Friday, July 17, 2009

Relating to all People and the beauty of Mathematics

T he historic story of Moses being chosen to lead the great escape from Egypt is the most historic story in history. If you've read this section in the Bible or the Zohar, you know that Moses was the most unassuming, humble man you could possibly imagine. When God chose him to be the leader of the Israelites, he was the type of person to have responded, "Who me?"

How could the man who led 600,000 people out of slavery and who was the conduit for revealing the secrets of the universe have had such low self esteem?

As the Zohar explains, Moses didn't have low self esteem. He was simply humble. The kabbalists have always emphasized that the greatest virtue a human being can have is humility.

Moses' credentials for greatness were his ability to relate to everyone. This is something that you must strive to incorporate into your life. As you fight to succeed in life, it might seem that it's the biggest and the best who wins.

What Moses is teaching us is that a true success is someone who can put himself on the level with whomever he is speaking. That's what humility is.

This week, think about the people you have the most trouble reaching. Be brutally honest and ask yourself, "Why? Why am I not reaching this person?" Ask yourself what transformation you must undergo to bring yourself to his or her level.

If you have a friend who is going through a divorce and is acting very needy and imbalanced, don't talk to them about sucking it up and moving on. Come down to their level and figure out what it is they are able to hear.

Whatever it is you are trying to communicate, pay close attention to where your message is coming from. If you are coming from anger, frustration, or pity, these emotions will only cloud your ability to relate to the other person.

All the best,

Love Yehuda

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