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The Story of the Lamad Hay, how we died to form our State and for entertainment Other Sides Of Elvis: What You Never Knew About The King Of Rock

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

One Day at a Time

You only can live at one time: today. Rejoice and celebrate when you have what you need for today. This way you will be able to experience a sense of abundance each and every day.

Gain the benefits of living with abundance one day at a time. Some people are so worried about the future that they forget to experience the full benefits of abundance day by day.

Remember this rule: Having enough for today gives you abundance for today. Imagine how much you will benefit from living with this attitude.

Today is especially good to think about this idea. We have enjoyed the good life living in Israel, so like when we break a glass at a wedding so that we don't forget the Holy Temple, let's not forget the hero's that died so we can live her. Among them the story of the Lamad Hay. The 35 that died on a mission to save others.

The Other Sides Of Elvis: What You Never Knew About The King Of Rock


Elvis Presley is the undisputed king of rock 'n' roll and one of the most influential people of the 20th Century. The legend that has inspired at least 85,000 impersonators around the world is known for bringing rock into the mainstream with his lively shows and animated dance moves – and his iconic look certainly helped him make it happen. While a great many things are known about Elvis Presley, the lesser known, more mysterious aspects of his career and private life are truly fascinating. Read on to learn the surprising facts about the king of rock you have to know.

Lamed Hey and Gush Etzion one of two

The OU and take a tour to the Gush to learn of the disastrous trip of the 35 men killed in the defense of Gush Etzion in the War of Independence. We learn of the massacre at the surrender of the troops and we go to the visitor center where it all happened. A powerful

A Bravery Fiercer than Death: The 35 Heroes of Gush Etzion

Toldot Yisrael (http://www.toldotyisrael.org) presents the tragic yet inspiring story of the 35 young soldiers who gave their lives in January 1948 trying to bring much needed supplies to the kibbutzim in the besieged Etzion Bloc south of Jerusalem. "I don't know if there was any company in the Israel Defense Forces or in any army in the world that assembled such splendid manpower, pure bravery, and spiritual abundance as this company, who will forever be known by our people as the "lamed hey" (the thirty-five)...These lions of Israel were a mix of youthful spirit and glory, superior wisdom...and bravery fiercer than death." - David Ben Gurion This movie is the fourth episode in the "Eyewitness 1948" short film series produced by Toldot Yisrael and was generously sponsored by the Alexander Family in memory of Shaul Pnueli, one of the fallen. A companion teachers' guide, including background information, discussion questions, and additional resources is available at: http://www.toldotyisrael.org/files/Te... Producer Eric Halivni (Weisberg) Director and Editor Tal Ella Production and Cinematography Peleg Levy Narrator Michael Greenspan

Rare pictures from the defense of Gush Etzion in the war The Story of the Lamad H -ay Hebrew -

January 1948 Gush Etzion was divided into four settlements: Kfar Etzion, Ein Tzurim, Masuot Yitzhak and Revadim. The first three settlements were religious kibbutzim of Hapoel Hamizrachi and the fourth was Hashomer Hatzair. The bloc had been besieged for several months, and aid convoys sent to it from Jerusalem were hit on the narrow road that passed through Bethlehem and could not reach. Arab forces from the surrounding area besieged Gush Katif and tried incessantly to conquer the settlements. The battle that took place on January 14, 1948 left the bloc in dire straits, with a great shortage of weapons, ammunition, bandages, batteries for radio and especially fighters. The Jerusalem district decided to dispatch a force of 40 fighters, under the command of deputy battalion commander Danny Mas.

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