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'Even if there's a second wave - there will be no lockdown 'Finance Minister Katz: 'Even if there's a second wave - there will be no lockdown'--Does this mean that maybe somebody finally admits that the first lockdown was premature? and “Lockdown is lunacy,” Prof. Yoram Lass, a member of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine and Netanyahu Reveals how Putin Foiled Obama’s Anti-Israel Efforts at UN and politicians React to Google’s Demonetization Threat to the Federalist, ZeroHedge and G-d is my Grower, Leslie Goldman passes on

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Plant a seed and Grow a whole new world

Plant a seed Grow a whole new world


A friend of mine who made a difference in the world passed over on Thursday. Leslie Goldman of California planted himself in the next world. 

Leslie Goldman, the enchanted Gardner (born November 19, 1947, 4:03 am, Lincoln hospital, LA-passed away June 18, 2020, 4:03 Am in San Diego Cal.


Leslie was a special Jew. Not blessed with a strong religious education but coming from a heritage of strong Judaism, Leslie was the full revealing of the Calfornia New Age loving spiritual Jew who turned his gift of working with plants into a lifetime of education of seeds, herbs, and plants.


Here are his words:


How much more beautiful would the world be if all the heirloom seeds sitting on shelves in packages became the plants they could be? How much more Soul would there be in the world if we would allow our deepest, inner seed dreams to come out of their packages and grow the plants they could be? How much passion and life would we feel? How much more peaceful and healthy would the world be? Mother Earth says "Plant your dream!" because your Soul is intended to be a fully expressing heirloom seed in her cornucopia of earthly abundance.


She wants you fully growing in the world now.


Our connection was over 40 years as he was a new age icon in San Diego. I don't know about his child, I met him only as an adult. He was blessed with a home on a canyon in San Diego. A canyon in San Diego, as opposed to a Canyon in Israel (a shopping center), is a wadi that people can't build on because of the slopes and drainage of the canyon behind the streets and homes.


San Diego is a dry environment like Israel, but like Israel, it has winter rains and the canyons are full of wildlife right in the center of the city. I like many others would take walks with or without our dogs and felt we were in the middle of the wilderness, as there were no buildings or people. 


Leslie Goldman was blessed with one of the homes on top of the canyon and his house provided about 5 acres in the middle of the city that only he had access to and he planted and planted groves of herbs and plants and he became the plant man.


Blessed (or cursed) with some form of Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Signs and symptoms vary among people and over time. Often, symptoms include poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, and tremors. There may be problems with sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, and speaking, Leslie never let it get in his way and died not from this but from cancer at 72. 

He traveled all over California in his beat-up VW van promoting plants as a one-man Johnny Appleseed. Always looking for compassion in his loneliness he would have many gatherings on his property making people having spiritual connections..


Here is one of his poems as a goodbye.

Poems from Leslie Goldman 

The Moment of Awakening


In the midst of my dark hour,

I awaken to realize there is nothing wrong with me.


I don't need to be changed from anything.

I don't need to recover from anything.

I need to discover something.


I need to discover

I am the form this beloved universe

created for this moment, to evolve itself.


The earth is in labor.

I, every woman, every man,

every child are the earth's labor pains.


The earth is in labor.

Just as the earth went into labor

to make every rock,

every plant,

and every other living thing.



I feel pain through

the length of time it has taken

to birth my Self in this world.


I know now that perfect fulfillment

takes no time at all; I am fulfilled outside time.


I accomplish much

without realizing it, through my courage

to simply be me, here and now.



All that is sacred in the world

uses me to proclaim its purpose,

even when I see my life as broken and wrong,

and myself as weak.


All that is sacred in the world

uses me to proclaim its purpose,

even when I feel angry

and sad

and I found myself in need of crying

in someone's arms

but can't bring myself to do that, or find anyone.


I am throwing off the burden

of other people's ideas.

I'm o.k. to be touched

and held like a baby when I feel this way.


I'm expressing courage in feeling needy.

It's o.k. to feel needy to the depth of my neediness.


Through you and I exploring being whole beings

on earth, we are reweaving our souls into the earth

and she likes it.



I awaken.

I see the dark corners of me are where I grow from.

I make them pure fertile soil.

I release my judgement

that darkness is any less perfect

than light.


Getting stuck in the light

hurts the earth as much

as getting stuck in the dark.


Getting stuck anywhere is the closest

I will ever come to dying.


I am a rose

blossoming for the whole world.

I am eternally alive.


I am self-sufficient in Mother Nature's eyes.

Every day froth is Earth Day.


My Soul proclaims:

I am born to move.

I am born to dance.

I am born to scream out, and scream out joy.

I am born to feel my fire and passion to live.


I am born to be the cosmic fire in new form.

I am born to liberate new creation.

I am born to liberate new creation through

breathing out and in.



I awaken.

I feel friends.

Because you reach out,

I am moved. I see clearly again.

I reach out to create new.


I come into this world

a perfect child.


I am unique.

I am born to express uniqueness

that has never been here before.

I don't need to be healed.

My very presence, the way I am now,

makes me a midwife for a world

that is whole, pure and natural

because I am whole, pure, and natural.


This is my earth.

This is my place.


My world doesn't need to be healed.

It is being renewed through me being me

and you being uniquely you,

and you and me being you and me together.


I know this very moment,

I am being heard, received, and met.


One of his books 


Words Men Need to Know and Women Want to Hear by Leslie Goldman


Netanyahu Reveals how Putin Foiled Obama's Anti-Israel Efforts at UN

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveals that in 2016, Russian President Putin was willing to take on the Obama administration and veto an anti-Israel UN bill.

By: Lauren Marcus

In a closed door meeting several days ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was willing to veto a critical anti-Israel UN bill in 2016, despite a potential negative reaction from the U.S.

The revelation comes six months after a campaign trail speech given by Netanyahu in Ma'ale Adumim, in which he said that he asked "my friend, a leader of one of the veto powers in the Security Council whom I have a very good relationship with," to oppose a UN resolution that would hurt Israel.

Netanyahu said his friend "stopped it."

According to sources who spoke to Israel Hayom, the political drama started in 2016, at the end of former President Barack Obama's second term in the White House.

UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which categorized Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria as "flagrant violations of international law" and "having no legal validity," came before the Security Council for a vote.

While the bill was originally proposed by Egypt, the country withdrew its support after pressure from then President-elect Trump. The bill was subsequently backed by Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela.

Some Israeli officials suspect that the resolution was drafted and orchestrated by the Obama administration.

Netanyahu reportedly called Putin several days before the vote, asking him to veto the resolution because Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, could unilaterally stop the process. At that time, Putin didn't agree to intervene.

The resolution was adopted on December 23rd, 2016, when U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power abstained from voting.

Just a few weeks later, with less than a month left in the White House, Israel Hayom sources said the Obama administration was determined to pass yet another UN resolution attacking Israel.

This one allegedly would have compelled Israel to surrender significant territory and would have mandated the establishment of an adjacent Palestinian state based on 1948 borders.

Netanyahu tried his luck again with Putin, warning him that this resolution would severely hurt Israel and could undermine regional stability.

Putin reportedly told Netanyahu that he was willing to block the resolution on Israel's behalf. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. became aware of Putin's stance and swiftly shelved the initiative.

Netanyahu reportedly said in the closed door meeting that if Russia had vetoed the resolution on behalf of Israel at the UN Security Council, it would have been a serious blow to the credibility of the U.S. as an Israel ally and damaged America's relationship with U.S. Jews.

Last year, a former Saudi Arabian intelligence chief blasted Obama's Middle East policies, saying that he had "no regrets over not meeting with Barack Obama, because he took the region 20 years backwards."

'Even if there's a second wave - there will be no lockdown' Finance Minister Katz: 'Even if there's a second wave - there no lockdown'--Does this mean that maybe somebody finally admits that the first lockdown was premature?

Nothing will be shut down arbitrarily – everything can be treated on a case-by-case basis using enforcement and isolation."

Finance Minister Yisrael Katz told Channel 13 News in an interview on Wednesday that even if there is a second outbreak of coronavirus in Israel, "there will be no lockdown".

"Nothing will be shut down arbitrarily – everything can be treated on a case-by-case basis using enforcement and isolation. We will not shut down any branch of the economy. Even if something like the first outbreak happens, there is no room for a general lockdown."

Katz admitted that the economic situation in Israel is the most serious in the history of the country. "I entered my position with the state of the economy and society in Israel being probably the worst in the history of the country, or at least in the last few decades," he noted. "By the end of the year, we will reach an even bigger deficit. All the decisions that are made are meant to facilitate and allow that period to pass."

The Finance Minister also commented on the Treasury's plan to bring workers back to the economy, saying, "Six billion shekels are earmarked to bring employees back to work. My goal is that in the four months of the grants, at least hundreds of thousands of employees will return to work and by the end of the year the economy will return to normal."

Commenting on Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz and the possibility of the government being disbanded, Katz said, "He has the record. He was the Chief of Staff, he did things. An agreement was created here that is the best of the worst in order to bring out the best. I do not think we're headed toward a fourth election. The budget will not cause the government to fall apart. Everyone unequivocally recommends approving a one-year budget in September in light of the circumstances."

As coronavirus second wave approaches, why isn't Israel shutting down?

The state of the country's economy and society is worse than it has been in decades and violence, sickness and even deaths tied to coronavirus crisis (as opposed to the disease) are on the rise.By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN  

On Wednesday, as the Health Ministry revealed that nearly 300 people were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in one day – the highest number in 24 hours since April – the government announced it was opening the intercity train and that cultural activities would resume on Monday.Why is the government not shutting us down?

Because "lockdown is lunacy," according to Prof. Yoram Lass, a member of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, and as Finance Minister Israel Katz told Israeli media on Wednesday, "There is no room for a general closure" this time around.The state of the country's economy and society is worse than it has been in decades and violence, sickness and even deaths tied to the coronavirus crisis (as opposed to the disease) are on the rise."By the end of the year, we will reach an even bigger deficit," Katz said. "We won't close anything across the board. We can deal with it in a pinpoint manner with enforcement and quarantine… Even if we experience what happened here at the beginning, there is no room for a general closure."Lass said that he reads into Katz's statement "a confession: the shutdown was a big mistake and the price" was too high.In his estimation, the number of people that will perish as a result of suicide, domestic violence, alcoholism, drugs, crime or even starvation will be much higher than the number that have or will ultimately die from coronavirus.

Coronavirus lockdown: Life-saving or lunacy?

"Lockdown is lunacy," Prof. Yoram Lass, a member of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, told The Jerusalem Post. "It's impossible to stop a virus by government decree."



A man wearing a mask walks inside a shopping centre after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government announced that malls, hotels, restaurants and theaters will shut down from Sunday, in an escalation of precautionary measures against coronavirus, in Tel Aviv, Israel March 15, 2020


A government cannot stop a virus, a former Health Ministry director-general said. What stops a virus is natural immunity.

"Lockdown is lunacy," Prof. Yoram Lass, a member of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, told The Jerusalem Post. "It's impossible to stop a virus by government decree."

He said that viral pandemics come to an end after the virus spreads throughout the population and those exposed create antibodies. When enough of the population is immune to COVID-19, "the chain of infection is broken and in that way the virus comes to a halt."

While the government has espoused hysteria over the last six weeks, most recently slapping a near closure on the entire country, Lass believes that it is wrong to shut down Israel over the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

"You will be amazed to know that every year, 17,000 Italians die of flu," Lass told the Post.

In Israel, he said, less than 130 people died of flu last year.

Italy, he explained, is known to have high morbidity in respiratory problems, more than three times any other European country. In the US, about 40,000 people die in a regular flu season. So far, around 16,000 Italians and less than 11,000 Americans have died from coronavirus. 

"I won't say how many people will ultimately die from coronavirus," Lass said, but he said that when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compares COVID-19 to the "Black Death" plague that struck Europe in the Middle Ages, killing 50 million people, or 60% of Europe's entire population, that is "psychology prevailing over science."

Some 350 people die per year in car accidents in Israel, Lass said. "If we stopped driving, we would save lives. Should we save them?"

He said the same holds true of people who die in plane crashes or even in the IDF.

"Soldiers are killed - should we dismantle the IDF in order to save their lives?" he asked.

He said that no states shut down between 2009 and 2010 when as many as 1.4 billion people across the globe were infected with swine flu, as many as 575,000 people, according to the Centers for Disease Protection and Control.

Lass believes that the panic today is a result of two factors and the first is social media: "The brainwasher is Mark Zuckerberg," he said referring to the CEO of Facebook. Though he said that Facebook is not the only problematic social platform.

"This is the first pandemic, which is real like many we had before, that is happening on the social networks and it has become inflated, it has reached a level of monstrous hysteria," he told the Post.

In Israel, he said, this hysteria is compounded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he said is locking everyone else up so he can be free.

"Coronavirus saved Netanyahu's political life," Lass charged. "He was a morbid politician and now he is talking about the black plague instead of giving everyone the real facts – the facts that I am telling you. It is in Netanyahu's self-interest that we not open back up."

But he said that "the economic damage is worse than the health damage."

Hagai Levine, associate professor of epidemiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center and head of the Israel Association of Public Health, said that he agrees that a full lockdown is not best for Israel.

"Surveillance is key to being able to make informed decisions and we don't do it," he told the Post. "In Israel we don't have enough tests, we don't test the right patients and we don't have good surveillance."

The result he said is a policy of "better safe than sorry – but at some point, these actions can cause more damage than the coronavirus itself.

"Quarantine is one size fits all," he continued. "This is not an optimal solution."


'Nothing can justify this destruction of people's lives'

Yoram Lass, former director of Israel's Health Ministry, on the hysteria around Covid-19.


22nd May 2020


Countries across the world have been in lockdown for months in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The costs of the policy are enormous – in terms of life, liberty and the economy. But is it worth it to save lives? Yoram Lass was once the director-general of Israel's Ministry of Health. Lass is a staunch critic of the lockdown policy adopted in his native Israel and around the world. He has described our response to Covid-19 as a form of hysteria. spiked caught up with him to find out more.

spiked: You have described the global response to coronavirus as hysteria. Can you explain that?

Yoram Lass: It is the first epidemic in history which is accompanied by another epidemic – the virus of the social networks. These new media have brainwashed entire populations. What you get is fear and anxiety, and an inability to look at real data. And therefore you have all the ingredients for monstrous hysteria.

It is what is known in science as positive feedback or a snowball effect. The government is afraid of its constituents. Therefore, it implements draconian measures. The constituents look at the draconian measures and become even more hysterical. They feed each other and the snowball becomes larger and larger until you reach irrational territory. This is nothing more than a flu epidemic if you care to look at the numbers and the data, but people who are in a state of anxiety are blind. If I were making the decisions, I would try to give people the real numbers. And I would never destroy my country.

spiked: What do the numbers tell us, in your view?


Lass: Mortality due to coronavirus is a fake number. Most people are not dying from coronavirus. Those recording deaths simply change the label. If patients died from leukemia, from metastatic cancer, from cardiovascular disease or from dementia, they put coronavirus. Also, the number of infected people is fake, because it depends on the number of tests. The more tests you do the more infected people you get.

The only real number is the total number of deaths – all causes of death, not just coronavirus. If you look at those numbers, you will see that every winter we get what is called an excess death rate. That is, during the winter more people die compared to the average, due to regular, seasonal flu epidemics, which nobody cares about. If you look at the coronavirus wave on a graph, you will see that it looks like a spike. Coronavirus comes very fast, but it also goes away very fast. The influenza wave is shallow as it takes three months to pass, but coronavirus takes one month. If you count the number of people who die in terms of excess mortality – which is the area under the curve – you will see that during the coronavirus season, we have had an excess mortality which is about 15 per cent larger than the epidemic of regular flu in 2017.

Compared to that rise, the draconian measures are of biblical proportions. Hundreds of millions of people are suffering. In developing countries many will die from starvation. In developed countries many will die from unemployment. Unemployment is mortality. More people will die from the measures than from the virus. And the people who die from the measures are the breadwinners. They are younger. Among the people who die from coronavirus, the median age is often higher than the life expectancy of the population. What has been done is not proportionate. But people are afraid. People are brainwashed. They do not listen to the data. And that includes governments.

spiked: Do the lockdowns have any positive effect on people's safety?

Lass: Any reasonable expert – that is, anyone but Professor Ferguson from Imperial College who would have locked down everybody when we had swine flu – will tell you that lockdown cannot change the final number of infected people. It can only change the rate of infection. And people argue that by changing the rate of infection and 'flattening the curve', we prevented the collapse of hospitals. I have shown you the costs of lockdown, but this was the argument in favour of it. But look at Sweden. No lockdown and no collapse of hospitals. The argument for the lockdown collapses.

spiked: Why have some countries suffered so much more than others from Covid-19?

Lass: For example, you can compare Italy to Israel. In the Middle East, this virus is not really working. There are two reasons. One is that there is a very young population, and the other is that the climate is different. In the latitude of 50 degrees, which is Europe, and 40, which is the north-eastern United States, the virus is much more viable. Italy has the oldest population in the world apart from Japan. Italians are also are heavy smokers and very social people – they keep hugging and kissing. If you look at the numbers, in 2017, 25,000 Italians died from flu complications. Now you have around 30,000 dying from coronavirus. So it is a comparable number. You should not ruin a country for comparable numbers.

spiked: What has it been like in Israel?

Lass: In Israel, we have two layers of fear. The hysteria is similar to the rest of the world. However, we have a prime minister who has been resuscitated by coronavirus by adding another layer of fear. I do not think there is any other prime minister who has spoken about coronavirus in terms of the medieval Black Death, the Holocaust and the end of humanity in this way. Did Boris Johnson mention the Black Death? I do not think so. That is the special situation in Israel.

spiked: How does coronavirus compare to past pandemics?

Lass: If you look at the 1950s, we had the Asian flu. In the 1960s, there was the Hong Kong flu. These were worse than this pandemic. Also, look at the story of swine flu in 2009, which began exactly the same as coronavirus. A new virus originated in Mexico. There was no vaccine so it was very frightening. It spread all over the world. It infected one billion people. A quarter of a million people died. But there was no lockdown, no Ferguson, nothing – people were far more interested in the economic crisis that hit a year before in 2008. They did not have time to give attention to this nonsense.

spiked: Will the pandemic be over soon?

Lass: The virus, like the influenza virus, is saying farewell to western Europe for sure. The same in the Middle East. In the United States, we do not know yet, so we should talk in a month from now. But nothing can justify this destruction of people's lives. It is unbelievable.

Yoram Lass was talking to Fraser Myers.

Nigun Neshama - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach - ניגון נשמה - רבי שלמה קרליב

Nigun Neshama - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach - ניגון נשמה - רבי שלמה קרליבך Facebook:

Politicians React to Google's Demonetization Threat to the Federalist, ZeroHedge


Elected officials reacted to Google's threat of demonetization of the Federalist, which would restrict ad revenues to the news media outlet. Sean Davis, co-founder of the Federalist, spoke with Fox News's Tucker Carlson on Tuesday's edition of the latter's eponymous TV program, describing coordination between NBC, Google, and a foreign left-wing organization in Europe.

NBC worked with the Center for Countering Digital Hate, an organization that smears conservative websites — including Breitbart News — while advocating digital boycotts and blacklists against them.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) noted Google's opposition to the Federalist's characterization of protests, riots, and unrest following the death of George Floyd.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) highlighted Google's capacity to censor information given the company's domination of online advertising.

Donald Trump Jr., President Donald Trump's eldest son, called for Republicans to investigate Google as an "out of control monopoly" using its monopoly of the flow of information to advance left-wing politics.

Breitbart News reported that NBC's Adele-Momoko Fraser thanked two foreign non-profit organizations for their "collaboration" in urging Google to demonetize the Federalist.

As of this article's publication, Alphabet Inc., which owns Google, is valued at $985 billion. Its market capitalization is the third-highest of all companies in the world.



REPORT: DOJ to Propose Rolling Back Big Tech's Legal Immunity

ALLUM BOKHARI (Breitbart) 

The Department of Justice is preparing proposals to roll back the legal immunities enjoyed by Big Tech companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), in measures that will be announced as early as Wednesday, sources told the Wall Street Journal.

Section 230 gives Big Tech companies immunity from lawsuits arising from user-generated content. If a person is defamed on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other big tech platforms like Reddit, those platforms are not legally liable for the content like a traditional publisher might be. This allows social media platforms to host billions of posts from users without a potentially crippling legal risk.

As Big Tech platforms have grown increasingly interested in censoring content posted by their users, however, many lawmakers have argued that they are behaving like traditional publishers, censoring and editing and approving their users' posts. As such, a growing number of lawmakers have argued that the legal immunities of Section 230 should be contingent on platforms maintaining a hands-off approach to the speech of their users.

Another problematic element of Section 230 is subsection c-2, which grants tech companies immunity from lawsuits arising from their censorship of "objectionable" content. This immunity gives them broad leeway to censor users, leaving no legal recourse for those who are censored — even if their social media accounts are critical to their livelihood or career.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department's proposals go beyond merely addressing the question of censorship:

The department's proposal, for instance, would remove legal protections when platforms facilitate or solicit third-party content or activity that violates federal criminal law, such as online scams and trafficking in illicit drugs.  The department also wouldn't confer immunity to platforms in instances involving online child exploitation and sexual abuse, terrorism or cyberstalking.  Those carve-outs are needed to curtail immunity for internet companies to allow victims to seek redress, the official said. The Justice Department also will seek to make clear that tech platforms don't have immunity in civil-enforcement actions brought by the federal government, and can't use immunity as a defense against antitrust claims that they removed content for anticompetitive reasons.

According to the report, it also appears that the Justice Department won't try to strip tech companies of their immunity for censoring "objectionable" content, instead aim to spur Big Tech to be "fairer and more consistent in their decisions to take down content they find objectionable."

Are you an insider at Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or any other tech company who wants to confidentially reveal wrongdoing or political bias at your company? Reach out to Allum Bokhari at his secure email address

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.

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