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Express Underground Train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv--free for 90 days but only if you go round trip, single costs  double

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Insults Are Subjective

Insults are based on the insulter's subjective point of view. Realize that the person is making a "to me" statement. For example, he is saying, "To me you seem selfish." Ask yourself, "On what is he basing his insult? Is it based on fact or opinion?" Then ask yourself, "Do I agree with his basic assumptions?"

If you let someone's insult bother you, it implies that you consider his opinion of you to be more important than your own opinion of yourself. Actually, if you agree with he says, try to improve yourself. If you disagree, disregard the insult.

Love Yehuda Lave

Temple Mount Imam Calls Upon Men to Kill Their Sisters & Mothers if They Disgrace the Family

A Muslim Imam on the Temple Mount called upon fathers and brothers to murder their sisters and mothers if they disgrace the family. This Islamic "teaching" was uploaded to the internet on September 21, 2018 and translated by MEMRI into English today. This is murder, sanctioned by religious officials. It is an absolute disgrace that the Western liberal world, including the feminists and #metoo movement, stay silent as Muslim women are murdered by their family members around the world, including in Western countries.

The Islam the Liberal West Prefers to Ignore

Sheikh 'Issam Amira said that Muslims are "undergoing a major crisis regarding the honor of their womenfolk." He claimed that this is being "targeted" more than their lives or property. He pointed towards the increased usage/consumption of social media and TV.  In addition, the reality that women leave the house without male chaperones serve as examples of the "obliteration" of women's honor.

He then encouraged men to say to their female relatives: "We are ready to die defending your honor.  But at the same time, we are ready to kill you if you take your honor lightly."  That's what is called an offer you can't refuse.

Where is the Outcry?

Not only is it a disgrace that this is an Islamic teaching, it is a complete disgrace that the Western "liberal" world stays silent. This is a despicable religious practice – to murder female family members. This practice in the Muslim world is called honor killings.



Full Text

"O Muslims we are undergoing a major crisis with our womenfolk. Obscenity has entered each and every home. And the fathers and other male guardians are unaware of it. Today we must wage a fierce war, a ferocious battle, to defend the honor of our womenfolk. Our women's honor is being targeted more than our lives and our property. Moreover, the honor of our womenfolk is more sacred than our property, our lives and our holy places. The violated honor of women cannot be restored, whereas property may be regained. And the same is true of the holy places, if there are men and armies up to the task. Nowadays, the honor of our womenfolk has been violated. The signs of this violation are clear. Social media, TV series, women leaving the house without a male chaperone. Opportunities for prostitution are abundant. And honor is all but obliterated from the face of this holy land.

A Call to Arms

Where are you, oh fathers? Where are you oh brothers? What are you doing about the honor of your sisters and your mothers? How can you go about your business not knowing on what is going on in your own homes? Why don't you supervise your homes? Why don't you raise your sons and daughters to zealously protect their honor? Say to your women " we are ready to die defending your honor". But at the same time we are ready to kill you if you take your honor lightly.

Expess Underground Train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv--free for 90 days but only if you go round trip, single costs double

On 101618 we take our first trip on the express Subway train to Tel Aviv. Very exciting and promised to be free for 90 days but that turns out only if you go Round Trip. If you don't go from Jerusalem there is a 22 sheckel charge which is more than the bus, but of course they don't bother to tell you that. But G-d had a lesson for us so that we knew it for the next trip.

You have to make the round trip from Jerusalem, and buy your tickets first in Jerusalem. For example if you pick up someone at the airport, that doesn't work unless you buy them their ticket on the way from Jerusalem.

Difficult, but for most people it will be an improvement in our lives to make the attractions (primarily the beach, the museums and the Carmel market (shuk) much more accessible.


The Little Traitor - Wikipedia Shown At the OU on 10/16/18

The Little Traitor is an independent family drama film written and directed by Lynn Roth. Based on the novel Panther in the Basement by author, Amos Oz, the movie takes place in Palestine in 1947, just a few months before Israel becomes a state.[1][2]

Starring Alfred Molina and featuring Theodore Bikel, this is a coming of age tale of the unlikely bond between a kind British soldier and a spirited Jewish boy set against the backdrop of the birth of the State of Israel.

From my friend Dr. Harold Goldmeier

Shalom Rabbi:I believe your readers will find my review of interest. Thanks and shabbat shalom:


Dr. Harold Goldmeier             
Teacher, Business Consultant, Public Speaker, Financial Writer & Commentator

From my friend Steve Sattler

     Last night I got home late, and been very tired I turned on the TV-to just sit on the couch for a few minutes. [It was a long day!]They had a segment on SWEDEN, for over 20 minutes.    We all remember, how the foreign minister of Sweden -came to Israel to lecture our government and our leaders that We are bad, We don't protect the Palestinians, and we don't allow them to get their State. This was in 2016.    A few weeks before that this same lady -and her all-female government -went to IRAN to drum up some business- and they all wore the [modest] scarf to allow for the local culture of IRAN.    [so, much for feminism].
     So, it seems that over the summer [2018] Sweden has had massive forest fires, hundreds of local fires, no rain, and extreme heat. [no one has air-conditioners over there], and the local fire departments, cannot handle forest fires-they have no experience with them. The north of the country that usually, even in summer, has snow--doesn't have any.   Snow skiers , are thus, using the roads to ski-with skis on wheels!Many farmers, and the [thousands of] reindeer in the north-are unable to grow crops or feed their herds.The slaughterhouses cannot cope with all the animals, pigs and deer that farmers are trying to kill-for meat--since they  have no food.I don't need to mention the 14% of new [Islamic] immigrants to Sweden over the last 5 yrs-who are bankrupting the country, upsetting everybody and creating a mountain of crime.So, I wonder, if there is any connection between A + B?         I am reminded of the 11th commandment:  Don't Mess with the Jews.Steve

The Rap Daddy D Compilation Mix

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The Radanites by Victor Sharpe

Jewish merchant adventurers who lived in the south of France and northern Spain traveled to China in the 9th and 10th centuries

The epic journeys of the Radanites


By Victor Sharpe — Bio and Archives



As a youth, I was fascinated to read about the travels of Marco Polo who, in 1275, had journeyed from his home in Italy to distant China.

That was no mean feat in the thirteenth century, even though Alexander the Great had taken his Greek army as far as the Punjab in India, fighting all the way, some sixteen hundred years earlier.

Other European travelers to distant lands included Giovani di Piano Caprini, a Papal legate, who in 1245 had reached Karakorum, near the River Orkhon in what is today central Mongolia. And Guillaume de Rubrouck arrived at the same city in 1253. Karakorum had once been the residence of Genghis Khan.

But it was not until later that I learned about those other fascinating European travelers to China who had made the perilous journey much earlier in the ninth and tenth centuries. Those travelers were Jewish merchant adventurers who lived in the south of France and northern Spain.

They were known as Radanites and made their epic journeys by sea and overland. It would seem likely that they were the only Europeans at that time making such arduous expeditions into relatively unknown territories.

The Arab geographer, Ibn Khordadhbeh, who lived in the middle of the ninth century, gave an account of the many places visited by the Radanites as they traveled from Europe to China.

He included them in his book, The Book of Ways and Kingdoms, and described four different routes the Jewish merchants took. Here is some of what he wrote:

"These merchants speak Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Latin, Frankish, Spanish, and Slav languages. They journey from West to East, from East to West, partly on land, partly by sea. They transport from the West brocade, castor, marten and other furs, and swords.

Route 1. "They take ship from France on the western sea (Mediterranean) and make for Pelusium (Port Said, Egypt). There they load their goods on camelback and go by land to al-Kolzom (Suez). They embark in the Red Sea and sail from al-Kolzom to al'Jar (Medina) and the port of Jeddah. Then they go to Sind (India) and China.

"On their return from China they carry back musk, aloes, camphor, cinnamon, and other products of the eastern countries to al-Kolzom, and bring them back to Pelusium where they again embark on the Western Sea.

"Some make sail for Constantinople to sell their goods to the Romans; others go to the palace of the kings of the Franks to place their goods.

Route 2. "Sometimes these Jewish merchants, when embarking in the land of the Franks, on the Western Sea, make for Antioch at the mouth of the Orontes; thence, by land to al-Hanaya on the bank of the Euphrates where they arrive after three day's march. There, they embark on the Euphrates and reach Baghdad whence they sail down the Tigris to al-Obolla (Basra). From al-Obolla they sail for Oman, Sind-Hind, and China.

Route 3. "These different journeys can also be made by land. The merchants that start from Spain or France go to Morocco and then to Tangier whence they walk to Afrikia (Kairouan, Cairo) and the capital of Egypt. Thence they go to al-Ramla (Ramle), visit Damascus, Baghdad, and al-Basra, cross Ahwaz, Fars, Kirman (in Iran), Sind-Hind, and arrive at China.

Route 4. "Sometimes they also take the route behind Rome and, passing through the country of the Slavs, arrive at Khamlij, the capital of the Khazars. They embark on the Jorjan Sea (Caspian Sea), arrive at Balkh (on the River Oxus), betake themselves from there across the Oxus, and continue their journey towards Yurt, Toghuzguz (Mongolia), and from there to China."

It should be noted that such epic journeys, as carried out by the ninth and tenth century Jewish merchants. took them on a 5,000 mile trek though deserts, mountains, dangerous seas and territories where bandits constantly preyed upon travelers.

It was interesting to read that they journeyed to the land of the Khazars; the same empire whose king and subjects embraced Judaism. That nation survived as a major Jewish state for several hundred years before being conquered by Russians.

Many of the goods brought back from the East, including spices, such as cinnamon, created the later impetus for European explorers in the Middle Ages to find the fabulous Spice Islands and resulted in the first circumnavigation of the world by Ferdinand Magellan.

When the Radanites disembarked from their ships, their journeys were continued by horse and camel. The picture above is a figurine of a Jewish merchant traveler made in China during the Tang dynasty, a period from the 9th to the 10th century.

The late Israeli President, Yitzhak ben-Zvi, wrote a book, which also fascinated me as a youth. His book, The Exiled and the Redeemed, included stories of the remnants of scattered Jewish communities across the known world and the travels of the remarkable Jewish explorer, Benjamin of Tudela.

The Radanites reminded me of even earlier Jewish journeys going back as far as when Judea was still a sovereign state.

I was intrigued by accounts, legendary or true, of Jewish fleets sailing as far as the Tin Isles (Great Britain) to bring back tin from the mines of Cornwall. Or of Jewish seamen manning Phoenician ships at the time of King Solomon.

Jews went to sea like all other Mediterranean peoples. Jewish visitors arrived at ports throughout the Mediterranean basin. These ports included, among others, Alexandria, Cyrene, Carthage, Cartagena, Tarragona, Marseilles, and Barcelona.

Some of these Jewish explorers arrived in ships not merely owned by Jews but often with Jewish captains, sailors and crews. This continued until at least the 5th century of the Christian or Common era.

It is not certain, but perhaps possible, that Jewish crewed ships were still plying the Mediterranean Sea at the time of the Radanites, thus taking them on the first leg of their fabulous journeys from France and Spain to China.

Copyright © Victor Sharpe, 2011

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of several books including the four Volumes of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish State.

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