Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sign on I-35 near Dallas and use your Upgraded Skills

Use Your Upgraded Skills

When you upgrade your brain in any single context, you get a free upgrade in each and every context of your life.

When your brain enables you to feel confident and empowered when interacting with one person, your brain can enable you to feel this way in all contexts.
If you can be creative in one area, your brain can be creative in many similar areas. If your brain can concentrate when you read one thing, you can concentrate in other areas as well.
If you were able to cope well with a specific difficult person or difficult situation, it means that the inner resources that enabled you to do so are stored in your brain and your brain can access them with other people and situations.
When you are able to create or access the states of happiness and joy at will, it means that your brain can do this over and over again in many other contexts.
Love Yehuda --see the enclosed movable sign with different messages below--


This is in Dallas! On I 35.

Take the time to Watch it change every 2 to 3 seconds.

How awesome is that!?