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The world wide work of honoring the Jewish Dead and maintaining the Grave Yards

  Learn From All Of Life

Be resolved to learn constantly from everyone in your immediate surroundings. When you see someone with positive character traits, learn from him traits you can work on developing. And when you see someone with negative traits, focus on the harm of having those traits!

Keep learning from life itself. There is no phenomenon in the world from which you cannot learn something practical. By utilizing every opportunity to gain wisdom, you will constantly keep improving and growing.

Today, list at least five people you encounter frequently. Then think of a positive quality you can learn from each one.

Love Yehuda Lave

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John Kerry
Kerry's daughter:
Initially, the Peace Corpss awarded Dr. Vanessa Kerry's group — now called Seed Global Health — with   a three-year contract worth $2 million of State Department money on Sept. 10, 2012, documents show. Her father was then the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which   oversees both the Department of State and the Peace Corps.
Seed secured a four-year extension in September 2015, again without competition. This time, the Peace Corps gave the nonprofit $6.4 million provided by the Department of State while John Kerry was secretary of state.
Nothing surprises me anymore....but sometimes they explain other things.
Who's married to John Kerry's daughter ..
Who knew, Surprise - Surprise!
Nothing ever from the news media on this!
In 2009 the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry (Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry), married an Iranian physician named Dr. Brian Vale Nahed .
No mainstream media reported this.
Guess who was the best man at the wedding?
Mohammad Javad Zarif.
So who is Mr. Zarif?, 
He's just the current   Minister of Foreign Affairs for Iran .  
He was Kerry's chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations that recently concluded ......meaning Kerry was dealing with his daughter's father-in-law.  Cozy, 'eh?
Can you say "Conflict of interest" .... after of course,
"Breach of national security"... and
"Aiding and abetting" one of our principal National Enemies
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In a victory for privacy, Supreme Court rules cellphone tracking records are off-limits without a warrant

In a victory for privacy in the digital era, the Supreme Court ruled Friday that the Constitution protects tracking data from a cellphone, requiring police to have a search warrant to obtain cell tower records that show a person's movement for days or weeks.

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Train a lad according to his manner; even when he grows old he will not deviate from it (Proverbs 22:6).

Parents have the primary responsibility for training their children, and most do their utmost to provide their children with the tools to carry them successfully through life. Generally, the emphasis in education is on skills that will enable children to earn a livelihood and be contributing members of society.

Parents also hope that their children will live to a ripe old age. When that wish comes true, the former child who is now a septuagenarian retiree cannot make much use of the livelihood skills the parents had provided. Diseases of old age may preclude many activities, including driving a car, and a house bound, bored retiree may find the "golden years" a burden. Parents should therefore provide their children with a training that will serve as a basis for adapting to all phases of life.

Yes, even when their children are the tender age of five, parents should be thinking about providing for their happiness sixty years later. As the Psalmist says, They will blossom in their old age (Psalms 92:15).

Today I shall ...
prepare myself as well as my children with the means to make the later years of life enjoyable rather than monotonous.

European mockery hides European hypocrisy Victor Sharpe

Posted By on May 5th, 2018

To paraphrase Benjamin Disraeli: "There are lies, damned lies and European Union hypocrisy in descending order."

It is as clear as day follows night that the Europeans enjoy and luxuriate in their business dealings with Iran. So when they come, one after the other, to beg President Trump to keep in place – with some modifications – the execrable nuclear deal that Obama and Kerry contrived with the Iranian mullahs, it is in reality to maintain and retain their lucrative and morally reprehensible trade deals with the terror regime, which calls itself the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Iranian mullahs and their armed thugs known as the Revolutionary Guard sought defensively to mock Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech because he exposed them as the dangerous terrorists and congenital liars that they are.

But the majority of the  European Union leaders by benefiting from the nuclear deal with Iran have also willingly and covertly created a catastrophic threat to regional and world peace.

Unlike them, any reasonable person knows that Netanyahu's speech did a great service to Judeo-Christian and Western civilization in proving that Iran's nuclear weapons program allows Islamic fundamentalism to endanger the entire world.

So now, the fatally biased and left leaning mainstream media, which hates both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, again mocks, as they did when Bibi Netanyahu first warned the world several years ago against the appalling threat to the world from the atrocious Obama nuclear deal with Iran. A deal which both enriches with billions of dollars the terror sponsoring mullahs and helps speed the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The same MSM in the United States made the false claim at the time that Netanyahu was trying to create a confrontation with the Obama Administration. Also, at the same time, they tried to manipulate public opinion by claiming that the flawed nuclear deal with Iran was good and important and must be upheld.

They were wrong, but for the uninformed the poison pill had been delivered. And the MSM and the Left continue to mock and obfuscate even now.

After Netanyahu's undeniable facts on Iranian duplicity, the MSM along with too many politicians – mostly from the Left, but with some of the usual suspects on the Right – falsely claim that no evidence of Iran's rush to acquire nuclear weapons was forthcoming. It would appear that the truth for such people is no longer relevant in this alternate universe they have entered.

At the same time that boundless hatred spews from the mouths of the MSM talking heads and from warped politicians, another inconvenient truth is now too sickening to be avoided; especially by the European Union.

On April 30th, the titular head of the so-called PLO and Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, reverted again to his known anti-Jewish bigotry and racism. Abbas, now in his 14th year of an original maximum four year term of office, gave a speech replete with genocidal threats against the more than six million Jewish citizens of the reconstituted Jewish state of Israel.

As an unrepentant Holocaust denier, Abbas writes off the deaths of the 6,00,000 Jews at the hands of the German Nazis and their European collaborators – including the extermination of 1,500,00 children and babies – while threatening the living 6,000,000 plus Jews of Israel.

In the EU, there finally was consternation at the loathsome rant that Abbas delivered. Why was this so, after the EU and its functionaries and spokes-people had ignored for years his violent dissemination of vile hatred against Jews, as well as his less than friendly attitude towards the dwindling and harassed Christian population who still live within the territory the PA currently occupies?

The EU knows well that Abbas is a liar, a Holocaust denier and a corrupt recipient of vast sums of tax payer largesse from the EU, the UN and, alas, still from the United States. While releasing duplicitous statements in English about "peace," Abbas has for years embraced classic anti-Semitism and, in Arabic, incited against the Jewish state's existence within any borders.

As I have written so many times before, the 'Two State-Solution' is a term eerily similar in its hideous import to the Nazis 'Final Solution.'

The same Europe that erects Holocaust memorials, calls endlessly for the now deeply discredited notion of a 'Two-State-Solution,' willingly trades with the genocidal Iranian regime that has called for Israel's destruction, still routinely spews deceptive and fraudulent double speak from Berlin and Brussels, and has disqualified Europe from any serious mediating role in resolving the Islam-Israel conflict.

The same EU that annually commemorates the Holocaust of six million murdered Jews willingly ignored and indirectly financed the Palestinian Authority's genocidal Jew-hatred against the six million plus living Jews in Israel.

Abbas, by denying the Holocaust and outrageously demonizing Israel, apparently has crossed the line from "acceptable" anti-Semitism to unacceptable hatred of the Jewish people, and thus embarrassed the hypocritical European leadership.

So, here we see the twin demonic pillars exposed and pulled down:

First, the rush to belittle Netanyahu's dire warnings to the world of Iran's push for hegemony in the Middle East and its desire to destroy Israel or what it calls the "Little Satan" followed by its fervent hope to then destroy the United States, or what it calls the "the Big Satan."

Secondly, the long overdue realization that Mahmoud Abbas, just like his predecessor the arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat, have led the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians into illegitimacy. They have been indoctrinated and poisoned with hate by Abbas for so long that now they have  no interest in living side by side in peace with the Jewish state.

Instead they wish to have no Jewish state, and their corrupt leaders in Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad whose claim is to create a Palestinian state – where no such independent sovereign state has ever existed before – is no more than a colossal scam on the world and an endless cash cow to enrich a gang of brutal terrorists and hucksters.

Victor Sharpe is a prolific freelance writer with many published articles in leading national and international conservative websites and magazines. Born and educated in England, he has been a broadcaster and has authored several books including a collection of short stories under the title, The Blue Hour. His four-volume set of in-depth studies on the threats from resurgent Islam to Israel, the West and to Judeo-Christian civilization is titled,  Politicide: The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State.

© Victor Sharpe

The worldwide work of saving cemeteries and honoring the Jewish dead

Zvi Herman    
12:26 PM

When Rabbi Shmuel Halpert, outgoing Knesset member of the haredi party Agudat Yisrael, invited Rabbi Isaac Schapira to a meeting in July 2011, Schapira's life changed forever. He was convinced that he had to improve the situation for Jewish cemeteries worldwide, which were suffering from disrepair, neglect and vandalism from outside communities.

Schapira describes Halpert as a pioneer in fighting for the rescue of Jewish cemeteries. "I don't know who will continue this fight. I think you and your connections are best-suited for it. Just dive in!" said Halpert.

And so, Schapira did just that. "It spoke to me. It broke my heart."

He has used resources, connections, bridge-building skills, determination and values that he learned from late father, Rabbi Avraham Schapira (Knesset member from the Agudat Israel party and chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee) to found the  European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative.

The ESJF was founded in 2015 to begin the process of physically protecting Jewish burial sites in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in places where Jewish communities were wiped out during the Holocaust. ESJF has so far placed fences around 102 Jewish cemeteries in six European countries. In addition, it has conducted mass field surveys of sites with an impressive 1,500 reports published to date.

Project partners in Europe and Israel

Schapira is proud that his organization has built an infrastructure that European governments recognize as "professional and economically efficient." For instance, ESJF has obtained governmental funding from the federal government of Germany.

In Israel, Schapira has managed to assemble an impressive coalition of supporters, including Yossi Beilin, scholar—former Knesset and senior Cabinet member, who has held such important government positions as Minister of Justice and Minister of Religious Affairs. Beilin has served as a board member since 2013. He is actively involved in working with international governments with helping secure financial resources.

Rabbi Isaac Schapira, founder of the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative, sitting with a portrait of his late father, Rabbi Avraham Schapira. Credit: Howard Blas.

Acknowledging the compelling nature of the work, he says: "It became a major issue for me. We found out in a short time that we are the only body on the ground doing the work of finding [and then funding] cemeteries in a systemic way. We are working with the map and creating a body of knowledge in order to prioritize and address the most endangered cemeteries first."

Knesset members committed to the project include Ksenia Svetlova of the Zionist Union Party, and Rabbi Uri Maklev of the ultra-religious Agudath Yisrael Party. Schapira is proud that members of diverse parties have come together to address the issue of European cemeteries.

Maklev reports, "We got involved when Rabbi Yitzhak Schapira turned to us. He works with much devotion and donates time and money. There is a real danger in the old cemeteries in Europe when they are left unprotected. The issue has worsened over the years. Jewish cemeteries remain unguarded and in constant danger, as Jewish community members now live far from its cemeteries. In addition, anti-Semitism and vandalism exist. It is a right and duty to act for this important cause. We must not stand idly by!"

Svetlova first became aware of the issue of Jewish cemeteries on a trip abroad. Svetlova, who immigrated from Russia in 1991, and served as a journalist and Arab-affairs analyst for Channel 9, was in Libya in 2005 in the remote town of Zlitan when she discovered "the horrible picture of devastation—broken or absent gravestones" at Jewish cemeteries. "It made me very sad. All we have is a grave. We cannot allow us to forget our past. A person who forgets his past has no future."

Svetlova is also a member of the Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee, where she initiated the Knesset Caucus for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries Abroad. She says she is proud that the caucus includes people "from all sides of the aisle."

On the ground in Europe

Beilin says "people are very worried that cemeteries are vanishing. If we don't save them now, they won't be there."

He has seen a shift from the initial work of providing fencing to cemeteries, to "finding those in immediate danger and giving priority to them, even if they are not in the most convenient places." He estimates that "we have already lost between 4,000 and 10,000 cemeteries."

Schapira adds that "the Jewish world needs to know how many Jewish cemeteries are disappearing and are at risk of disappearing due to vandalism, and geological and other reasons."

Beilin and Schapira shared many stories of cemeteries discovered by accident, including a non-Jewish girl riding her bike in a forest and taking a photo of what she thought was a tombstone. Or of local people providing unexpected assistance to the work of ESJF. "People must have seen us working on a cemetery. One week later, we arrived and saw tombstones there which one week earlier had been missing. They must have thought that, if this was so important, we will give back what was stolen," reports Schapira.

The restored and preserved Jewish cemetery in Frampol, Poland. Credit: Courtesy of ESJF.

The group's CEO Philip Carmel praises such work. "Rabbi Schapira has succeeded in changing the way we address the issue of Jewish cemetery protection. … He has brought the issue to the level of national governments and pan-European institutions, so that [it] is dealt with not just as an issue of Jewish heritage, but one of Europe's common heritage. He has achieved this by absolute strength of conviction and by deep personal commitment."

Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich also admires Schapira's efforts and feels that he is "following the spirit of his father in understanding what it means to fight for Klal Yisrael." He is impressed with his drive and ability to bring diverse groups of Jews together. "It is about bringing Jews together for kavod hamet, 'honoring the dead.' It is important to build a future."

Even the Queen of England has recognized Schapira for his lifetime of service. In 2013, she bestowed on him the title "OBE," Order of the British Empire, for, as Schapira humbly reports, "building bridges of friendship between the British government and the Orthodox communities in England and Israel."

In our two in-person meetings in New York City, Schapira prefers to direct praise to members of his team, especially Carmel, for "his commitment to the project and his unusual capabilities to achieve so much and so efficiently."

Beilin agrees, saying the CEO is "there on the ground. He is a very important player. He knows the material of cemeteries. He is so dedicated to the work."

The lifting of the Iron Curtain

"For almost 73 years," reports Carmel, "the Jewish world has not been able to deal with the protection of these sites for a number of reasons. Firstly, that the priority after the Shoah was rightly to rebuild Jewish life, communities and institutions, as well as a new Jewish state. Secondly, because for most of this time, these abandoned sites, which were home to thriving Jewish communities for hundreds of years, lay behind the [Soviet] Iron Curtain.

"But since that period, resources have tended to go to specific sites, where there is a particular family connection or where a famous personnage was buried. At such sites, one has found a situation where individual demand from the West and readily available resources has met cheap supply of labor and materials in the East. This has pushed up prices, making the overall task of cemetery protection more difficult. That is why the ESJF as a starting point has looked to change this whole methodology—to work in a professional manner under strict processes of contracts and tenders. To reach viable and legitimate costs, enabling the maximization of the amount of sites we can protect.

"The ESJF looks where possible to target sites which are beneath the radar. Some of these places had all their community wiped out; there are no descendants. So these sites are a priority for us, of course, because if we don't fence them, nobody will. In the major countries where we work, in particular—Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova—probably 25 percent of the sites have already been destroyed. And they are being destroyed by the week. From our mass surveys, we are looking at some two-thirds of all the remaining sites requiring urgent fencing."

A restored Jewish cemetery in the Serbian town of Bela Crkva. Credit: Courtesy of ESJF.

Schudrich notes that "nothing was possible until 1989 and the fall of Communism. Then, we started working on mikvaot, kosher food, chedersminyanim . . . "

A mission for the Jewish people

Svetalova relates that she is "very grateful for the work being done in Eastern Europe, and is hopeful Jews from the United States and other places will get involved as they learn more.

"Many American Jews come from Eastern Europe and will be able to relate to the importance of the project," she says. "There must be cooperation between all sides of the Jewish world. We must try to use all connections in the U.S., Europe and Israel with governments in order to put this project on the map. Time is running out. If we don't, we will find out it is too late!"

"Going forward," notes Carmel, "we need to look at this as a mission for the Jewish people that is achievable. All peoples and governments protect their cemeteries. Any American can relate that just by driving up from the South to New York—of how the national government has protected graves in Civil War battlefields for more than 150 years ago. Or the graveyards in Normandy protected by the Allied governments from World War I from 100 years ago.

"As Jews," he continues, "we have the same basic responsibility."

Today, he notes, thanks to the work of the ESJF and many others, "we know the numbers, we know the areas of greatest risk, we know the costs, and we know the speed it can be done in. This is no longer a black hole. It can be achieved."

Schapira reports proudly that "in 2017, we rescued our 102nd cemetery. We have the most wonderful, competent team and can do 300 a year."

He continues to work tirelessly to make sure it's not too late, that the work can be accomplished—but, he adds, "only if the Jewish nation worldwide develops a feeling of responsibility and partnership to allow this apparatus to continue operating."


See you Tomorrow
Love Yehuda Lave
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