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Yehuda Lave covers the Big Balloon Parade for the Jerusalem Post and 2nd Day of Chanuka and  Israel - Nature, and Heritage

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Greatest Headline of Today

The start of each day is a great time to condition your mind to be on the lookout for the most joyful, inspiring, and spiritual experiences of the day. At the start of each day we are given a body and a soul as a gift from our Creator. We can make many great choices and decisions.

Every single day of your life has its highlights. When we wake up in the morning and reflect on the joy of being alive, we can wonder with curiosity, "What will be the greatest highlights of my day today?"

Love Yehuda Lave

Yehuda Lave covers the Big Ballon Parade for the Jerusalem Post

Yehuda Lave covers the story for the Jerusalem Post.

For the first time, the big ballons were part of a Israel Parade. It was a big secret because some publicity man or woman had the brilliant idea to call it a Macy's day parade, because people around the world are familiar with the big ballons from the famous Thanksgving day parade in New York. The only problem is that parade is really a Santa Claus parade that promotes buying on Christmas and has nothing to do with Israel and Jerusalem and Jews. Further Macy's complained about the use of their name and then the story had to be retracted and no one knew if it was taking place or not.

San DIego used to have a similar parade and they were smart enough to call it a Big Ballon Parade as No one owns the right to call their parade A Big Ballon Parade.

Anyway this one was dreamed up to be on the first day of Chanukah to celebrate solidarity between Israel Jews and the American Jews, in order to also remember the massacre in Pittsburg.

It was cute and nice. Not like the Macy's parade, but on the other hand there was no santa clause either.


I enjoyed covering it. Pictures below

Israel - Nature and Heritage

שמורת הר החרמון , Hermon Nature reserve, שמורת נחל שניר, snir stream nature reserve, שמורת נחל חרמון - בניאס, Hermon Stream (Banias) Nature Reserve, שמורת עינות צוקים, Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve, ים המלח, Dead Sea, יעל נובי, Nubian Ibex, מכתש קטן, Makhtesh Katan, שמורת מצוק ההעתקים, Dead sea cliffs, נשר מקראי ,Griffon vulture, نسر أسمر זאב ערבי ,Arabian wolf , ذئب عربي צבי ארץ ישראלי, Mountain gazelle, غزال الجبل אנפית מנגרובים, Striated heron, بلشون أخضر الظهر ראם לבן ,Arabian oryx, مها عربية שועל מצוי ,Arabian red fox, ثعلب أحمر גן לאומי עין עבדת, Ein Avdat National Park, עיט זהוב ,Golden eagle ,عقاب ذهبية חוברה מדברית, Houbara bustard, حبارى أفريقي שקד מצוי, almond, لوز, כלנית מצויה ,Poppy anemone, شقيقة النعمان בומבוס האדמה, Buff-tailed bumblebee, نحل طنان צבוע מפוספס ,Striped hyena, ضبع مخطط, תן זהוב, Golden jackal, ابن آوى الذهبي, חסידה לבנה ,White stork, لقلق أبيض, שקנאי לבן ,Great white pelican, بجعة بيضاء كبيرة, גן לאומי מונפורט -שמורת נחל כזיב, Monfort National Park, גן לאומי ושמורת טבע ארבל, Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve, גן לאומי כפר נחום, Kfar Nahum National Park, גן לאומי קיסריה, Caesarea National Park, גן לאומי תל מגידו, Tel Megiddo National Park, גן לאומי מצדה, Masada National Park, שמורת הרי אילת, Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve, איית צרעים, European honey buzzard, حوام النحل الأوربي, שמורת חוף האלמוגים, Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve, פזית ים סוף ,Sea goldie, أنثياس, שושנון אילתי, Red Sea clownfish, سمكة المهرج البحر الأحمرعدل, צב ים ירוק ,Green sea turtle, سلحفاة بحرية خضراء, Additional footage: Chieh-Te Liang

Changing the life of a Royal Marine suffering from Parkinson's Disease

A retired Royal Marine suffering from the degenerative Parkinson's Disease. Watch the moment his world was changed forever after undergoing a life-changing therapy for Parkinson's using Technology. Credit to @kwilli1046 via Twitter.

See you tomorrow

Enjoy the Second Day of Chanukah. I will be on an adventure in the North of the country.

Pictures on my return.

Love Yehuda Lave

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