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Tips for Portion control--something I never learned as a child or adult

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Forgiving People

 If someone has wronged you and then shows sincere regret and asks for forgiveness, what should you do?

Go out of your way to do positive things for him that will express your love and concern for him. In this way, you are encouraging him for realizing his mistake and doing the right thing to correct it.

Love Yehuda Lave

Tips to Control Food Portion Sizes


  • Divide your plate. This means a standard dinner plate, not one of the monsters you get at a restaurant. Half the plate should contain fruits and/or vegetables. The other half of the plate should be equal portions lean protein and starch.
  • Portion out large packages of food. If you purchase large bags of snacks such as popcorn, crackers or cheese, take the time to divide the packages into single servings. That way, when hunger strikes, you can open the cabinet and refrigerator and grab one portion and aren't at risk of downing the entire container. You can also serve your snack in a small bowl to help keep you from eating more than one portion.
  • Remember that serving size and portion size aren't exactly the same thing. A serving size is clearly listed on the package. That's the amount of food you should portion out to keep things under control. Go ahead and use measuring tools, if you need to, until you can eyeball what a properly sized portion should look like.
  • Avoid family style dining. Having all that food right in front of you on the table means you're more likely to refill your plate after eating a portion.
  • Buy smaller dishes. This makes it natural to serve yourself proper portions instead of overloading without realizing it. If the plate is huge, you may unwittingly put more than a portion on it even if you think you're serving up the right amount. Trade your dishes in for smaller versions and controlling your portions will be much easier.

Katherine the greatest mind in the world

On Steve Harvey show, Katherine is able to memorize all 52 card order when looking at them for just a few seconds.




Katherine does another memory exhibit

Not Just Haredim: Moshe Lion's Votes Came From Across The Spectrum

Debunking the myth that Moshe Leon [otherwise spelled Lion] won Jerusalem's mayoral runoff due to Haredi votes, MyNetJerusalem reported on election results per neighborhood, as follows:
Kiryat Moshe - generally staunch national religious: 

Moshe Leon 5,722
Ofer Berkovitch 1,290
Givat Mordechai - generally national religious/traditional: Moshe Leon won by 300 votes
Kiryat Yovel - a stronghold of the Berkovitch "Hitorerut" party - largely secular, with a small Haredi population: Leon managed to scrape 3574 votes, compared to Berkowitz's 6,343. 
That is to say, even in neighborhoods Berkovitch was expected to sweep, Leon still came out with thousands of votes.
In conclusion, it wasn't "just the Haredim," rather, Leon appealed to a wide swath of Jerusalemites.

Shufersal Wants To Go Cashier-Free

Shufersal Ltd., Israel's biggest supermarket chain, has partnered with Tel Aviv-based shopping

automation startup Trigo Vision Ltd. to offer a no-checkout shopping experience within the chain's 272 stores, the companies announced Tuesday.


Founded in 2017, Trigo Vision uses in-store ceiling-mounted cameras to identify items picked up by customers, automatically charging them as they leave the store. The cost of implementing Trigo Vision's system is estimated at NIS 50,000 (approximately $13,500) per store, according to a person familiar with the deal who spoke with Calcalist on condition of anonymity.

Full Story (Calcalist - CTech)

How married men grocery shop--a true story from my sister

The first time I asked Howard to go the grocery store, something strange happened.
It took him two hours to do a simple trip, at least, simple to me.
He came back flushed and upset.
I was worried that he was in an accident.   The second time this occurred, I had to stop what I was doing, and, address the issue.
Howard, I said, when you applied for this job, you told me you were the head of your household. You did all the manly things. You told me you and your wife went shopping together.   Exactly what do you do when you go shopping?
*********************************   Well, Howard hemmed and hawed.
We go on Saturday morning after breakfast. I drive. My wife sits next to me. I drop her off in front of the market and, then park my car in a shady spot. I read a book. About an hour later, my wife comes out with a grocery cart full of bags of groceries.   I jump up out of the car, Howard continued.
My wife sits down in her seat and, I take the bags out of the grocery cart and, put them into the trunk. I close the trunk, I bring back the grocery cart, and, then we go home for lunch.   You mean that you have never been INSIDE of a grocery store, I asked incredulously.
Nope, he said, not until today.   Gosh, those places are big

Why Howard never went into the grocery store in 30 years

Howard is not unusual. This is how most married men shop, which is why they are so dependent on their wives if the wife dies or they get divorced. The reason for this is quite simple. When a man shops, the wife or girlfriend is never pleased with what they buy. The wife, who works with food since she was a child, likes the lettuce to be perfect, this can of beans to be so-so, and a hundred other details that a man doesn't' even notice or care about. When he brings his hard work home, the wife complains about this and that, and the poor husband, who was just trying to please his wife in the first place, feels frustrated and upset.

Any husband in his right mind, soon figures out that this is a losing battle and just gives the wife the money and lets her do it her way. This is how Howard stayed happily married until he met my sister.


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Love Yehuda Lave

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