr. Fruman responded by saying, "Chabad is an aggressive organization, and I have not seen them show liberalism when talking to them about evolution."

The Israel Railways said in response:"According to Israel Railways procedures, any action not expressly approved by railway workers at the station or on the train itself is prohibited. And ask the passengers to respect the passengers and privacy of the train, and to allow everyone to enjoy the road. "


Laurel & Hardy Attend Prison-School

a Colored classic

Top 12 NEW Electric Scooters YOU MUST SEE

The amount of different electric scooter models on the market is growing every day, new manufacturers appear, while others seize production. We compiled for you a list of the best models that are on sale this year with comparison of prices and technical specifications. All of these scooters are available to buy from their respective Amazon, Indiegogo, Kickstarter and web site pages in the year of 2017 or early 2018. They are fast, compact, foldable, have long range, lightweight, cheap and affordable, but also expensive models are reviewed. On this list are presented off-road, sit and stand and three-wheel scooters.

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