Monday, May 24, 2010

Cacti in Bloom -- You'll Love This! and Happiness comes from Within and in the holy city of Monsey New York

Happiness Comes From Within

In the Talmud (Piker Avos 4:1), Ben Zoma said: Who is wise? He who learns from every person. Who is strong? He who conquers his desires. Who is rich? He who is satisfied with what he has. Who is honored? He who honors others.

The Torah is teaching us to not to seek or demand happiness through any external factors, but rather to depend only on ourselves.

How do we see this concept expressed? The wise man learns from everyone (independent of any intellectual deficiencies in himself); the honorable person honors others (independent of whether others honor him); the wealthy person is satisfied with what he has (independent of how much or little he owns).
Love Yehuda


On my first real vacation of 2010, I arrived this morning in the holy city of Monsey, New York.. What makes it holy? Thousands of people live a bible live style focused on prayer and good deeds. If it were any other group of people, they would be all over sixty minutes as a phenomena that is unheard of.  But because this group of people was born into this lifestyle, it is considered matter of fact and nothing special.  I however, seeing it for the first time in this city, know these people are special and just because the world doesn't know about it, doesn't change the realty. I will keep you aprised of my trip as I go along.